I luv miss Jeff and Edge, being a fangirl is uberlicious fun :P I quite enjoy it myself. Seraphalexiel, very confusing, but also very fun to play w/. Yeah, the Psychos are hott, shamefully, lol. Haha, bent over Sam :P Lovely image. Animal Luvr 4 Life, lol. Nope, you've missed nothing. Esha Napoleon, thank you, XD.

Muse Troubles;
Chapter thirty-six/ 'Hardy Party'
Rated; M/ L, (comical violence, threats of murder, slight bondage, a sticky cake fight, some fluffiness)
Set-up: Aug 29-31st-ish, 2009. Jeff muse's birthday party (from a yr ago!)

RE; Fae; Only you would have a chainsaw vibrator. Dude, too bad we can't make redsandman's OC James real and send him after Punk. He's is quite possibly my fave OC by far. My weapon... I still like my kiddie shit threats, but I need a physical pain weapon... Now I know that Daddy's got a bull whip somewheres, I'll use that. Yes, you do need to work on 'Desires' I WANT ADDY RAPE!

RE; Fae; I'm about 97.6% sure that Jeff 'leaving' the WWE is nadda but a storyline. Although, I do hope for his sake he's taking some beyond needed time off, I also selfishly think he could be back within a week or two. Like you said, Punk attacking Jeff is the silver lining (and don't worry I was tearing up too), but think about it, even if he had failed another test they wouldn't let him go like that. Jeff's coming back and he'll prolly be attacking Punk behind the scenes. Or do a masked bit, like I said.

RE; Fae; D'aw, poor Addy. Thanks for the info though, I'm kinda working on something but I prolly won't put it out.

RE; Fae; Jeff is soooo forcing Mor to dance tied to a chair right now. I dun care what he says or how loudly, he is. Why does the balance keep shifting in your head? Is it gonna rain blood now that Jeffy's the main muse? Can I dance in said blood rain? I'm sorry, I'm currently suffering though a heat wave and I don't mix well with hot weather. If it's cold I can put on a sweater but if it's hot I can't take off my skin... not that I've tried. But Psycho Jeffy is sooooo hot.

RE; Fae; ..

RE; Fae; ...

RE; Fae; ... (facepalm) WHO THE FUCK GAVE ADDY CRACK?

RE; Fae; I knew I shoulda kept my mouth shut, even if the idea of an Evil Randy kidnapping and maiming Sweet Matty (couldn't think of anything else to call him) only to be saved by possibly Psycho Possessive Jeffy does sound hot. And I'm sooo not helping. AND I'M NOT LITTLE! Your Randy muse is soooo asking for a date with Mr. Taser and I am aiming for his balls! I give him ideas and he insults me, last time I ever help... What the fuck am I saying/doing?

RE; Fae; Go for the Psycho Jeff going after Mor fic. And I get it, no Punk fics, we'll leave that to someone else. Although you could have him killed off in a fic or two to make people happier.

RE; Fae; Claudia Nero Moore Copeland Hardy. I like it. And it's not that many names, I've got a cousin with six names. And as for boy names for a girl baby, my Aunt was stuck with boy names for her first and middle, so it's old news to me. Hey, you know me, I'm always rooting for a Psycho Hardys story! Psycho Hardys are hot!

RE; Fae; Since I kinda want your Jeff muse to stop yelling and frightening everybody, here is the super zapper and a Punk costume for Miz. Have fun. Also 'cause I opened my big mouth again and Jeff's gonna be bugging you for prezzies, here's his birthday present from me; A brand new toy chest filled with torture devices, both sexual and non.

RE; Fae; Ha, I'm sorry but I left halfway through that sentence to get a Slurpee from 7-11. I GOTS PINA COLADA!

RE; Fae; Jeff, nothing that could ever happen out here will ever make us forget about you and cause you to disappear! Hell, you're Terrah's main muse right now, you're not going anywhere and like Matt would let you leave, the moment that'd happen he'd go back to over-protective Matt and not stop tormenting Terrah and the muses till he got you back. Same with Addy! We love you, you're our Jeffy. Now stop acting like this and go take care of Matty, he's gonna give birth soon and DOES NOT need you freaking out on him!


