DISCLAIMER: I obviously DO NOT own FMA Characters. I just play with them.

WARNING: Major Yaoi, Mpreg, some language, mild violence

STORY: Loosely follows the events of FMA Manga

CHAPTER 1 – Edward's Big Score

"It's sunrise, Ed. We've been at it all night, brother. You could use some fresh air and exercise." Al observed absentmindedly. He could not feel physical fatigue but his mind was bored and he was sick of Ed kicking his chair. Ed anxiously scanned the same page over and over again, looking for any information on the alchemists that ran Lab 5. His fingers were itching and his mind raced and jumped from idea to idea, but he just couldn't seem to focus on anything. Screw this, I just can't do this anymore! Edward cursed under his breath, breaking the pencil in half. Sexual maturity is overrated! You get horny and suddenly you can't get anything done.

His thoughts kept returning to the time last week when he had stumbled upon Colonel Mustang who was shamelessly snoozing in the library. They wrestled playfully to relieve stress and in the midst of the fight the Colonel laughed and kissed Edward right on the mouth. Too bad they were interrupted by the mousy librarian Czeska, but Ed's groin was on fire for an hour afterwards. He hated the Colonel's big mouth, but the incident forced him to admit just how much he wanted the man. In fact nowadays it felt like Edward spent ALL his time wanting the Colonel.

"You said something, Al?" he mumbled.

"Winry wants to go to Rush Valley again, brother. You know she goes crazy because of all the tools they sell there. She's dreaming of staying there as an apprentice."

"Ahhh, you like Winry," Ed teased his younger sibling, "you can't stop talking about her." He could imagine Al blush, but the metal armor that has become his body yielded no such emotion. Edward suddenly felt so guilty for robbing his younger brother of a human body that could fully experience a crush on a pretty girl.

"Just a little," Al admitted. "I miss hanging out with her, you know?"

"Well, we are getting older and we don't have to spend every waking moment glued to each other, Al," Ed said apologetically. "There's nothing wrong with spending some time apart. Why don't you go with Winry to Rush Valley for a few days?"

"Really? What about you brother?"

"I need to stick around here," Ed shrugged, getting up. "I gotta go see Mustang about that incident at the Alchemy Research Institute."

"Oh my, I heard the Colonel almost got killed there, brother. Are you sure he's well enough to speak to you?"

"Oh yeah," Edward grinned mischievously, "he was very fine last time I saw him."

Ed stood by the door for a few minutes, practicing a proper facial expression. Roy Mustang had an uncanny ability to piss him off and Ed made it his mission not to fall for the Colonel's teasing this time.

"Come in already," came the man's voice from the other side of the door and Ed stepped in, sulking. He expected Colonel Mustang to be behind his desk, smirking condescendingly above his paperwork, but instead he found the object of his hidden desire sprawled on the office couch, disheveled and underdressed. It was barely 7:00AM and Mustang looked like he hadn't slept alone the night before. His shirt collar was smudged with crimson lipstick.

"Wild night at the brothel, Colonel?" Ed chuckled, sitting down next to the couch. "You're one shameless womanizer, I tell'ya!" Colonel's eyes were laughing at Edward.

"How old are you Fullmetal, 17? At your tender age I don't expect you to understand," Roy said playfully, running his long fingers through his luxurious black hair. "And it wasn't the brothel. It was Officer Lounge."

"Bah! Same difference!" Fullmetal exclaimed.

"Don't be jealous, Edward. General Hakuro has finally learned to appreciate me. Judging by the way he talked about me at the Officer Party last night, I'm due for another promotion soon, Fullmetal. Yes, a few more parties like the one last night and I'll be Furor!"

Ed narrowed his eyes in annoyance.

"I hope your new plan is not to fuck your way to the top, Mustang?" Ed said as dramatically as he could. "Hakuro is an ass-kisser for the higher-ups and you can't trust him. I saw how he looks at you and I doubt he wants anything other than to bend you over."

Ed's grin widened, seeing the dark-haired man bristle in indignation at the younger Alchemist's suggestion. Mustang sat up and glared at the blond alchemist.

"Shut up!" he hissed. "You got some nerve to drop hints about General Hakuro like that. He's a married man with impeccable reputation. Besides, I would never solicit sex from another man."

"You solicited it from me?" Colonel Mustang rolled his eyes at Edward's forward remark.

"I hope you realize that last week's kiss was a game, Fullmetal? I wasn't seducing you."

"Yeah right! You stuck your tongue right into my mouth, you jerk! You realize what it did to my nice peaceful world, you morally bankrupt sex monster!" Ed growled, jumping up from the chair. "It might just take a fake human to satisfy your enormous libido, Mustang!"

