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"~Nami Swan!!~" Sanji shouted as he pranced into Weatheria Studios carrying a bag full of food, "~I brought you lunch!!~"

"You can't go in!" A wizened old man named Haredas who looked more like a wizard then a producer stopped him. "There in the middle of shooting the weather forecast!"

"So? Nami asked me to bring her lunch, so lunch is what I've brought her. I even got out early and everything so we could spend time together. They can film the weather later, Nami needs me!"

"I don't care about your failing love life! The weather is a live broadcast so Miss Swan will be in there for quite some time." He grabbed the bag. "Just give me her lunch and-"

"Like hell! I can't trust a shitty old man like you with something as precious as food for my beloved Nami Swan!" Sanji pulled the bag back, starting an insane game of tug-o-war.

"It's just food! She can get some anywhere! You, on the other hand have no purpose being here. Don't make me call security!"

Sanji froze, giving Haredas an opening to grab the bag from his hands. "Just…food…you say? Just food!" He struck out with his foot, causing the old man to freeze in his tracks and creating a lovely crater in the wall next to his head. "That is a delicious feast I prepared for exquisite Nami Swan with all the love and care I can muster! It's delectable and healthy cuisine that will nourish Nami so that she can perform whatever shitty tasks that are well below her skill level you have her doing! It's more than 'just food' shithead! It's my edible masterpiece and you should treat it as such!"

At the end of his speech two people, a big, bald man with bulging muscles and a skinny blue haired woman puffing on a cigarette both dressed in all black walked up behind Sanji.

"Security!" Haredas shouted, "What took you so long? Please escort Mr. uh-"

"Roronoa," Sanji filled in for him, "Zoro Roronoa."

"Please escort Mr. Roronoa from the premises and ask him to never come back."

"Never mind, I'll let myself out." Sanji grabbed the bag and pulled out a smaller, painstakingly decorated take out box with Nami's name on it and handed it to the woman. "Paula, can you get this to Nami please?"

"Sure thing, Sweetie." She took the box and walked away with an awkward hip shape, no questions asked.

"Bones, I'll see you around." He grunted and returned to his post as Sanji walked away with a small wave over his shoulder, leaving Haredas flabbergasted.

"~Robin Nico!!~" Sanji shouted as he pranced into said woman's office in the back of the history museum. "~I brought you lunch!!~"

"For me?" Robin blinked before re adjusting her glasses and smiling at him. "You didn't have to do that."

"But I wanted to! You deserve it for working so hard!" He presented another painstakingly designed take out box, this time with Robin's name on it. The dark haired woman took her glasses off and opened it up to reveal sandwiches and some cakes that weren't too sweet. The blonde took this opportunity to place a cup of coffee in front of her as well.

"Thank you, Mr. Cook. Will you be joining me for lunch then?"

"~If you insist!~" The chef plopped himself down in the chair on the other side of the historian's desk.

"Did you not bring anything else?"

"Is that not enough? Do you need me to run back and make more?"

"No, this is fine. I was referring to what you would be eating on this lunch date."

"D-date? With Robin? I-I would never think of betraying-"

"I was just joking around a little," Robin laughed while Sanji chuckled nervously. "Seriously, Mr. Cook, are you not hungry?"

As if on cue, the blonde's stomach growled rather loudly and while he mentally told it to shut up because it was being rude with a lady was present, out loud he admitted, "Well, I haven't eaten anything yet…"

"I am surprised. You usually take much better care of yourself." Sanji looked away and blushed.

"Well, it's been a pretty hectic morning. But don't let my minimal discomfort ruin your delightful meal."

Robin sighed before packing up her lunch again and standing up. "Come on, Mr. Cook. I happen to know a young man at the food court who will give you a free meal if I ask. It will probably not be up to your standards, but it will be better than going hungry."

"~If you're the one giving it to me than it can't possibly taste bad!~"

Robin managed to acquire Sanji's free meal without too much incident, although the teenage boy manning the counter was very uncomfortable with the death glares the chef kept shooting at him. Robin also mentioned that she was getting rather tired of sitting inside, so Sanji suggested they eat outside at the picnic tables. They had the whole area to themselves due to the several inches of snow that covered everywhere.

Sanji cleared away a spot on one of the benches and dried it off with his sleeve before helping his companion into the seat.

"Thank you, Mr. Cook," she replied with a soft smile.

"~It's not problem at all!~" He said while repeating the process on the other side for himself and on the table.

They ate in silence for the most part, aside from Sanji's constant swooning about how Robin was so graceful and delicate when she was eating, but neither seemed to mind the lack of any real conversation with their meal.

"So," Sanji said after a while, "how are the wedding plans coming along?"

