Okay. This is just for wacky fun. See me and my friend, I luv Jeff Hardy Edge Randy, or Anna, talk everyday. Most days while I am editing, I'll Email her little 'conversations' with my muses to keep her laughing. See, originally before I started 'Captive', I had a serious case of writer's block. I was reading wrestling stories and some of the author's profiles and found out it's trend, and mandatory, for insane writers, like me, to have muses. So, I decided to send off for my very own set of wrestling muses, musi, whatever.. They cost 29.95, but they were on sale. I lost the address, and the dude running the place seemed really happy to get rid of them, cause he moved out very quickly after I paid. In short, they've helped a lot. But, I have four split personalitites and sometimes they all talk at once! The muses sometimes all talk at once too. You shoulda heard the rambling going on after the Rumble news broke. (sighs) I went temporarily insane for two straight hours... wait.. I rated this 'M' to be 100 percent safe. This was from March 14-15, 2009, depending on how you view my work hours (which equals, late/late night) Totally AU, OOC, comical violence, sexual adult situations, Language. Maybe nothing too graphic. Right now, I have no female muses. Don't own nothing, just the insanity in my head, and the voices. Still; I MAKE NO MONEY!!! Me? I'm in here. Not really OC type, not in body, just voice, just as the tired writer :)

Muse Trouble;
Chapter one/ 'Sexually Confused Muses'
Rated; M/ L, (sexual situations, some violence)
Set-up; Me trying to work on editing a chp of 'Dangerous'.

In Email; So, I have put Miz muse to bed, or am trying to. Because he drives me nuts. I need Triple H muse to go away, b/c I no longer require his services. I need HBK muse to stop doing his entrance dance b/c it's distracting me. I need Mor muse front and center and to stop conspiring with Matt muse, who I need as well. What? Mor's a word smith. I know he isn't in the story, but he's helped me out a lot. I need Jeff muse to stop antagonizing Miz muse with candy, I dun need either of them hyper.

Jeff muse: (raises hand) Why am I always the flaming slut everybody wants to fuck?

Edge muse: (sizes Jeff up) Because you sorta look like a chick, so we don't feel too bad about it. Plus, you're a pretty dude. (starts circling him, playing with his hair)

Jeff muse: Hey, stop that. Terrah said no funny business.

Terrah: ......

Edge muse: (picks up Jeff muse and carries him off)

Miz muse: Hey, that's mine! Bring him back! (runs after)

Terrah: (groans) Edge put him down... (watches as they fight for Jeff's pants) Um.. Like I said, no funny business in this... (stares) whoa.. (drooling)

Jeff muse: Terrah! Help me!... Damn, Mike is hung..

Terrah: (facepalm) I didn't need to hear that.

Triple H muse: Slash writer is complaining. You know you like it?

Terrah: (shakes with frustration) I said, GO AWAY!!

Triple H muse: But, I wanted to watch. (pouts)

Terrah: No. Go hit Chavo with the sledge.

HBK muse: (points at gayness going down in the corner) Blaspheme!! Also, I didn't know you had a Chavo muse?

Terrah: I don't. He just likes to follow Edge around. Usually getting Speared, then pointed at and laughed at for the hell of it. It's funny. So, I tolerate it. (gives a closed smile)

Edge muse: Yeah, you like that, bitch! Huh?

HBK muse: Imma go. (covers eyes and leaves)

Hunter muse: Yeah, right behind you, Shawn.. wait.. that didn't sound right. (points at me) YOU, no ideas!

Terrah: Oh, don't worry.

Matt muse: Adam! Imma kill you, you bastard!

Terrah: Great, now he's overprotective big brother Matty again. He must be bipolar!

Edge muse: (gulps) Uh, oh.. sorry, Jeff, we'll finish this later. (runs like hell) Shit! (trips over pants)

Jeff muse: Bye, Addy! (waves)

Matt muse: Copeland! (chases past)

Jeff muse: (jumps into Mizzie's arms)

Terrah: Damn it, Matty. You always spoil the fun! Mor, where the hell are you?!

Morrison muse: (fresh from shower in towel) What'd I miss?

Miz muse: (drops Jeff muse)

Jeff muse: (lands with thud, mouth a gape)

Morrison muse: Hey, why are they looking at me like that?

Terrah: Yeah, uh, you better run.

Morrison muse: Why? I am the Shaman of Sexy. We have no need for running at the Palace of.. (tackled by Miz muse and Jeff muse) ummph..

Terrah: (watches as both fight for Mor's towel) That's why. (smirks) Well, this was interesting. Pull harder, Jeffrey. Oh, damn...

