Ranma 1/2 is the creation of Rumiko Takahashi and Sailor Moon is the creation of Naoko Takeuchi. This fan-fiction isn't intended for commercial use but is rather a tribute to Ranma 1/2 and Sailor Moon.

Chapter 19 – I, Doom Phantom

Even though I was born so to speak from the Neo-bitch's Cleansing I have no actual body though I could make one. Thing is before I could do so someone named Saotome Ranma found the Jakokusuishou, the yin-yang counterpart of the Ginzuishou. Figured he couldn't do any worse then me so I just sat and stewed entertaining myself with images of slowly killing the Neo-bitch.

Much later I got a vision of all the other people who could have gotten the Jakokusuishou and I was, to say the least, disappointed. Even later Ranma found out about a history where I did get a body and that was worse. To be reborn again like a character in some video game only to get a major smack down by the Neo-bitch—wonderful future there…not.

Problem is I wasn't the only one born through the Cleansing. I have to guess that it is part of that whole yin-yang thing that drove the Moon Kingdom. Which brings me to the reason I am finally making my body and risking being a punching bag for Ranma or as he likes to call himself Wiseman—my counterpart is here in this time this world. Their can only be one reason for that; she wants to bring Crystal Tokyo here.

Ok Wiseman, it is time you met me and found out that even in your world the Doom Phantom exists.


If there was any doubt now it is gone: Neo–Queen Serenity was an idiot. Though to be fair I should have realized that I had a counterpart and it would be him. Ok, he seems to actually forming a body. Wonderful. Joy. Hammer a spike in my head while you're at it—like I don't have enough headaches dealing with a creator who is on par with Genma. Ok Doom Phantom, you and I are going to talk now and if I don't like what I hear I'm going to Death Scream your sorry form all over the landscape.


Ranma in his standard silks noticed Wicked Lady pulling out the Ginzuishou attracting the attention of Neo-Queen Serenity. "Something wrong?" she asked.

"I don't know. I feel something but it is hard to put into words."

"What the…" Ranma said as a black form rose from the crystal growing as it moved.

"Kuso, it can't be…" whispered Purple Wiseman as the black ink like blob reformed into man wearing a robe a darker color then his own sitting cross legged about a foot off the ground a silver ball between his hands.

"Ok, what is this?" asked Akane.

"The Worst Wiseman," hissed Purple Wiseman. "The Doom Phantom."

"He's like Sailor Moon," said Usagi.

"No, he is far worse," growled Purple Wiseman as ball of blood red ki formed in his left hand.

"Hello, Ranma," commented the figure in a raspy, harsh, and nearly guttural voice. "Didn't expect to find out that I existed in your world your history did you?"

"No, but your plan to kill everyone on the planet stops here and now, Doom Phantom."

The Doom Phantom gave a creepy laugh. "I assure you that is not my goal."

"I would believe Pops long before I would believe you."

"Let me guess," said Usagi narrowing her eyes. "You are all the yin ki Neo-Queen Serenity removed from everyone."

The figure turned. "Why yes, Sailor… What the hell?!"

"Something wrong?" asked Usagi as she grinned a feral smile. "Don't you know what youma are?"

"But you're her…" stammered the figure pointing to Neo-Queen Serenity.

"Hey guys," said Nabiki running out to the yard. "Grandfather Hino called and said we…"

"Have a problem?" finished Ranma. "Little late with the news, Nabs."

"Somehow I don't think this is what he was calling about," growled Purple Wiseman.

"No, it isn't," commented a familiar voice causing nearly everyone to turn.

"Sailor Pluto." hissed the Doom Phantom as he spun around to face the voice.

"As I as about to say, he wasn't calling about this bundle of idiocy," commented Sailor Pluto as she narrowed her eyes. "He was calling about me."

"She's just like Sailor Moon," whispered Usagi her features darkening. "Sailor Pluto's powers made manifest. Made…human."

"Just as the Doom Phantom is the yin ki the Nitwit Cleansed made manifest," commented Purple Wiseman his eyes glowing red.