RE; Fae; (rolls in all stealthy ninja style) Whaaaaaaa. Hey, did anybody else notice Mor groping Tyson Kidd's crotch last night or was that just me? (ducks from nothing) Evasive action!

RE; Fae; I had sugar...


In Email; M'kay. I'm tired. I worked on your chp all night. I was frustrated b/c my Jeff muse has taken over basically. He feels he'll disappear and he refuses to let that happen. Given to Matt muse's childish mood swings and everyone else being incapable, the balance has shifted to where my Psycho Jeff muse is the main muse. I think I'm in trouble if that's the case. And oh, he's gotten worse. He threw fits and pouted and vied for my attention all night. He has Mor tied to a chair, and he maimed Addy twice and Matt's getting afraid of him.

RE; Anna; Lol, alright.

In Email; Right now, I'm just glad the little demon crashed. And trying to get this chp w/out being yelled at. Jeff wants to be my new word smith now. He's worse than Morrie.


In PM; I know, usually OCs give me the... well, I usually dun like OCs that are placed in LEAD roles, but James is simply awesome! He can kill Punk. Yeah yeah yeah! (giggles insanely) I'll lend him my chainsaw vibrator and I'll stand back and watch! And you can watch too! And then we can set Punk on fire and roast marshmallows and hot dogs or whatever over his burning corpse! O.O Gah, Jeff muse being the main one is affecting my brain! Imma go see H2 tomorrow, I AM in SERIOUS need for murder and mayhem! And getting back on story wouldn't be so hard if Jeri hadn't gave the plot bunnies MORE damn Viagra! I has too many voices talking at once!

Edge muse: (jittery) Bunnies! Bunnies! Hide the plot bunnies! (looks around nervously) Terrah, Terrah.. TERRAH!

Terrah: Guh! Edge, calm down. We're trying to keep it away from Jeff that he's the main muse as long as possible b/c he dun know and I think that's best for all of us.

Edge muse: (looks at clock and sees it's 1:09am/Monday Aug/31/2009) Well, it's technically his birthday now. Should we celebrate? (tosses confetti up in air)

Terrah: Edge, did you um.. get into Jeff's sugar stash? Or is there a secret crack house in my head I should know about?

Edge muse: (looks perplexed) What.. what do you mean?

Terrah: Oh, it's the just the way you've been more on EDGE than usual.

Edge muse: (shakes head wildly)

Mor muse: That's your fault.

Terrah: Yay, you're lose!

Edge muse: WRONG! Wrong wrong wrong! (giggles madly)

Mor muse: (holds up leash)

Terrah: Oh, never mind then. How's it MY fault?

Mor muse: When you get beyond frustrated we suffer. Like what happened when you were frustrated w/ Matt being in charge awhile back b/c of those kids driving you crazy..

Terrah: Yeah, (shudders) That was horrible. It led Jeff to thinking CM was gonna steal Addy.

Edge muse: (pouts) Turns out no one wants me! (begins sobbing)

Terrah: Awe, that's not true. Anyone's a moron that doesn't want you.. (ponders) Or very smart b/c they choose not to get killed by Jeff.

Edge muse: (still sobbing)

Mor muse: Dude, chill the fuck out. You are the official property of both Terrah's Hardy muses and the soul sought after thing of Randy muse. Um, Terrah..?

Terrah: I know I spelled a shit load of things wrong in that very sentence... and this one as well.

Mor muse: (back to Edge) You are most wanted. At least in this head.

Terrah: Which brings me to half of my frustration. I like pairing Edge and Jeff.. but, everyone else is looking for new pairs. That's okay with me.. but, I dun wanna stop pairing Edge and Jeff and Matt together just b/c occasionally might want to read/write someone different. I think my Jeff muse may be the only one in existence that loves Adam possessively.