In Email; Sorry, I had to get it out of my system, and you were its victim. Yes, I sadly have a Triple H muse. Miz for some reason likes Jeff, Edge does to, they fight. Mor and Matt have been conspiring for awhile, I hate when they do that. I need those conspiring ideas! Matt sometimes shifts from perfect brother Matt, to 'I have no brother' Matt. I'm insane and proud :) And no, my muses aren't usually this gay. Or, they didn't start out that way. Maybe, it's my writing.


Edge muse: Hardycest, is still hott. (licking an ice cream cone)

Terrah: So, that's why I have brain freeze all the time. (ponders) Hey, shouldn't you be getting killed by Matt?

Edge muse: Nope. (continues to lick frozen treat)

Terrah: (a bit afraid to ask) Why?

Edge muse: Locked him away in the basement. (smiles in triumph)

Terrah: You didn't torture him, did you?

Edge muse: (shakes head) Nope. Just tied him up.

Terrah: (groans) Go untie him.

Edge muse: (stares at me in horror) But.. but, he'll kill me.

Terrah: But, I need him.

Edge muse: (pouts) You don't love me no more!

Terrah: (sighs) Fine. Christian!

Christian muse: Yeah. I swear, Jericho had nothing to do with the ice machine tearing up.

Terrah: (twitches) The ice machine's tore up?! Why?

Christian muse: I can't tell you that right this instance. (looks around nervously)

Edge muse: (uses tongue to circle ice cream) We were making a Matty-sycle.

Terrah: A what?

Edge muse: We were gonna make a ice sculpture of Matt.

Terrah: Why?

Edge muse: Boredom.

Terrah: (rolls eyes) Go untie Matt, Christian.

Christian muse: Why me?

Terrah: Because you're neutral.

Edge muse: He won't be, once he accepts my offer and joins me.

Jericho muse: Nuh, uh, jackass. He's joining me.

Edge muse: I had him first!

Christian muse: And you turned on me!

Edge muse: No, you turned on me. Besides, Jericho, he turned on your sorry ass and took your girlfriend.

Jericho muse: Yeah, Edge, I guess you'd know a little bit about stuff like that.

Edge muse: (sticks out tongue)

Jeff muse: Miz's asleep, Terrah.

Edge muse: And you said you didn't want to be the flaming slut. What'd you do, Jeffy, wear him out? (waggles eyebrows suggestively)

Jeff muse: Relax. I had Hunter hit him with the sledge.

Terrah: Jeff! (glares at Jeff muse)

Jeff muse: (takes Edge's ice cream cone)

Edge muse: Hey! (watches Jeff take a lick)

Christian muse: You were saying?

Edge muse: (does that head wobble he usually does) Fine. You can have Christian, Jericho. I'll take this. (smiles and wraps an arm around Jeff)

Jeff muse: (struggles)

Jericho muse: (grabs Christian) Fine by me.

Christian muse: I have no say in this?!

Edge muse: NO!

Jericho muse: NO!

Matt muse: Copeland! You're so dead!

Terrah: Ah, he got out.

Edge muse: (rolls eyes) Here we go again. (takes off running) Omph! (runs into couch)

Terrah: (watches amused)

Matt muse: (pummeling Adam)

Edge muse: (begging him off)

Jeff muse: (winces)

Christian muse: (winces)

Jericho muse: (laughs)

Matt muse: (puts an arm around Christian muse) And, both you idiots, this is mine.

Jericho muse: (looks on astonished)

Edge muse: (holds head)

Matt muse: Let's go, Jeffro.

Jeff muse: (shrugs and follows Matt and Christian)

Terrah: So... Adam, Chris.. you two?

Edge muse: NO!

Jericho muse: NO!

In Email; Yes. My head has a basement. Why wouldn't it? I am trying to coax my muses into being gay. It's slowly working. (evil laughter follows) Christian hasn't done much, aside with help with Cotton Candy. He's not really picked a side yet.. well, I guess till now. Jericho was trying to latch on to him. So was Edge. Matty won.

This really is for stupidity. Not trying to prove a point, was just having a lot of random fun. The setting is my head. What I see in my mind. I am insane, but it's okay to be that here... I hope.. (gazes around nervously) I'll try and post more of this madness after I go thru my saved Emails. My computer is giving me fits and makes searching for saved Emails on my account very hard. Eh, writing goof-ball shit like this helps me relax when I'm stuck on my other stories. Hope y'all found it amusing ;) Oh, and stuff in these little things (T) is what you'd usually find in the 'stars'. Action thingy's. Yeah, I dunno what shit is called all the time. I'm brain dead. Check my profile for a list of my insane muses.