"It will certainly take more than a pipsqueak like you!" The Colonel shot back.

"AAAAR! Don't call me small!" Edward demanded, making a fist. "Pick a bet, you bully, and I'll show you who's a pipsqueak!"

"You came to ask me something Fullmetal? Ask it or get the hell out," Mustang waved his right hand, yawning. "I have work to do."

"PICK A BET, you coward!" Ed kicked the couch, feeling his face turn red from rage. "Or I'll punch you in the face!"

"You would lay hands on your superior, Edward Elric?" Mustang frowned.

"With pleasure!"

"Fine. I'll beat you in an old-fashioned arm-wresting match," the Colonel said smugly, positioning his arm onto the coffee table.

"No more games, Mustang. You know what I want! If I lose you pick your terms," Ed's grin grew wider, "but if I win, you give yourself to me. All the way!" The Colonel eyed Edward condescendingly and smirked.

Edward felt his body tighten and tingle when his fingers touched the man's hot palm, locking in a tight grip as the two alchemists prepared to arm-wrestle. From where he sat Edward could smell the Colonel's crisp cologne. He watched the man lick his lips in anticipation, becoming more and more aroused as Mustang slowly closed and opened his onyx eyes. He is so handsome, I can look at him non-stop for all eternity! Edward moaned slightly when the Colonel reached up to remove a few strands of Edward's hair away from the young alchemist's face.

"Yes, no more games. I want to see your eyes Fullmetal," Roy said patiently as he massaged Edward's hand with his long well-groomed fingers. "I need to know that you're ready."

"As ready as I'll ever be!" Edward exclaimed, unexpectedly slamming Roy's arm against the glass before the Colonel had time to react. "Strike quickly and you'll end it quickly, didn't you teach me that? I win!"

With a delightful growl the elder Elric went on the offensive, aggressively embracing Mustang's neck and shamelessly tearing open the man's white shirt so that he can kiss the hot flesh beneath.

"Come on, Fullmetal!" Mustang laughed, halfheartedly pushing Edward away, " not in the office, not at 7:00AM!"

"I'm still healing from my wounds, you rabid shrimp!" he protested, but Mustang saw Edward's teenage determination and despite the joking nature of their dispute he couldn't renege on his word.

Nor could he deny himself something he'd wanted for so long. Edward Elric has grown from a scrawny brat into a handsome horny buck with crazy energy. He was so stuffed with hormones that his sex drive was unstoppable and Roy was in the mood to be reckless. Edward was hungrily kissing his stomach and Roy was quickly becoming erect. He struggled out of his uniform trousers and assisted his eager lover to free his own erection from the confines of his black pants. Ed ran his fingers down Roy's muscular stomach, stopping to kiss each battle scar that represented the Colonel's violent past.

"Shhhh, don't you dare to open your mouth." Edward leaned over to cover the man's lips with his, raking his fingers through the black silk that was Mustang's hair.

"I'll let you lead, Fullmetal, but not without protection," Mustang whispered as Edward prepared to get between the man's parted legs.

"Hah, for you sake or for mine?" Edward grinned. "With all that whoring you've been doing I probably should be worried about catching something!" Mustang rolled his eyes.

"You're still so immature Fullmetal, it's for both of us."

"Yeah, yeah, so I don't accidently knock you up? Come on," he laughed, petting Roy's erect groin, "don't be ridiculous! Can't we just have fun without worries for once?" Mustang narrowed his eyes in frustration, but he was too aroused not to give in.

"Alright. Here, put the fucking salve on and let's go, Fullmetal! I'm about to fall asleep!" Edward silenced his teasing victim with another hungry kiss. Their tongues met and sparred while his fingers spread the apricot-smelling substance all over Roy's thighs.

"Nice body, Mustang. With a cock this size, I see why you're all the rage with the ladies!"

"You better not disappoint me shorty!" Roy bit his lip to avoid crying out in pain and ecstasy when Edward pushed in all the way without warning or preparation and begun pumping furiously.

"Don't call me SMALL!" Edward growled, "I'm big where it counts!"

"Bloody hell…you...are huge where it counts Fullmetal! But…slow…WAAAAY down…I can barely catch my breath!"

"That's the idea!" Edward grinned devilishly, digging his fingers into his lover's backside. "You're so beautiful when your mouth is shut. You should focus on feeling, not talking." Roy rolled his onyx eyes for the third time but said nothing. Instead he wrapped his legs tighter around his young lover's waist and threw his head back, quietly moaning from pleasure. It was going to be a good day.