Edge muse: (sniffles looks up and blinks) No one loves me! (crying harder)

Terrah: Oh, jeez. Anyway, Matt shouldn't know that Jeff is the main muse either. That may set him off and we dun need that.

Edge muse: (licking on lollipop and oblivious to previous sob fest)

Terrah: Um.. please tell me my Edge muse isn't pregnant too.

Mor muse: God I hope not. (touches Edge's tummy)

Edge muse: (growls and slaps Mor's hand)

Mor muse: (retracts hand) Ouch!

Terrah: (sighs)

In PM; Dude, it'd actually be neat if Jeff came back in a mask.. But, I think some place said he may just be taking time off and will someday return. I guess, there's hope and it's just a matter of waiting. I dun think he's gone forever. Jericho 'retired' and took two yrs off in '05. That was a hella of a long nightmare wait, but it paid off in the end when he returned... till they put him in this tiring borish bland gimmick he's currently in.. but, still I've been a fan of his forever and will follow him forever more.

Jericho muse: (beaming arrogantly) I knew you wuved me!

Terrah: Dammit, I said too much!

Jericho muse: Can't take it back, junior.

Terrah: Okay, okay.. there's enuff egos flying around in here.

In PM; Speaking of flying.. I was playing GTA earlier and flying a plane and I was doing good w/ Matt in control.. but, then Jeff decided to shout "Oooh, trees! Fly thru the trees!"

Matt muse: So she did. And flew right into a tree.

Terrah: And I went Kaboom!

Matt muse: (shaking head) She never listens to me.

Terrah: But, Jeff is my pilot.

Matt muse: And that got you wasted.

Terrah: Meh, you're no fun :P

In PM; Rain blood?

Edge muse: Rain blood? O.o Why would it rain blood? That seems odd! Why would it rain blood just b/c Jeff is the main muse?

Jeff muse: (stops) Erruhm.. what?

Terrah: (facepalm) Thanks, Addy. Whelp it might rain blood now.

Jeff muse: I'm the main muse? Really! (eyes light up) Ya-hoo! I gotta tell Matty! (runs off)

Terrah: Jeff! NO! Shit, Edge, look what you did.

Edge muse: (sheepishly) Sorry.


Randy muse: (in padded room) Oh, don't worry. I'll wait till after little Claudia is born before I do anything. But, y'know, the thoughts of maiming the dark one are so very.. (licks lips) very.. enticing. I bet I can make poor Matthew squeal more than Jeff did.. (snarling) Won't that be fun, huh, Terrah?

Terrah: M'kay, soon as I tell Jeff what you're planning, I'll have fun watching him beat you senseless w/ a chair. (sees Wes standing outside door of padded room)

Wes muse: (rolls eyes and folds arms) He's already senseless.

Randy muse: (shouts to Wes from inside room) Hey, pretty boy! C'mere.

Wes muse: (walks over to door and glares at Viper thru little window) I told you not to call me that.

Randy muse: (puckers lips and pouts) Awe, so brooding and arrogant. You're kinda like if Jeff and Matt had a full grown son. So much potential and yet, you take shit off that fat oaf.

Terrah: Stop sweet talking my security guard/loony bin runner, Randy. He's not gonna help you.

Randy muse: (has icy eyes locked on Wes') He likes when I sweet talk him. I think pretty little pet has a crush.

Wes muse: I'm no one's pet, Orton, esp not yours. (walks away)

Terrah: (shakes head) Imma have them give you electroshock... and let Jeff borrow Fae's taser just for spite.

Randy muse: You wouldn't dare.

Terrah: Try me!

Randy muse: (wiggles fingers all in creepy motion) Oooh, so scary.. (starts laughing) I'll get him, Terrah.. Just you wait!


In PM; I'll prolly have something planned for Punk in 'Desires' (rubs hands together) Oh, yes.. (starts laughing manically)

Jeff muse: (skids to stop in living room) Matty! Matty! Guess what! Guess what! (bouncing up and down happily)

Matt muse: (looking concerned) Did Terrah say you could have a rainbow colored pony?