"She is the reason I came out," commented the Doom Phantom gesturing to Pluto. "I am not letting her make this into Crystal Tokyo part two."

"Based on what I have seen so far the Grey Moon Clan has no reason to trust either of you two," snapped Usagi.

"Grey Moon Clan?" asked the Phantom.

"My clan, Gloom Tampon," responded Ranma a silver ball forming between his hands.

"What? But you're not supposed to be…"

"Wiseman?" finished Ranma as a black robe suddenly appeared around him. "Well, this is not your past. Things are different and…"

"I HAVE HAD IT!" screamed the Queen of Crystal Tokyo pulling out a henshi stick. "MOON POWER MAKE UP!"

"I am tired of being manipulated," snarled the now transformed Queen. "I am tired of finding out nearly everything I was told was a lie. But beyond all of it I am tied of having my mistakes being shoved in my face. You two idiots are pure thought pure energy? Great, then I can cut loose on both of you without worrying about killing your sorry asses! MOON HEALING ESCALATION DOUBLEPLAY!"


Pluto slammed into the wall surrounding the dojo's yard. 'Crap. I was so concerned with either of the two Wisemen that I never…shit' thought Pluto dodging the razor sharp tiara thrown by her ranting Queen who was now trying her best to make a hole in the Tendo compound's brick wall with the Doom Phantom.

"Don't you want to know?" asked the Doom Phantom as Neo-Queen Serenity slammed him into the wall again.

"Know what? That I screwed up. That you are the all the negative emotions that I removed from people? That even if no one ever found the counterpart to the Ginzuishou I would have still had to deal with a Wiseman?" say asked continuing to slam the Doom Phantom in to the wall.

"No. None of that. Don't you want to know why I as well as all the undead Wisemen were so keen to go for the everybody dies option?"

"What?" asked Neo-Queen Serenity as she held the Doom Phantom by his robe in mid stoke of slamming him into the wall.

"The crystals are connected and while slightly muffled I also saw Ranma's vision of those other worlds those other histories. I figured out that I could see what would have been if I had been Wiseman. Didn't like the show at all but I finally understood why we were doing what we were doing."

"What's there to understand?" asked Ranma. "You like all the undead versions are nuttier then a pecan orchard."

"Oh I am sure that is what her Wiseman believes as well. It is a lot easier then the alternative."

"What alternative?" asked Ranma feeling something in the pit of his stomach.

"If you had ever read Patrick Henry you would know what alternative, Wiseman," stated the Doom Phantom his glowing eyes getting brighter.

"Pops didn't exactly see to my education so you will have to enlighten me, Doomsy."

"'Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God! I know not what course others may take; but as for me, give me liberty or give me death!'" responded the Doom Phantom.

"What?" growled Neo-Queen Serenity. "What gives you the right…"

"If you have to ask that question you haven't been paying attention," interrupted Ranma. "As much as it pains me of all the Wisemen in that being formed from all the yin ki of every human that remained on Earth he at least can make a claim to having the right. But you said that is not your goal here."

"I could feel the passion the Ranma Wiseman I knew had through the link between the crystals. No matter how long it took he would defeat the Neo-bitch and Liberty would return to the Earth. Best of all he would make the one responsible pay. In any case the Neo-bitch suffers."

"Cheery fellow. Is he available for parties?" asked Nabiki sarcastically.

"The Doom Phantom is the yin aspect of the people that remained on Earth," commented Ranma. "If anything he is more personable then I expected."

The Doom Phantom gave another creepy laugh. "You forget one of the aspects of yin is nurturing. Love and compassion have yin components as much as hate and anger do."

"You are capable of feeling love and compassion?" asked Nabiki. "I'd sooner believe Genma then that, Doom Phantom."

"As much as I hate to admit it, he's right, Nabs," said Ranma. "All emotions have both yin and yang aspects to them. Ranma looked at Pluto. "Which brings up the issue of where the yang aspects of hate, anger, depression, and the like went."

