Okay so followup by popular demand!

Great Kensei/Mashiro song is-Masterpiece by Josh Kelly.

Warnings: This is MATURE!! Its not completely explicit but its very obvious as to what they're doing. So easily offended people, close your eyes. Everyone else, Enjoy!

"To another successful mission!"

Kensei rolled his eyes at the antics of his Division who all cheered and drank in celebration of the successful mission. From his position in the doorway of the main building, he watched the antics go on, trying to stay out of sight. It was not that he wanted to snub his Division, honestly on any other night he would have been right there with them knocking back shots and celebrating the victory. But tonight he was restraining himself, and from the absence of a violently colored mop of green hair, he knew Mashiro Kuna was as well. Kensei pushed himself away from the wall and walked out of the main building towards his personal quarters. As Captain he lived at the Division but his rooms were fractionally larger than the barracks where the rest of his Division slept.

He opened the door to his very clean, very neat apartment--or what usually was his very neat, very clean apartment. The moment his foot touched the hem of a hamaka he knew that something was amiss. a long line of cloths--female cloths led to his bathroom. He walked forward, his steps quiet as he made his way to the door. Tossed carelessly in the doorframe was the final confirmation of the person's identity. Kensei reached down and picked up the violently pink scarf that usually decorated his Lieutenant's neck. Kensei felt his cheeks heat up as he jumped away from the door and the person he knew was inside.

"Mashiro! What the hell are you doing?!" he roared over his shoulder at the door bathroom.

"I'm takin a bath!" came the cheerful reply, "I smelled bad."

"Why are you doing it in my apartment?! How the hell'd you get in her anyway?!" he demanded, feeling the back of his neck burn.

"Silly Kensei, I've had the key to your apartment since you gave it to me," he heard her laugh, "and if you'd remembered to put that order in to fix my bath, I wouldn't be in here."

Kensei felt his teeth grind together in anger.

"You can come in, you can't see anything--I used bubbles!"

That did it.

Kensei had taken great pains to make the fact that he had a bathtub as un-girly as possible. There was a bar of soap, something to wash his hair and that was it. There were no bubbles in Kensei Muguruma's bathtub. Then again, there were also no naked green haired women either. He shoved the door open further, more because he needed to shove something than he needed more room to enter the bathroom. Sure enough his tub was filled to the brim with bubbles. Mashiro was covered in them, only her head and her feet with their blue toes sticking up in the water. She turned her face to his and grinned brightly, as if there was nothing wrong with her being in his bathtub. She wrinkled her nose and looked at him.

"You should get in with me," she said, "you smell awful."

"I'm not taking a bath with you!"

"You're such a prude," she pouted as her arms emerged while she stretched out, her chest coming dangerously close to the tops of the bubbles. Kensei turned around quickly, feeling his neck burn when she laughed brightly, "I put bubbles--"

"I can see that!"

"They smell nice, you smell icky," he heard the water swish, "look, I'll turn around and you can come in. Your tub is big."


"You're stinky, you should."

"No--" he felt something wet and scented hit the back of his neck, "did you just throw bubbles at me?!" he demanded whipping around.

Sure enough, she had. Mashiro smiled widely, her hands still cupped in front of her mouth from where she had launched the attack. It was his fault for standing too damn close to her anyway, that and the fact he got far too cute when he was angry. It was enough incentive to tease him. She had thought that he would be all weird when they got back from that mission but he was still the same adorable, easily-angered Kensei Muguruma who both fascinated and infuriated her. Well infuriate might have been pushing it, but if she ever got made at anyone she knew it would be him.

"Come on Kensei," she prodded, "you're too stinky to have sex with like that."

Kensei's eyes widened to the point of being funny as the blush that his grey hair revealed spread to his cheeks. Mashiro moved to the rim of the tub and crossed her arms, leaning her chin against her forearms. Only Kensei could get mad at having a naked girl in his bathtub. He really was such a prude. But that had been her plan all along: Seduce Kensei. She knew, since he kissed her, that he wanted to be with her when they weren't drunk. Kissing him was nice but Mashiro was determined to go further. Unfortunately Kensei happened to be chivalrous, respectful and more than a little hesitant about having sex with her. It wasn't like there wasn't a line of women waiting to claim the Ninth Division Captain but Mashiro was pretty positive that of all them she was the only one he really cared about and, by the same token, the only one he wouldn't just sleep with.

But she was going to change that.

Once he took a bath, of course.

Well if he wasn't going to join her then she was just going to have to change spots with him. Kensei was still frozen there at her proclamation of having sex with him right then and there so Mashiro flattened her palms on the lip of the tub, straitened her arms and stood up.

Kensei's eyes widened as his very fruity smelling, very pretty, very crazy Lieutenant stood up and revealed that she was also very very naked. He had known she was, she was in the bath, but there was a difference between knowing was was under a good two inches of bubbles and seeing it without said bubbles. Without an ounce of shame Mashiro swung one leg over the side of the tub, followed by the other, walked over to the stack of towels resting nearby and picked one up, wrapping it around her body. Walked was the wrong word for what she did. No, she sauntered over to him, her hips swaying as she smiled, placing a wet palm on his shoulder.

"Your turn," she said walking out of the bathroom.

