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RATING: M - sexual situations, depictions of sexual acts

iHave a Headache

"Hey Spencer, is Carly home?" Freddie Benson asked as Spencer opened the door to the Shay's apartment. Freddie stepped inside.

Spencer Shay slid an arm into the sleeve of his jacket. "Yeah Freddie. She's upstairs lying down. I guess she was feeling kinda blah and thought she should get some rest before rehearsal. You want me to go get her and let her know you're here?" He slid the second arm in the other sleeve and shrugged the jacket into place on his shoulders.

As Freddie opened his mouth to answer, Carly Shay appeared in the room. "I'm up Spencer," she said before turning her attention to Freddie. "Hey Freddie. Is Sam here?"

"Nah – I haven't seen or heard from her yet. But I am a little early," Freddie said taking a good look at Carly. She looked a little tired and less perky than usual. "You feeling okay?" he asked.

Carly shrugged. "I'm fine. Just a little headache, that's all." She gave a small smile that Freddie noted didn't quite reach her eyes. "You want to go upstairs and start setting up?"

"Yeah sure," he said and shifted his laptop in his arms. "I'll meet you up there." He started up the stairs backwards, eyes still focused on Carly.

"All right kiddos," Spencer said, heading towards the door. "I've got to run a few errands. I'll be back in a while. There's some cubed fruit in the fridge if you get hungry." He turned and pointed a finger at Freddie. "Spaghetti tacos for dinner tonight – you in?"

Freddie paused on the staircase. "Awesome – my mom is actually working late tonight so it'll work out perfectly." Plus it meant he'd get to spend a little more time with Carly. Excited at the prospect, he took the stairs two at a time.

"Totally cool." Spencer ruffled Carly's hair. "You gonna be okay little sis?" He felt her forehead and was relieved it was cool to the touch.

"I'm fine, really," Carly said, rolling her eyes. She loved her brother but sometimes he could be a big pain. "It's just a headache. You don't need to worry." She gave him a shove towards the door. "Now get out of here. I'm just gonna wait for Sam so we can start rehearsing for the show. I'll see you later for spaghetti tacos."

He gave her one last concerned look before opening the door. "It's a date," he said taking a step into the hallway. "Later!" He was gone.

As soon as the door closed behind him, Carly flopped back onto the couch. This was the mother of all headaches. She'd thought a nap would have made her feel a little better but apparently she'd thought wrong. Rubbing her temples she willed it to go away. No such luck.

The vibration of her PearPhone interrupted the misery she was momentarily indulging in. She pulled her phone from her pocket and looked at the screen. It was a text from her best friend Samantha Puckett.

stuck in detention. will b l8. start rehers w/o me. S

Carly sighed. Typical Sam. Taking a deep breath she stood up and made her way to the elevator. Looks like it would be just her and Freddie for awhile. It was so fleeting, she almost didn't notice the restless fluttering on her stomach. Almost. But the brief thought she envisioned of her and Freddie kissing and making out in the studio confirmed it.

Chalking it up to the headache making her delusional she rode up to the studio. She chose not to acknowledge the fact that she had been having similar daydreams on and off for the past three weeks. As she entered iCarly's base she saw that Freddie had already set up most of the equipment. "Looks like Sam is gonna be late," she said.

"Detention?" Freddie asked, not looking up from the tangle of wires he was messing with.

"Gee – how'd you guess?" Carly asked with a giggle. She immediately regretted it. "Ow," she groaned and pinched the bridge of her nose.

Freddie turned to her. "Are you sure you're okay? Spencer said you weren't feeling well and – not to be rude – but you look miserable." He still couldn't deny that she was beautiful but the usual sparkle he loved about her was dim.

She walked past him and sat down on one of the bean bag chairs. "Gee thanks but I told you - it's just a headache." She may have been acting annoyed but inside she was quite flattered he was so worried about her.

He came over and sat on the bag next hers. "I know a trick that gets rid of headaches."

Carly looked at him skeptically. "Really?"


"All right – I guess it's worth a shot. What do I have to do?"

