Here it is, the long awaited Kensei-Mashiro-do-stuff-without-sake fic! In the beginning they act a bit different but that's explained.


Jai Ho is a term basically meaning 'may victory be yours'. Its also a very pretty song.

Mashiro hugged her knees to her chest as she looked out at the twinkling lights of Rukongai.

Given their penchant for widespread destruction, the Ninth Division was often sent out to kill Hollow infestations on the outskirts of Soul Society. This past mission had been for two days. Lots of killing had happened and more than once Mashiro had used her sunglasses to keep the Hollow blood out of her eyes. The poor things were on their last legs, she was going to have to visit the Silver Dragonfly for another pair soon. Well the ones on her head had lasted for a very long time so she supposed that it was worth it. A breeze blew past her, sending chills down her spine. Mashiro hugged her knees a bit tighter, not wanting to go inside just yet.

Sometimes it was nice to sit quietly. Right now it wasn't that nice, she had too much on her mind. She couldn't think properly when she was in the tent she shared with her Captain. Neither of them had a problem, their ranks were so close they had shared tents for most of their careers together. Even if she sometimes muttered in her sleep and Kensei ground his teeth together they had no problem. Kensei smelled good, even when he was all dirty he didn't stink like most of the men. And he always turned his back when she changed her cloths and made sure that she was safe. He was so old fashioned it was endearing.

It was the source of her troubles.

Mashiro and Kensei had a very odd relationship. She had kissed him during his promotion ceremony and one thing led to another. She woke up with a pounding headache, a dry mouth and a pair of wonderfully strong arms holding her closer than anyone ever had before. Unfortunately that was not the last time it happened. Their Division loved to drink. They didn't want to exclude their Captain and Lieutenant who wouldn't dream of being rude and refusing. Unfortunately every time that happened the same events occurred. First teasing kisses, taunting brushes of lips that had started out clumsy but become much more steady, even with the damper of alcohol. Then his arms would wind around her waist and hers would sink through his short grey hair and before they knew it they were in his rooms, all the frustration they built up at each other coming out in a far more pleasurable way.

A free spirit, Mashiro had no problem with drunken make out sessions with her stoic Captain. The problem was that a cold snap had gone through the area they were in the other day. Unprepared for the weather the two of them had bundled together for warmth. They had started out back to back but sure enough when Mashiro woke up it was in his embrace. Without the damper of liquor or the haze of a hangover it was the most wonderful place she had ever woken up in. His heart under her ear was strong and steady, the rise and fall of his chest hypnotic. All she wanted to do was stay there, forever and ever. Unfortunately there were Hollows to be killed and soon they had to separate. They had gone about the day as if nothing happened. The next night the weather was warmer and they slept separately again, or he did. Mashiro stayed awake the entire night wanting nothing more than to snuggle into his embrace.

"There you are!"

Mashiro put her chin on her knees as Kensei made his way over to her. He stood behind her, surveying the area for any threat before his eyes settled on her. He had gone into the tent, knowing that as long as he kept his breathing steady his body would let him sleep no matter how tumultuous his heart was. Unfortunately when he stepped into the darkened tent he had discovered nothing there and said heart practically stopped in his chest. It was lucky that her hair was so bright because otherwise he would have probably torn up the entire forrest looking for her. But there she was, on a cliff a bit out, her eyes on Rukongai.

"Thought you were asleep," he said.

"Nope," Mashiro said. Kensei sat down next to her. She leaned her cheek on her knees looking at him, "whats up Kensei?"

"What're you lookin at?" he demanded looking at the lights of Rukongai.

"Rukongai," she said looking from him to the city, "its so pretty. Bet everyone's got tuna there," she pouted remembering the rice they ate for dinner, "bet its warm too," she muttered.

"You cold?" he demanded looking at her, "you're the only one in the Division with sleeves."

"Not true. You're the only one without 'em," she said.

"I meant on your uniform," he snapped hotly.

Mashiro grinned and hugged her knees tighter as she looked out at Rukongai.

"Can we see your District from here?" she asked him.

"No," he said, "my parent's farm is in the Seventh," he looked at her, "you?"

"That one!" she pointed at the District.

"You even know what that one is?"

"Seventy Third," she said with a grin, "my District!"