Pluto smiled sinisterly. "No wonder your counterpart gave her problems. When you put your mind to it, you see what others miss."

"I do want to know one thing. When did you wake up?" asked Ranma.

Pluto frowned. "I think it was almost with my creation but for much of my existence my intelligence was alien to my human creators." Pluto scowled glaring at the transformed Neo-Queen Serenity. "But your thrice cursed Clensing changed that. I understood what it was to be human, to have human feelings, wants, and needs, but my Guardian was dead. I briefly went insane out of loneliness and created a companion in her image…that would do anything for her Queen. When I regained my sanity and realized what my creation had done I eliminated her and created this version."

"All this time I have been hating a thing," hissed Purple Wiseman shaking with clear anger, "A ki construct created by a relic of a long dead Kingdom that had even less understanding of human relationships then I once did."

"And here I thought you can come back to ensure that Crystal Tokyo happened," laughed the Doom Phantom. "You're here for revenge."

Pluto now laughed. It was a dark and painful thing as unsettling as the Doom Phantom's. "Revenge? No because part of this is my fault. If I had made a less…obedient servant perhaps this would not have escalated as badly as it did." Pluto glanced at the Doom Phantom. "I'm here in my original role—as a source of information."

"Riiiiiiight," said the Doom Phantom who then glanced at Neo-Queen Serenity. "If I am reading her reaction correctly she doesn't trust either of us."

"Why should she?" asked Usagi. "One of you is one of the many possible other Wisemen that have must kill Neo-Queen Serenity no matter what the cost on their things to do list while the other is such blundering incompetent that she makes the Nitwit look good."

Pluto's left eye started twitching while the Doom Phantom again laughed. "I don't know how she came about but I like this version of Sailor Moon. Unlike our version she actually has a functioning brain and is not afraid to voice it."

"I am not Sailor Moon," growled Usagi narrowing her eyes. "Not anymore. I am Eclipse, head of the Grey Moon Clan." Usagi took a deep breath. "Advisor Wiseman! Any ideas?"

"On how to deal with this latest mess?" replied Ranma. "Not even the beginnings of one…well a practical one at any rate. Unlike Kuno Wiseman there is no physical body for me to use my techniques against and I am not about to try and use a ki attack on either of them. DP Wiseman I don't trust at all and likely never will. As for TG Pluto you called it—she is even more of a blunder baka then her airheaded Queen."

"Blunder baka?" retorted Pluto.

"How was Mistress 9 in your history defeated?" asked Ranma.

"With the Moon Kingdom's Holy Grail," responded Pluto angrily. "What does that have to do with anything?"

"And how is this Holy Grail made?" asked Ranma.

"With the pure heart crystals of three of the Sailor Senshi."

"Which three?"

"Uranus, Neptune, and," Pluto pulled the gem from her Time Staff which turned into a pearl that she then shoved in Ranma's face, "the first Sailor Pluto."

"Kuso," Ranma and Usagi said in unison.

"But if that was used to form the Holy Grail…," began Usagi.

"What happened to the other Sailor Pluto?" finished Ranma.

Pluto blinked. "You thought…" Pluto then burst out laughing. "Oh that is rich. Looks like she was one step ahead of even the Wiseman among Wisemen."

"What can I say?" asked Ranma sheepishly. "This whole mess involves reading people—something that thanks to Pops I am not an expert in." Ranma shifted and his voice became hard. "But if I have learned one thing out of this whole mess it is that most people are motivated by their own selfish motives then the kind of idealistic idiocy Sailor Moon spouted."

"Do tell," commented the Doom Phantom. "Does that include your own clan?"

Usagi gave a sharp laugh. "Of course it does. Do you think he is like I was?" Usagi scowled. "I'm not like her," she said gesturing to the Queen of Crystal Tokyo, "not anymore. Beryl has merely replaced conquer the world with connecting with her reincarnated sister. Not every youma clan is going to forget that I was born human…or that I put lot of their fellows in the ground as Sailor Moon. Being without a purpose doesn't mean Pharaoh 90 stopped being a threat. And on top of that and a host of other matters there is the idea that behind all of this mess is whatever survived the fall of the Moon Kingdom."