Fifteen minuets later the bathroom door slid open to reveal Kensei Muguruma, sans the stink they both had from the battle. He was dressed--or not dressed--the same as she had been, his grey hair slicked to his scalp. The towel around his waist left little to the imagination, not that she was much better. Kensei froze. Mashiro had apparently gotten into his closet while he was in the bath because she was sitting on her knees on his bed dressed in nothing but his sleeveless robe. Suddenly coherent thought seemed to be a difficult thing to manage as his Lieutenant grinned impishly up at him. She scooted off the bed and walked over to him.

"You don't stink so much," she said.

"I smell like fruit," he said but instead of sounding angry he just sounded, well, aroused.

"Mmm," she said coming close enough to press her body to his, "you complain too much Kensei."

He felt her tongue at the juncture of his shoulder and throat. A trained warrior he knew the neck was one of the easiest places to be killed. Part of him wanted to recoil from the touch but he knew she'd only follow. Her tongue licked the droplets of water from his skin there, the touch teasing and purposeful. Unable to stand it any longer Kensei ducked his head and captured her lips with his. Mashiro returned the kiss, parting his lips easily and redirecting her tongue to his mouth. The movements were familiar, this was not the first time they had wound up in each other's arms but this was the first time they had done anything of the sort without the tinge of liquor on their tongues.

Her skin was silky smooth as he slid his hands between his robe and her body. She eagerly stepped into the touch, arching her spine and bringing their bodies even closer together. His hands were large and warm against her skin, callouses scraping against the smooth surface. He reached out and slid the fabric from her shoulders as she set it flying somewhere in the corner of his room leaving the towel around his hips the only fabric between them. Her nimble fingers slipped into the confines of the cotton as she smiled and drew back, her fingers teasing the folds of the fabric.

"That's no fair," she said.

"Really?" he smirked, his hand grabbing the fold and yanking it out, leaving them both naked in the room, "better?"

"Much," she grinned jumping up and locking her legs around him.

"I'm hungry Kensei!"

"So go down and eat."

He heard a dramatic sigh and looked down, facing Mashiro. The sheets were tangled about their waist, leaving them both nude from there up--not that such a thing had ever bothered Mashiro. She was half lying on his chest, her finger idly tracing the numbers inked there. He had a feeling the skin there was going to be sore in the morning from what she had done earlier--not that he minded. It wasn't as weird as he thought, being sober and having her laying on his chest. Especially not when he was positive the red marks that drew constellations on the porcelain of her neck were solely his doing. She craned her head up and looked at him, her eyes wide. Inwardly he winced, knowing what was going to happen.

"But Kenseiiii," she whined his name.



"No! You already turned my bath into a bubble-fest. You want food you gotta go down and get it yourself."

"You're such a meanie," she said pouting and looking down, "Kensei--"

Her next whine of his name ended in a yelp as he rolled her onto her back and trapped her underneath his form. His calloused hands easily traced the lines of her body, her skin still trembling in the wake of his touch. She was quite sure that no man she had ever been with had marked her as completely as Kensei Muguruma had. Body and soul, though the Gods knew she had tried to find someone to take her mind off him. But this, this was so much better. How someone so strong and klutzy when not in battle could be so incredibly gentle and teasing was beyond her. Apparently liquor had been stealing a large part of her fun. Mashiro hooked her foot around his hip, pressing their sheet-tangled bodies closer together as she arched her neck as his lips worked along her neck.

"Mmm," the sound that slipped from her lips was one of pure, happy contentment as her arms twined around his neck, "food--Kensei!" she cried, outraged as her demand was ignored and his lips traveled lower on her body, "Kensei--"

"Shut up," he growled into her skin.

"M-meanie," Mashiro gasped out, hating how easily he stole her control, her words, her thoughts, "Kensei," she moaned his name, the word a plea, a prayer.

If she had said his name like that before this night then Kensei knew he was going to swear off drunken sex---well swearing off was probably the wrong word. But he was definitely going to make sure he included non-drunken sex with his Lieutenant in the mix. It was just far too much fun to rob her of her words. She enjoyed pissing him off so much, he could officially say he enjoyed rendering the talkative woman speechless. Speechless or gasping or moaning his name. He trailed his lips up the line that defined her abdomen, his mouth moving over each scar. Most of them he had been there for, just as she had been there for most of his. He saw the green of her hair move in and out of his vision as his lips toyed with the skin, the scar tissue altering the sensation. Finally he arrived at her face, her lust clouded eyes opening to look at him.

"No fair," she repeated, her swollen lips still pouting up at him.

He felt a leg on his backside before he found himself flat on the bed, his green haired Lieutenant sitting on top of him. Fair, it seemed, was a matter of opinion in his apartment that night as she pinned his wrists and set about destroying the fibers of control he had left.

Only when his door was broken in by a well placed kick did they stop. Turning they both looked at the sight of a very disgruntled Lisa Yadomaru. Mashiro saw nothing wrong with being naked and sitting on top of him. If his wrists hadn't been trapped he would have made some move to cover them, even if it was Lisa standing there. The Lieutenant shoved her glasses up on her nose and walked over to the bed, her eyes glaring.

"Do you have any idea how loud you are? I can hear you from my Division!" Mashiro smiled impishly, "keep it down or use a barrier or something. Not all of us are finding our true loves tonight," she said walking out and slamming the door behind her.

A moment later she felt Kido move into place. Turning around she faced the entirety of the Ninth Division, all of whom gave her very happy, very drunk, very sleepy murmurs of thanks before going off to bed. She turned and walked back to her Division, intent on getting as much sleep as she could before the groans began when Kensei woke up and made his hungover Division clean up the mess they made the night before.