Kensei looked out at Rukongai. Everything about them was impossibly different. He had grown up in relative comfort while Mashiro had run around the Districts picking pockets and stealing food for a living. Even now the two of them were impossibly different. She was bright and cheery and impossibly free in a way that he knew he would never be, just as he was far more grounded than she would ever be. The two of them were shockingly different and, yet, they were not that different at all. Both were honorable people, despite Mashiro's past as a thief. They both valued the Division--and each other--above their own lives. They also both loved the same foods, she was just far more vocal about it than he was.

The two sat in silence as they stared out at Rukongai.

"This is about the other day."

Mashiro's eyes widened. She looked at Kensei, a hundred excuses on her lips but he silenced her, his lips twisting into a small lopsided smile that silenced her more effectively than any attack.

"You haven't been fussing like usual," he said gruffly, "we'll just bring heavier blankets next time okay? For now you can take the tent tonight and I'll just crash with Eishima if that'd make you more comfortable."

It took Mashiro's mind a moment to realize that he thought she was upset about the other night. Well she was, just not in the way he thought she was. Her eyes widened as she looked at him. He kept his eyes on the streets below them, not looking at her. Kensei wouldn't ever be this nice about anything insignificant, like her eating habits or desire to get more sleep but there were certain things Kensei didn't kid about and her honor as a woman was not one of them. Despite the fact they had slept together they had been drunk. Sober, sober he wouldn't touch her like that and especially not without permission. It was true that his arms had been tightly wound around her waist but her head had been on his chest, her arms just as tight around him. Only Kensei would think that his sleepy mind should be prudish as well.

Kensei had noticed the change in Mashiro's behavior since that incident when they slept in each other's embrace. He was not proud of the fact that they seemed to sleep together anytime they got drunk but there was a difference between that and what happened the other night. He had woken in the early dawn to realize their position. His instinct had been to untangle himself and go back to the back to back way but Mashiro had mumbled and tightened her arms around him, refusing to be separated from him. The feelings that such a simple gesture had sent coursing through him had stirred up a whole set of problems for Kensei. He didn't think he had ever killed more Hollows in his entire life and if exhaustion and training hadn't taken over he would have been up the entire night wishing she was in his arms again.

He noticed her being unusually quiet though. He couldn't call her out on it without her making some flippant remark and threatening to dissolve into a temper tantrum. The entire mission though he had been watching her even closer than usual, just in case a Hollow got a lucky shot. He had faith in her ability to protect herself--he just knew that he'd do a good job of it too. But Mashiro was, well, she was Mashiro and he was Kensei and the idea of the two of them being anything but what they were was crazy. At least until the next bottle of sake went around. Even then he was going to have to be careful to stay away from her. Maybe he could talk to Shinji, Shinji could probably restrain him and the Captain did owe him a favor.

"Y-you don't have to crash with the others," Mashiro said feeling actually nervous. Kensei looked at her carefully with his honey eyes, "its, um, its not what you think with the whole acting--"

"You don't gotta tell me," he said gruffly, "we'll be back in the Court tomorrow and you can--"

"I liked it!" Mashiro blurted out.

Kensei's honey eyes widened at the admission. Mashiro felt horribly embarrassed, she could feel her cheeks turning as red as his neck undoubtably was. Oh why did she have to have green hair? Maybe it wouldn't be that obvious if her hair was black or gold or--or grey. Kensei seemed truly shocked at the confession, none of his usual frustration on his features, no more than her carefree nature was. They had both been acting differently since that night. Mashiro looked at the grass, feeling her eyes burn. He probably hated being woken up being hugged like that and that was why he offered to leave. She hadn't thought of that before, if that was the case though, then maybe she had just embarrassed herself even further by telling him she liked waking up in his embrace without the pounding headache that usually accompanied it.

"You what?" he stared at her, shock still all over his face.

"I um--" she stopped, "you just don't have to sleep anywhere else silly Kensei," she said with a bright smile, "I'm gonna go to bed--"

"The hell you are!" his hand streaked out and grabbed her wrist, preventing her from moving, "what'd you mean--"

"You're fun to wake up next too," she said feeling better when she realized he seemed to be hanging onto her every word. Surely if he hated it he would have run by now, "you make a nice pillow."