The Doom Phantom shifted. "I see. In the futures I saw I was able to corrupt Small Lady into Wicked Lady by altering her memories so she only saw the bad." The Doom Phantom gave his creepy laugh gesturing to Wicked Lady. "This version has done a better job without my meddling but she is total amateur hour compared to you."

Usagi gave the Doom Phantom a feral smile. "You think I am deluding myself?" Usagi narrowed her eyes. "I know my flaws and faults, Doom Phantom," Usagi said with such venom that the Doom Phantom took a step back. "Just because I seen my own inner darkness and have some degree of self hatred doesn't mean I have stopped trying to make the world a better place!"

"Self hatred?" asked a shocked Neo-Queen Serenity

"Damn right. You have any idea what is like to find your own future was to be an idealist bumbling hormonal boosted piece of borderline clanless idiocy? To have any hope of having anything even resembling a normal life trampled into the ground, dug up, and trampled again? And better yet on top of all that joy you have to monitor the yin ki the freaking rock her daughter brought with her has been dumping into the local environment."

The Doom Phantom laughed. "And I thought I had a hostility streak for the self proclaimed Queen of Crystal Tokyo."

Wicked Lady pulled out the Ginzuishou of her time staring at it in shock. "You mean this has been dumping yin ki into the surrounding area?"

"Yes but the Jakokusuishou has been counteracting it via my yang ki," commented Purple Wiseman.

Wicked Lady frowned as she looked at Usagi. "You knew!"

Usagi laughed. "Of course I knew and so did every person able to feel the regional ki."

"Saved us months in getting the Stargate to the level it is currently at," commented Ranma. "As long as the over all ki stayed in balance it wasn't a problem."

Purple Wiseman chuckled. "Ah, the naïvety of youth."

"Say what?" responded Ranma his tone becoming icy.

"Just because the local ki is in balance doesn't mean the Nitwit's little rock isn't having some influence. After all you and Herb haven't gone looking for the pail yet have you?"

"Why didn't you tell us this?" asked Ranma.

"And ruin the first real challenge I have had in nearly five centuries. Now why would I do a fool thing like that?"

"WISEMAN NO BAKA!" screamed Ranma and Akane as they both slammed ki mallets into Purple Wiseman's head.

"Ouch," said Purple Wiseman before he pitched foreword unconscious.

"Well he needed a nap," commented Sa Fulang.

"If you weren't in a 10 year old body I think they be using you for whack a baka as well," growled Prince Demando. "I understand why you two kept this fact from us but I am not happy about it."

Sa Fulang sighed. "No, I don't imagine you are."

The Doom Phantom chuckled again. "This was going to happen in your time but here in the past you could use the active emotional ki of the city as a buffer. In some respects he is as manipulative as I would have been in his role."

"As manipulative?" asked Esmeraude before breaking into her ancestors' laugh. "From what I have seen compared to him you are amateur hour, Doom Phantom."

"Unlike your versions of us, we're not stupid or blind, Doom Phantom," said Petz twirling her staff like a baton. "We could feel the dynamic caused by the yin and yang ki evening each other out but also knew there was a reason our Advisor and Guardian were keeping quiet about it." Petz smiled. "He is right in that this is certainly more exciting then Nemesis has been in generations."

"And here I thought information was being kept for a high purpose," sighed Prince Demando.

"To cause us…all of us to improve ourselves, to have something truly challenge us. What purpose could be higher, brother?" asked Saphir.

"I don't know but this feels so…base."

"Well I grant you the situation does have disturbing moral issues," commented Rubeus, "but without the people of this time to act as a buffer you imagine how more emotionally out of it Neo-Queen Serenity would be."

