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The Creeveys were in business. Apparently, other students were very keen to buy some of the many pictures Colin had taken of Harry and crew. Well, mostly Harry. However, recently Dennis had had the bright idea to take pictures of all the boys that girls seemed to stare at a lot. These pictures sold very well, and the brothers now had a rather full range of Hogwarts boys pictures for sale.

The two had little table up in a drafty old tower with all of the pictures laid out every Saturday afternoon. Girls would giggle up to the tower in groups. The younger ones would all stand around pretending they didn't know why they were up there. Oh me? No, I don't like him! Fine, I'll buy a picture just to shut you up. Dennis really didn't understand all of the laughing, but for some reason Colin seemed very interested in whatever the girls thought was funny. Dennis also noticed his brother brushed his hair a lot more on Saturdays.

Hermione found herself being dragged up multiple flights of stairs to the above mentioned nonsense by a determined Ginny. Ginny wanted a picture of Harry and she wasn't going to get it alone. I wonder if she'll expect me to buy one of Ron too? Ugh. Not that it mattered, Hermione didn't have any money on her. Even if she did have money, she couldn't understand the need to buy a picture of Ron, when she could see him everyday anyway, but Ginny was funny about these things. Especially things about Hermione and Ron. Really, I think this whole Ron and me thing is just her excuse to get a sister. Now if there were just a way to make Ron a girl, Ginny would have a sister and I wouldn't have this mess.

Ginny was already at the table perusing the many pictures of Harry. When Hermione approached the table she noticed there were even a few forgotten pictures of herself there. Probably ones where I got in the way of the camera. This idea was bolstered by the fact that she could see a few bushy haired miniatures of herself had fallen onto the floor. I guess I'm not a heartthrob.

A few minutes later, Hermione noticed there seemed less giggling and more the sound of little girls running away. The panicked look on Colin's face as he began shoveling pictures into a large knapsack was clue enough that Someone was coming that wouldn't be a second year school girl. Hermione started to run with the rest, but was knocked down by a wild-eyed fourth year in the mad dash to escape. Her head smacked the floor and the sudden pain was disorienting. She couldn't even see Ginny now and she could hear the footsteps of the Someone getting closer. Think Hermione, you're a witch! Gods, I wish I were invisible. Oh, duh. Hermione crawled to the wall nearby and cast a disillusionment charm on herself. All she had to do now was to stay very still and, hopefully, out of the Someone's way.

The Someone was a menacing Professor Snape. Of course, who else would take enjoyment from scaring the piss out of crush-crazed little girls. Although, he didn't seem interested in chasing the few girls that could still be seen fleeing down the stairs. The professor just stood at the top of the staircase watching their terror with obvious amusement. After the last one had left, he began casting Reducto at the remaining pictures. As there were quite a few that Colin had not been able to grab, this took a while. Perhaps it would not have taken as long had Professor Snape not tossed the pictures individually up into the air for target practice first.

Hermione was starting to wonder if he was going to do this all day when she realized that he had stopped blasting and was now simply looking at one of the pictures he had found on the floor. As he bent over to look at the picture a lank of hair fell over his face. When he impatiently brushed it back, Hermione saw the softest expression she'd ever seen the on the Professor's usually harsh face. Well whoever it is, they certainly have his attention. In the brief instant that the picture was visible to her before he hid it in his voluminous robes, Hermione saw a flash of her own bushy, brown hair.

She couldn't have breathed if she'd wanted to. At this point, oxygen would only fuel her brain's ability to think about the absolute insanity of what she'd just seen. Long after Professor Snape had simply Incendioed the rest of the pictures and left, Hermione was still sitting in the drafty old tower, still disillusioned.

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