"Put out your hand."

"Ooooooooo…kay." She reluctantly extended her hand, palm-up, in his direction. "Now what?"

"Here, turn you hand in this direction," he said curling his hand around hers and turning it downward. "Now I'm going to gently massage this area right here." He ran his finger ever so lightly along the back of her hand near her thumb. It sent shivers up her spine.

Suddenly uncomfortable Carly tried to convince herself the tingling she was feeling just beneath the surface of her skin had nothing to do with the fact that Freddie was touching her. "Is this just an excuse to hold my hand?" she asked as she pulled her hand away in hesitation, her eyes narrowing with suspicion.

Freddie sighed. "No," he said, again taking her hand in his; but even though he was telling the truth he couldn't help the bit of elation he felt with her hand entwined in his. "Now c'mon. I'm serious. This'll work." Gently he began massaging the soft, fleshy spot between her thumb and pointer finger. "Just relax."

Carly forced herself to close her eyes and focus on the feel of Freddie's fingers pressing and rubbing her hand. His touch was firm but gentle and soothing at the same time and – surprisingly – her headache was fading into a distant memory. She involuntarily moaned softly.

Freddie couldn't help but stare in fascination at Carly. He watched as her head dropped back, a look of complete pleasure on her face. The soft sighs and moans she emitted were packing a punch low in his gut. He licked his lips as he shook his head to clear his mind of all the impure thoughts that were invading it. "Feeling better?" he asked.

"Mmmmmmm…where'd you learn to do this," Carly questioned opening her eyes and focusing her gaze on him. He gave a crooked grin. She never really realized how cute he was when he smiled. His eyes crinkled and his face lit up with a boyish charm. Very appealing.

"It's simple. Your body has a bunch of areas called pressure points that when manipulated can cause certain reactions like, pain relief which is what I am doing here. This spot," he said holding her hand up and gently stroking the pads of his fingers along her palm, "is connected to the nerves that are responsible for sending a message to your brain that your head hurts." He lowered her hand and continued to massage. "Applying pressure to this area blocks the pain messages from ever reaching the brain and, therefore, it relieves the headache." There was no denying the confidence Freddie tended to radiate when he was explaining something he knew a lot about – he was in his element. He sat up straighter, his shoulders squared, his gaze was direct and insightful.

"Wow Freddie – I never knew you knew so much about pressure points and stuff," Carly said adding just the right amount of sarcasm to her voice to hide the fact she was actually impressed and – although she wanted to deny it – intrigued. Intrigued that his hands were so gentle and skillful. She began to wonder what other magic they could work… "What are you – a doctor now?"

Instantly the confidence was gone, hiding again behind a slump of the shoulders and an averted gaze. Even the rhythm of his fingers slowed and became less intense. "Yeah, yeah," Freddie said, discouraged.

Carly immediately felt bad. "I'm sorry Freddie. That was mean. It actually sounds very interesting and it totally seems to be working."

"It's okay. I just wish that sometimes you would see more than just a geek when you look at me," he found himself blurting out before he could stop it. Embarrassed now, he dropped her palm and shifted away from her.

Carly reached out to place a hand on his arm. "Awwww…Freddie. I don't just see a geek." She waited until he turned to her before going on. "I see a loyal guy who is intelligent and caring and sweet." She slid her hand up his arm and placed it on his cheek. "I see a guy who really needs to smile more because he looks so charming when he does. A guy who should run with his knowledge of things because he really comes alive when he does. And – most important – I see you Freddie. You're wonderful and smart and any girl would be lucky to have you." As the words poured from her mouth she realized that she truly meant them. She also was not surprised that somehow, she and Freddie were now only inches apart. She could feel the heat emanating off his body, his nerves trembling in prospect. It fueled her to edge nearer.

"You're just saying that to make me feel better," he said, glancing down at her mouth. He watched as she licked her full lips in anticipation before looking back up into her eyes. He could feel a stirring deep within him. He placed his palm on the bag beside her for balance as he shifted his weight closer to her.