"Our Wiseman wouldn't endanger people if he could avoid it but the same can't be said of this Doom Phantom one," commented Kōan. "Nor am I comfortable with this 'Sailor Pluto' given that she is the yin-yang echo of Mr. Kill Happy."

The Doom Phantom chuckled again. "You seem to have a dilemma."

"There is no dilemma," growled Neo-Queen Serenity shaking the Doom Phantom. "I go home, undo the Cleansing,…"

The Doom Phantom exploded in dark sinister laugher. "You are a simplistic fool. Your Cleansing may have birthed us but it is not the source of our existence."

"No it wouldn't be if Time Gates have been aware all this time," commented Ranma looking at Pluto. "It is clear you two are not genies that can be shoved back in their bottle but that doesn't mean you can't be limited in influence."

The Doom Phantom laughed again. "You make it sound so easy. But given your obsession with Sun Tzu I imagine both of you have come up with at least half a dozen methods of containing both of us. It will be amusing to see what they are and how effective they are."

Ranma gave his own dark laugh. "Oh amusing is not the word I would use. Painful is going to more like it. My future counterpart has no love for either of you and given you are pure energy pure thought I don't imagine he will have any less compulsion of using both of you as stress balls if the mood hits him then Neo-Queen Serenity has demonstrated."

"Speaking of which," commented Neo-Queen Serenity a cruel smile forming on her face. "I'm not done with either of you yet. Let's continue with the bird in the hand shall we?" WHAM WHAM WHAM.

"Uh I don't think that is a good idea," commented Ranma as the Queen of Crystal Tokyo continued to slam the Doom Phantom into the wall as if she was a human jack hammer.

"Akane's mercenary sister can put it on my undoubtedly already huge tab."

"ENOUGH!" yelled the Doom Phantom as an explosion of yin ki erupted from his body knocking the transformed Queen away. "You think a pathetic weak idealistic fool like you is even in my class?" hissed the Doom Phantom.

"I'm not idealistic any more, Doom Phantom," growled Neo-Queen Serenity. "I know I screwed up and badly. You and this mockery of Sailor Pluto are my responsibility and it is time to own up to it."

"Such anger. Such hate," cackled the Doom Phantom. "The desire to lash out at something. The desire to find someone to blame. It is like the nectar of the kami to me."

Neo-Queen Serenity closed her eyes. "It is part of being human," she sighed.

"And that hurts you," gloated the Doom Phantom. "Delicious."

Neo-Queen Serenity's eyes snapped opened and then she narrowed them. "The problem is I have no idea what to do with you. You clearly are not redeemable, misunderstood, or some catspaw as has been shown with all the other foes I ran into. You are irredeemably evil but yet I have learned without evil there can be no good."

"Evil?" asked the Doom Phantom seemingly amused by the comment. "Yes. I guess in your narrow world view I would be 'evil'. But what are 'good' and 'evil' but labels we slap on the 'other' to separate them from us? The marauding savages preventing the white man from realizing his Manifest Destiny or the noble Native American defending his land from the encroachment of invaders. Who is 'good' and who is 'evil' there, hmm?"

Neo-Queen Serenity's hands clenched and unclenched into fists.

"What?" mocked the Doom Phantom. "No prattle about how in the name of the Moon you are going to punish me?"

"I've been letting that crawl around in my head?" asked Wicked Lady in disgust.

"Do some degree we all have that crawling in our head," commented Ranma wincing.

"Ah the martial artist idiot savant gives us words of wisdom."

"Yes words of wisdom," responded Ranma. "You are composed of yin energy; meaning you can only react to the actions of others. You yourself admitted to reacting to Sailor Pluto coming here."

"And that helps how, oh Wiseman?" said the Doom Phantom slurring the last word. "Human beings that haven't been cleansed are active creatures. You can't stop me by not acting."

"But it is how we act that is the key, isn't it, Doom Phantom? And I don't mean treating him or 'Sailor Pluto' as if they are more durable versions of P-chan."

"Enough talk more pounding," said Pluto as she smacked the Doom Phantom in the face with the Time Staff.