Jeff muse: No! Better!

Terrah: Jeff? Please..

Jeff muse: I'm the main muse!

Terrah: Ugh! Too late.

Matt muse: Wh..what..? (blinks in confusion) Um.. Is that.. is that true?

Jeff muse: (happiness falls) You're not happy for me?

Matt muse: Um.. (clears throat) It's not that, sweetheart, I just think.. I just think..

Mor muse: He thinks that we're doomed.

Matt muse: (growls and tosses shoe at Mor's head)

Mor muse: (hit by shoe) Ow! Not cool!

Jeff muse: (slumps) But.. But.. (huffs) You're just jealous b/c you're no longer the main muse.

Terrah: And here we go.

Matt muse: That.. that's not the point, Jeff. W/ you in control it may rain blood!

Terrah: (mutters) That's what Fae said.

Jeff muse: Well, it raining blood might be cool and fun. Did you ever think about that, Matthew Moore Hardy? No, you didn't! I bet Addy's happy for me.

Mor muse: Adam's scared shitless.

Edge muse: (slaps Mor in back of head)

Mor muse: (sunglasses fall off) Ow! Stop that! (bends over to pick them up)

Jeff muse: Addy? (pouts)

Edge muse: (sighs) It doesn't matter to me, Jeff. I never have been the main muse. I'm fine with it.

Mor muse: Actually, you were during the time you kidnapped Jeff to keep him away from 'Captive'.

Edge muse: (jaw drops.. squeaks) And no one told me?

Terrah: You didn't know?

Edge muse: No! (huffs) That is so wrong!


Note: Same day, but more on the 31st of August...

Terrah: Jeff, I dun think it matters who the main muse is, you all help.

Jeff muse: That's not the point. Matt should be happy for me! He's supposed to love me above anyone else.

Matt muse: (sighs) But, I do love you, baby. (jerks a pouting Jeff down beside him) Look, I'm fine with you taking over for awhile.. That may seem out of character.

Mor muse: Waaay out of character.

Matt muse: But, with me going thru what I am right now, and Addy being uh.. (sees Edge muse spinning around in circles) Being all loopy, then maybe it's for the best. Besides I'll always be right here to help you.

Mor muse: And yell at you for screwing up.

Matt/Jeff muses: (glare at Mor)

Mor muse: (shivers) Damn, that's hott. (off to take cold shower)

Terrah: He so wants psycho Hardys to brutally maim him.

Edge muse: (stops and glares) That leaves me out!

Terrah: Fine. Hardedge on Mor.

Jeff muse: (stares at Matt) I like that idea :P

Matt muse: Good. (hugs brother tightly) Now, when are we celebrating?

Terrah: Tomorrow maybe?

Jeff muse: (growls)

In PM; Poor Mizzie.

Miz muse: WHAT? Oh, hell no! (shakes head) Not doing it.

Jeff muse: Oh, yes you will. You will b/c I am in charge and you WILL DO AS I SAY. (seething)

Miz muse: No way, dude. Not happening.. Why do you hate me so much anyhow? You have Edge and Matt, you should be happy.

Jeff muse: You tried to sabotage that. You handed MY Addy over to Randy, just b/c you thought it'd win me over... (ponders) Come to think about it, it's kinda sweet.. (smiles.. then lets it fade) But, no one messes with what's mine. Hunt, Shawn!

Hunter muse: Yo? (sees Miz)

HBK muse: Um.. what are we doing now?

Jeff muse: (hands them Punk outfit) I want this (points to Miz) On that.

HBK muse: (takes outfit)

Hunter muse: Sure, no problem. C'mere, Miz.

Miz muse: No fucking way! (runs)

Hunter muse: (sighs)

HBK muse: And the chase is on! (chases Miz)

Hunter muse: I love this job. (follows)


Jeff muse: Hehe, toys.. I like toys! Thanks, Aunty Fae! (hugging toy chest)

Jericho muse: (decorating, standing on short ladder) I dun see why we are decorating committee.