"No," she exhaled, their mouths now a whisper away. He could feel her breath tickle the sensitive flesh surrounding his mouth. "I mean it." She couldn't say who leaned into whom, closing the distance – all she knew was that Freddie's lips were pressed so softly against her own. She held back the whimper of satisfaction that wanted to escape her throat. His kiss was firm yet gentle; so strange yet so natural; so new yet so familiar. When he changed the angle she nearly purred.

For a moment, all thought flew from Freddie's head as all his senses focused on Carly and the intimate union of their mouths. He could feel her lips yield so readily beneath his own; he could hear her breath pattern change. He could smell the fruity mixture of her favorite pineapple and coconut lip glosses and, when he parted his lips slightly, could taste the sticky sweetness. When he dared open his eyes he saw hers flutter open into a half-lidded gaze before again closing on a sigh.

When they finally broke apart for much needed air they could only stare in awe at one another. Freddie watched as Carly's chest heaved and she touched her swollen lips. He couldn't believe what had just happened. Afraid he'd overstepped his bounds he began backing away. "I'm sorry-" he began and was immediately cut-off.

Carly reached out and grabbed him by the collar of his shirt. "Just shut up and kiss me again," she said, already pulling him back towards her. He lost his balance and landed half-atop her. He nearly pushed himself back up, worried he was crushing her, when her lips attacked his. He let out a guttural moan.

Carly was quite enjoying the weight of his chest pressing down on her. She felt so…protected was a word that came to mind. Never would she have imagined this boy who, she now thought with shame, seemed so geeky and solely friend material could bring about such raw feelings of need within her. But everything he was doing was bringing out just that. Her arms crept upward and wrapped around his neck, pulling him in closer.

Freddie hesitantly ran his tongue along Carly's lips – urging them to part. When she obliged, he dipped his tongue in, amazed when she met his with her own. Slowly, clumsily, they brushed tongues, breaths puffing hot and damp against each other's mouths as Freddie's hand instinctively trailed a path up her leg from her knee to her hip, over the subtle curve to her waist. She shuddered as he continued his path up skimming the side of her breast so briefly she nearly protested when his hand veered sideways and cupped her shoulder instead. She wanted so badly for him to touch her but she didn't know how to ask. Instead she arched against him and pushed her tongue further into his mouth.

Idiot! he chided himself. Nerves had gotten the better of him. He could feel the soft swell of her breasts yielding beneath him and had considered caressing them with his hand before he'd lost his courage and slid past quickly. But that one transitory touch had all of the blood in his head draining down to his groin. When she arched against him he thought he'd lose it. Murmuring her name he nipped at her bottom lip and dug his fingers into her shoulder.

Carly rubbed her lips along Freddie's jaw and down his neck. She inhaled his familiar scent and while it comforted her, it also sent the butterflies in her stomach into a frenzy. She pressed gentle kisses where his pulse beat erratically and made her way to his ear. "Freddie," she whispered.

Her breath was hot on his ear yet he felt shivers race up his spine. "What?"

"Ummmmm…you want to go to my room?" Carly asked her heart jack-hammering against her chest. She couldn't believe she'd just asked him that. Not that she didn't really want to continue what they were doing, but it seemed so bold, so brazen.

Freddie was momentarily speechless. "I…uhhhhhh…really?"

Carly nodded, afraid to speak in case she lost her nerve.

"Ummmmm…yeah. Okay," Freddie stammered. This afternoon was becoming more and more incredible. He pushed himself up off of her.

They both stood up and carefully avoided each other's gaze.

Carly pressed the button for the elevator to take them down. They shared a shy, almost awkward look as they waited for the car. Freddie reached out and took Carly's hand in his. It was such a sweet and innocent gesture, yet it promised much more to come.

The elevator arrived and they climbed in – the nervousness in the air so thick they could practically feel it. It was mixed with thrill and anticipation. Again they caught each other's eye and Freddie lightly ran his thumb along Carly's in an attempt to calm them both. Neither could believe this was happening. They rode the elevator down in silence.

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