"Come on, little gaijin burakumin, you came out to fight me. Well here I am," smiled Pluto gesturing with her empty hand.

"Yes," hissed the Doom Phantom as he grabbed Pluto's neck. "Let me see how many times I can break your neck, Jap whore."

"Dead Scream," said Pluto softly slamming the Doom Phantom into the already damaged wall. "Is that all you have, groundling?" mocked Pluto as she slammed the Time Staff into the Doom Phantom's head.

"No that is not all I have, you little piece of boosted subhuman trash," growled the Doom Phantom. "Chaos Embrace."

Pluto was still staggering from being treated like a bug on a bug zapper when the first fist hit her gut. "Come on. You think you can take me?" roared the Doom Phantom as his fists pummeled Pluto.

"What is with them?" asked Neo-Queen Serenity shocked.

"Pluto is the yang version of all the so called negative emotions you removed," said Ranma noting that Calaveras was slowly bringing her hand to her head. "She is composed of the same emotions as Doom Phantom. Hate, anger, loathing, and so on. They are all in play in her as well."

"In play?" mocked Pluto as she swung the Time Staff at the Doom Phantom knocking him away. "This is not some game, boy. The little idealist Moon bitch thought she could remove us from humanity with no repercussions."

"It seems there is not that much that separates us, Pluto," mocked the Doom Phantom.

"Oh there is a big difference between us, you robed freak," railed Pluto smacking the Doom Phantom around some more. "You haven't been guarding the Time Gates for the last nine fucking centuries believing you couldn't leave."

"Oh no, I've been sitting in her fucking crystal because this Wiseman was the only one worth a damn but would have used me as a stress ball in heart beat," responded Wiseman as he punched Pluto in the jaw knocking her on her butt.

"Uh may I say something?" asked Calaveras nervously running her hand through her orangish hair.

"What could you add to this?" asked the pair glaring at the woman.

Calaveras smiled unpleasantly. "Just two words. DEATH SCREAM!"

Pluto and Doom Phantom found themselves embedded in the compound's wall. "I trust that got you two morons' attention?" asked Calaveras.

"Cal-chan?" asked Perz.

"I go through all the trouble of setting up things to ensure Ranma becomes Wiseman and straightens out my air headed Queen," growled Calaveras stepping toward the pair. "I make sure my rebirth as one of the Black Moon Family will happen in what appears to be a key member and instead of things going as planned I find out the Cleansing produced you pair of baka!"

"Who's a baka?" asked Purple Wiseman pushing himself off the ground one of his hands clenched into a fist.

"By the time I realized that we might be on the wrong path it was too late. Luna had Usagi so driven to recreate some part of the Moon Kingdom that I risked getting Cleansed if I even tried to directly interfere," said Calaveras her back still to Purple Wiseman. "Also simply telling Ranma why he needed to go to Nemesis didn't mean he would become Wiseman; I needed him driven enough to look around and find the cave before anyone else did. I couldn't in all good conscience personally do what needed to be done but I knew the simulacra the Time Gates would form if I was dead when the Cleansing happened would do it."

"So you used your pure heart crystal to form the Grail effectively killing yourself and triggering off everything else that followed," said Neo-Queen Serenity aghast.

"Don't give me that look," chastised Calaveras. "Luna's grade A-1 paranoia would have scuttled any chance at you actually listening to me and Ranma was too combative to a personality at that point to simply look for the cave."

"You have to admit she had you both pegged," commented Sa Fulang.

"What gave you the right…" begin Pluto.

"Oh come on," interrupted Calaveras. "Where was that questioning with your first attempt at duplicating me? You are no innocent and other then the Black Moon clan. Besides, none of you have hit on the true crime of the Moon Kingdom…the reason the survivors are terrified we might return home."

"Oh we or that is Jadeite hit on it several weeks ago," said Usagi grimly. "The four of us agreed that no one was really ready to handle it."

"Handle it or accept it?" asked Ami narrowing her eyes.