Christian muse: (helping) B/c I said we'd help.

Jericho muse: Thanks a lot, assclown. (tosses confetti at Christian)

Christian muse: (shoves Jeri off ladder)

Jericho muse: (lands on couch) Ohmph! Damn you, Christian!

In PM; I wish I had a 7-11 near me. I want that Edge cup! Sadly, I don't (pouting)

Matt muse: I has cake ready!

Jeff muse: Ooh! Cake! (runs off to kitchen w/ tongue hanging out)

Matt muse: You stay back, demon!

Jeff muse: (stomps foot) You're mean!

Christian muse: Nothing naked is gonna jump out, is it?

Terrah: (giggles) Jeff should jump out of it.

Mor muse: Or Edge (smirks)

Edge muse: (unamused) Hahaha..

Jeff muse: (pouting) Matty yelled at me! He called me a demon!

Edge muse: (wraps arms around Jeff) There there, Jeffrey. We'll make mean ole Matthew pay later.

Matt muse: (rolls out pretty good sized cake) Okay, Jeff, here we go.

Terrah: Matt, you shouldn't be rolling that cake by yourself.

Matt muse: Oh, I'm not.

Miz muse: (dressed as Punk) He made me help! (wheezing and all tired)

Jeff muse: (retrieves zapper) Must thank DX later. (zaps Miz)

Miz muse: (screams loudly as he's shocked) Owie.. owie.. zapper hurts.. SHIT! (zapped again)

Jeff muse: (giggles) This is fuuunn!

Miz muse: Not for me. (pouts, wig smoking and skin color starting to turn blackish)

Terrah: Okay, Jeff. Blow out the candles.

Jeff muse: Yay! Goody goody goody! (rushes over to cake)

Matt muse: Make a wish.

Mor muse: Do muses get those? (cries out as Edge elbows him in ribs)

Jeff muse: (closes his eyes and blows out candles while everyone else starts clapping and singing 'Happy Birthday')

Edge muse: What'd you wish for?

Jeff muse: (takes a bit of icing and dabs it on Edge's nose) If I tell you, it won't come true. (licks icing off Edge's nose)

Matt muse: Jeff!

Terrah: (notices Matt) Oh, nice!

Jeff muse: (giggles)

Matt muse: (dryly) Very funny. (dressed as a pirate in purple and black accented w/ skullz and crossbones)

Edge muse: Is that what you wished for?

Jeff muse: (shrugs) Why not? I got everything else I could think of.. that doesn't involve the untimely deaths of others.. and Mor told me that'd piss off the cosmos anyways.. so..

Matt muse: Least I'm a pirate and not a wench. (looking over attire)

Edge muse: (kisses Jeff) C'mon, let's eat some cake, open prezzies and then go have fun with Pirate Matt.

Matt muse: (blinks) Uh-oh.

Jeff muse: I has better idea. (grabs a handful of cake and pushes it into Edge's face)

Edge muse: (pulls back and wipes off cake) You little shit.

Jeff muse: (giggles and throws another handful at Adam)

Matt muse: (shrugs and throws some at Mor)

Mor muse: (gasps) No fair! (hides)

Christian muse: (comes up behind Matt and rubs cake in his face) Ooh, sweet!

Matt muse: (grabs some cake and pushes some in Christian's face) Really sweet. (wiping off cake from his own face)

Terrah: Dear lord. (watches food fight ensue)

Hunter muse: Ooh, cake fight! Let's join!

HBK muse: Hell no! (drags Hunter away from mess)

Hunter muse: But.. but.. Awe! You're not nice, Shawn! I'm so telling!

Matt/Christian muses: (licking cake off each other's faces)

Edge muse: (pouting as Jeff licks cake off him) I'm sticky.

Jeff muse: (moans) You're delicious.