Robin choked a little on her food before swallowing. "Why? What have you heard?"

"Nothing…I was just asking. What's wrong Robin? Is there anything I can do to help?"

"No…not really," she sighed, "it's just, well, Franky's been a bit stressed as of late."

"How so? If he's not doing everything in his power and then some to get you your perfect dream wedding I swear I'll-"

"Quite the opposite actually," the historian took a sip of her coffee before continuing, "I never really had much time to think about weddings when I was a little girl, so I honestly couldn't care less about what color the coasters are. It seems as if Franky has, well…"

"Had everything planned out when he was six?" Sanji ventured a guess.

"Yes, something like that. I wouldn't even bother mentioning it to you if he wasn't shutting me out right now-"

"What?!" the blonde slammed his fist on the table, "How can anyone ignore such a stunning beauty as yourself? I'll go kick some sense into him, don't worry."

"It's quite alright Mr. Cook. Between planning for the wedding and his regular job, I'm sure he's just busy."

"If you're the woman he loves, then he should always be able to make time for you!"

"Then, perhaps he doesn't love me anymore?" she asked quietly. Robin's face betrayed no emotion, but Sanji could see her trembling.

"I'm sorry Robin. I didn't mean it like that. Of course he loves you."

"But it would make sense yes? He's been avoiding me because he's having second thoughts…"

"Have you met Franky? I don't think he's ever had a second thought about anything."

"I…may have pressured him to propose. It's possible he never wanted this to begin with…"

The chef got up and sat down right next to his friend to pull her into a tight hug. "Robin, Franky is madly in love with you. There are several dents in my living room floor to prove that. You're not that sad, teenager on the run anymore. No one's chasing you; it's okay that you fell in love and are happy now."

Robin fisted her hands into his jacket. "Thank you Sanji. I-"

"What the hell's going on here!?" Sanji and Robin looked up to see Franky standing there in Speedos and a winter vest despite the below freezing temperature, looking royally pissed.

"This isn't what it looks like…" the blonde said, letting go of his friend and backing away slowly.

"I knew you were a flirt and a pervert but I always thought you knew where the line was man!"

"Nothing happened, Franky," Robin chirped in, "he was just comforting me."

"Comfort? Why would…oh, yeah," he blushed and scratched the back of his head, "that's…kinda what I came to apologize for…"

"You have been ignoring Robin on purpose?! You shithead I oughta-"

"Mr. Cook, please let him explain before you do anything rash," Robin smiled, "if his excuse isn't…up to my standards, then you may do as you please."

Franky gulped. "Okay, so I was talking to Iceburg last week and he accused me of not getting your opinion on our SUPER wedding plans, and I told him that was none of his business as we fought for a bit and I uninvited him to the wedding, but don't worry, I reinvited him later! But, anyway, I was mad at him getting in the way and I started to realize that I really wasn't getting your SUPER opinion on anything and just doing things my way, so for some reason I just shut you out more 'cause I was afraid you were mad at me and stuff an I'm an idiot and I'm sorry for ignoring you this past week and half."

"And you finally realized what a shithead you were how?"

"Luffy said you were sad…and he punched me in the face."

"Serves you right! Making poor Robin worry like that…" Robin just chuckled.

"Well, I suppose you're forgiven then," she stood up and walked over to him, "I know you can be quite eccentric when it comes to your projects…just don't let it happen again, hm?"

"Of course not, babe!" he pulled her into a tight hug and kissed her deeply.

Sanji thought it best to give them some time alone and slunk away. The happy couple was a bit preoccupied to notice.

"Honey I'm home!" Sanji shouted as he came through the door into the apartment. Zoro and Luffy looked up from their intense card game when the door slammed.

"Good, make me a sandwich wench," the green haired man commanded as they focused back on the game.

"Make me something too Sanji!" Luffy shouted before slamming the two of spades and the ace of hearts on the table. "King me!"

"What are you guys playing?" the blonde asked, placing sandwiches in front of his friends.

"Not a clue," Zoro responded, placing the queen of hearts on the table to counter Luffy's last move. "By the way, I went to go pick Nami up from work today. Seems for some reason I've been banned from the premises…"

"It's your temper. You're always too hard on that producer. The man's got to earn a living somehow."

Zoro grunted as Luffy picked up his discarded queen, paired it with the king of spades from his hand, and drew two cards from the deck.

"Oh, Sanji!" the black haired man said over a mouthful of food, and got kicked in the head for it. He swallowed before continuing, "Did you get to talk to Robin?"

"She got wedding jitters or something?" Zoro commented, "Doesn't seem the type…"

"Yeah, I talked to her."

"How is she?"

Sanji lit a cigarette while contemplating that question.

"She'll be just fine."