"I see you figured it out; though I must admit we had the answer staring us right in the face ever since we found out the Black Moon Clan were the offspring of humans and youma," said Usagi her features getting darker.

"My, things have gotten interesting," Jadeite's voice said a hint of humor in it.

"I thought you were busy working on a plan of action regarding the Dark Agency," commented Usagi.

"I think we were too aggressive and frightened whoever was doing the draining into hiding as it stopped completely about three days ago," commented Jadeite. "Besides Jiji and his granddaughter wanted to help in case things went south."

"Jiji and his granddaughter?" asked Calaveras paling. "Does that mean…"

"That I finally remembered who I really am?" responded an angry female voice.

Everybody turned to see Sailor Mars her face darker then a thunderstorm. "I am in a really bad mood right now," Sailor Mars said her voice tight.

"You're angry, again," said the Doom Phantom. "How…delicious."

"Another Wiseman?" asked Mars raising an eyebrow. "What idiot was this one in life?"

"No one and everyone, unfortunately," commented Ranma.

"He's all the 'evil' my Queen Cleansed. Wonderful," Mars closed her eyes sighing. "Does this mean that we are going to have everyone on Earth become a homicidal nutter when we reverse the Cleansing?"

The Doom Phantom laughed. "As fun as that would be, no. If your Queen is dead she can't suffer and boy do we want her to suffer."

"I imagine you might want to join in the party given what she did to you, Rei," said Pluto. "This Wiseman or rather Doom Phantom and I are yin-yang sides of the same coin. Born out of the Cleansing but powered by the Moon Kingdom's last day."

"Yes, the life essence of eight worlds reduced to the final beats of a dying heart," cackled the Doom Phantom. "Pluto does have a point. You do have more in common with the two of us then you do with your Queen."

"If you mean that I'm not a living being well I'll deal with that latter but what she did she did out of well meant but misplaced optimism. I'm not seeing that in either of you two."

"Optimism?" laughed Pluto bitterly. "It was believing in optimism that kept me from truly analyzing my situation and seeing it for the sham it was."

"I am curious as to why you are not angrier with the reincarnated Pluto, Wiseman." commented the Doom Phantom looking at Purple Wiseman.

"With Ranma guiding things I knew the leftovers of the Dark Kingdom would be attracted to Nemesis and introduce him to youma society, especially the concept of Guardian," commented Calaveras.

"There are plenty of things Advisors and Clan heads would like to strangle their Guardian for," growled Purple Wiseman a blood red aura forming around him, "but can't because despite their personal feelings they know the actions have been for the good of the clan as a whole. That, the fact that is my great granddaughter's body, and that I have had to stoop nearly as low in my own Guardianship over the centuries are the only reasons I am not using you for target practice right now." Purple Wiseman clenched his left hand into a fist so tight that it drew blood. "Besides I want to hear all of it."

Calaveras winced. "You mean that for the youma to breed with humans and produce fertile offspring they would have to be human?"

"WHAT?!" screeched Neo-Queen Serenity, Doom Phantom, and Pluto.

"She hasn't got the fun part yet," said Jadeite scowling. "Why the youma have the abilities they do."

"We…are the descendants of discarded prototypes of the Sailor Senshi, aren't we?" asked Zirconite in a soft voice.

"That is the working theory we came up with using Jusenkyo as our model," admitted Ranma.

Herb nodded thoughtfully. "I think I understand. You think that Jusenkyo was created by someone trying to do the same thing."

"Yes and they botched the job so to speak," said Jadeite. "The ki in the area is too structured too ordered for Jusenkyo to be an accident. It also indicates that the entire region is for lack of a better word… aware."

"You mean it is like me," chuckled Pluto. "A mass of ki that has as they say woken up."

"Which means we need to be very careful," said Ranma looking at the two showers. "It let us have this water for a reason."

"Oh great," commented Purple Wiseman in a mock joyful tone. "That means I got another piece of fun when I get home."