Mor/Jeri muses: (hiding in fear of getting messier)

Miz muse: (laying on couch groaning in pain)

Terrah: Poor little guy.. Ooh, lovely! (watches Jeff nibbling on Edge as Matt joins him)

Christian muse: (still licking cake off Matt)

Jeff muse: (kisses Matt) Thanks for the cake, Matty. (kisses Edge) Thanks for being my plate.

Edge muse: No problem. (licks icing off Jeff's cheek)

Terrah: (giggles) For some reason I want cake now. Oh, well. (continues to watch Matt/Jeff/Edge/Christian nibble on one another)

In PM; (later)

Matt muse: (sitting on couch w/ Jeff fresh from shower) Fae's right, y'know.

Edge muse: (plops down on other side of Matt and lays his head in his lap)

Jeff muse: Hum? (reaches over and begins petting Adam's hair)

Edge muse: (sighs happily)

Matt muse: (stroking Jeff's hair) Me or Addy neither one would let you disappear. Terrah wouldn't either.

Terrah: Nope.

Matt muse: And Aunty Fae would drive Terrah crazy if she did. (kisses Jeff on the side of head)

Terrah: Yup.

Jeff muse: (sighs) I know, Matty.

Edge muse: (looks up) What about me?

Matt muse: We're not letting you go anywhere either. Besides Christy would murder us if we did. And Jeff would drive us loco w/ Addy hunts.

Edge muse: What about you, Matthew?

Matt muse: That's a stupid question. Please, you're the father of my child.

Terrah: That doesn't even sound weird anymore... okay, it kinda still does.

Matt muse: (glares at me) Anyways, I can't do with out my three blondes. You, Jeffy, and Christy on days when he isn't pouting.

Christian muse: (from doorway) I'm not pouting.

Matt muse: Would you get the fuck over here?

Christian muse: What's in it for me?

Edge muse: I'll pet you, Christy. (reaches out for Christian)

Matt muse: (sighs and slaps Edge lightly on arm)

Edge muse: Owie.. Jeffy, Matty smacked me!

Jeff muse: Addy, stop tattling. Matt, stop smacking my pet, it's giving me needs.

Matt muse: (chuckles) I'll pet you, Christy.

Christian muse: (walks around behind couch and wraps his arms around Matt from behind) I'd rather pet you.

Matt muse: That's fine too. (sighs as Christian begins twirling a strand of his hair around his finger)

Terrah: This is nice. (thinking I'll tell Jeff about that thing later)

Jeff muse: (still petting Edge) What thing, Terrah?

Terrah: Oh, nothing major right now. Don't worry about it.

Jeff muse: Okay. (yawns and falls asleep resting against Matt's shoulder)

Edge muse: (snoozing on Matt's lap)

Christian muse: They're so cute.

Matt muse: Yup. (turns back to Christian and meets him halfway in a kiss)

Christian muse: (smiles and rests his head on top of Matt's)


In PM; Goddamn thing got cut off again, hehe. Well, all I had said was; I noticed Mor groping Smith's but not Tyson's. I'll have to recheck. I'm glad I copied my message (a habit I have gotten into since that one time it was deleted) before I sent it.. b/c it did the same fucking thing to me. I wish it'd fucking STOP logging me out. I just logged in about three hours ago. I'm also seeing little spots of light fly in front of my eyes. Could it be tiny faerie folk? That was random.. Oh, well, least I had to copied so I could repaste and resend it. Imma get to see Halloween2 (maybe) tomorrow! Yayness!

I never got that Edge cup :( & like I said, everyone knows how the Jeff situation turned out, & I don't need to be reminded, but back then we still didn't know (b/c we can't predict the future) and were basically just speculating pointlessly. Also I speculate pointlessly about fanfiction & pairings. I got to the point of not really caring and just doing my own thing, so look over me. This got to be up a whole year after it happened! I'm very behind on this fic.. and honestly, I don't really have anyone to continue it w/ in present time, so it doesn't much matter. My muses are still in my head, they're alright and Christian & Jeff currently rule the roost. The balance in my head hasn't shifted since. Jeff is still the main muse.