Kensei could barely figure out what was going on. First he thought that she hated waking up on him and the next she was telling him she liked it. Why was nothing clear with her? He knew he wasn't the easiest person to read but the girls he had been with had at least made it clear what they wanted, they made it clear they liked him without liquor loosening their tongues. But Mashiro Kuna was not like the other girls, hell she was like no-one he ever met before. Mashiro looked up at him, deciding finally that she had absolutely nothing to loose in terms of her Captain, friend and sometimes makeout partner.

"You--" he stared at her, "have you been drinking?"

"Silly Kensei," she said scooting over to where he was, her wrist still entrapped in his much larger hand, "I'd wouldn't drink on a mission."

"You've been acting weird," he said sounding far less in control than her usual Captain. He had his shy moments just as she had her serious ones, "I don't want you to get yourself killed!" he snapped, the edge revealing the defensiveness in his voice.

"Well we'd better do something to help me concentrate then," Mashiro said sitting back on her heels, "I kissed you first. Its your turn."

"Huh--but--" Mashiro pouted, silencing his rambles.

Kensei stared at her. How the hell had he lost control of the situation so damn fast? Well he knew there was a reason that he chose her to be his Lieutenant. God, why was this so hard? Why was she so calm--Kensei stopped. No, she was not calm about this. In fact, mixed with the joy he saw nervousness in her eyes as well. Both seemed aware of the fact that something had to change. That something had already changed when they woke in each other's embraces and now the rest of their lives had to catch up to that. They could not remain as they were pretending to be, not if they were to survive the conflict. Kensei could hear his own hear pound in his chest as Mashiro sat back on her heels and looked up at him.

"Fine," he said.

She smiled happily and opened her mouth to say something.

But his lips were abruptly on hers.

Mashiro felt her eyes widen in surprise before her eyes slowly drifted closed. His lips were not that soft, she could feel the barest stubble on his chin as well and he did taste like the rice they had for dinner but it was the most wonderful kiss she had ever had. His lips were warm and without the damper of liquor they were impossibly gentle against her own. The cool breeze that blew across the back of her neck was not the only reason shivers raced along her spine as her Captain kissed her. Mashiro finally moved her lips against his, her head moving a bit more to the side as one of her hands came up and gently cupped his cheek. When his tongue entered her mouth Mashiro was all too happy to reciprocate the movement, the kiss progressing further when his body moved closer to hers, one of his hands coming to rest on the grass on the opposite side of her hip.

Finally they moved apart, his eyes opening a moment before hers did. Honey gold met brown grey as they stared at each other, too close to pretend there was distance between them. Mashiro's hand slipped from his cheek to press into the grass but his hand made no move to leave its position on the grass next to her hip, keeping her under his arm. For a moment neither of them said anything, both too shocked at what they were feeling to put it into words.

"Come on, we've got a lot to do tomorrow," he said gruffly pushing himself to his feet and sticking out his hand. Mashiro grinned and put her hand in his, letting him pull her to her feet, "we gotta get what rest we can."

"Aww," she pouted.

"Shut up, we're still on a mission," he snapped.

"I know Kensei-meanie," she said as they headed back to the tent, his chest near her spine. Finally they got to the tent and stepped into the darkened confines "hey Kensei."

"What?" he looked down at her, his fingers reaching for the lamp.

Mashiro grabbed him, wrapping her arms around his neck and pulled him down, pressing her lips against his. Kensei's neck moved to adjust to the angle of their height difference but they managed. Their movements were not dampened by liquor or clumsiness, not anymore. His wonderful arms encircled the curve of her waist, her body pressing against his until her wrinkled uniform was the only thing between their chests. It was a good thing his arm was where it was because her knees seemed to weaken. In the darkness the only thing she was aware of was, well, was him. His arms tightened about her, his hands smooth and warm even through the fabric of his gloves and her shirt.

Finally breathlessly they broke apart, both aware that they were in the middle of camp, on a mission and while making out was one thing having sex was an entirely different thing. Kensei walked over to his bed and Mashiro skipped happily over to her own.

"Night Kensei!" she called over her shoulder.

"Go to sleep!"

She did, her smile not slipping until sleep took her away.


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