"Why doesn't that surprise me?" asked Neo-Queen Serenity who then turned her attention to Calaveras. "But you, what you put me…all of us through…"

"Was necessary," finished Sa Fulang. "As Ran-chan noted before I'm not the same person when I go through a rebirth cycle. I can go over any of my previous lives and reevaluated them as well as the people I knew then." Sa Fulang gave a deep sigh. "If there was one trait Ranma and I shared back then it was we were egotistical idiots not willing to listen to views other then our own. Finding Sun Tzu dampened that to some degree but we were still bull headed enough that we would have gone and gotten ourselves Cleansed if 'Pluto' had not acted the way she did."

"You still don't like it," commented the Doom Phantom in a somewhat joyful tone.

"No, but there are a lot of things in life we don't like," commented Sa Fulang walking up to the Doom Phantom. "What you and Pluto represent, for instance."

"All the 'evil' emotions," chuckled the Doom Phantom.

Sa Fulang softly laughed. "No, the negative aspect of all emotions."

The Doom Phantom took a step back. "How?"

"The racial and cultural slurs you two were throwing at each other. Love of one's people, of being part of the group, of not being the other. Pride in being superior to the other. Oh yes I know exactly what you and Pluto really are and more importantly why you are both so human."

The Doom Phantom looked down at the ground. "So what do you have planned?"

"For you two to meet someone very special," said Purple Wiseman pulling out the Jakokusuishou. A white cloud formed around the crystal and then moved in front of Purple Wiseman where it turned into a woman dressed all in white. The woman raised one of her hands and looked at it. "Well this is different. Not sure if I like it."

"What is this?" asked the Doom Phantom in a squeaky voice.

"This is the ki Ranma has channeled through the Jakokusuishou over 1,000 years," commented the woman still looking at her hand. "Akane, Ku Lon, previous lives of Sa Fulang, and many others. We are all here. Ranma calls us Jakoku." The woman looked up and smiled cruelly at the Doom Phantom. "After the Kuno Wiseman we figured we might have to fight you but finding out you existed in our timeline…have to admit that we both missed that. But I see that the Nitwit's blundering has produced a two for one sale. This should be fun."

"I think that getting out of here might be…," Pluto said taking a step back and waving the Time Staff. She blinked and looked at her staff in shock when nothing happened.

"I took the liberty of temporarily turning off your teleport," smirked Jakoku. "I can't turn off learned powers but all those hand me downs you bunch of boosted buffoons have been using… those are fair game."

"You mean you could have turned us off?" asked Mars.

"Well that was our theory but it turns out…"

"DEATH SCREAM!" yelled Pluto sending Jakoku through the wall.

"That I can only turn off one power per Senshi," growled Jakoku from in the midst of the rubble on the other side of the wall. The rubble shifted as Jakoku stood smiling the cuts and scrapes on her body showing a white glowing liquid rather than red blood. "I'm just like you two; though I was born out of yang energy," commented Jakoku as a huge red mallet formed in her hands. "Want to guess what happens next?"

"Pluto no Baka?" asked Pluto weakly.

"BINGO!" giggled Jakoku as she slammed the mallet into Pluto head knocking her out cold.

"Oh kuso, now I know there are things worse then the Neo-bitch's Cleansing and Ranma using me as a practice dummy," said the Doom Phantom as he started backing away.

"From what I have seen you aren't much practice but you are right about the dummy part," grinned Jakoku as the mallet disappeared and a ball of red ki formed in her right hand. "Before I could only manifest ki blasts in human hosts and always had to be careful that I didn't burn them out. This pure ki body doesn't have those limitations."

"Suppose you do defeat me like you did Pluto, then what?" asked the Doom Phantom.

"Defeat? I only knocked her out. She is pure energy that only thinks she has human weaknesses. You and I, we know better," smirked Jakoku. "But that is all part of the fun."

Doom Phantom turned and bolted for the compound door only to be stopped mere feet away from it. "Why in such a hurry? We have all of time to have fun," commented Jakoku in his ear as she drained a part of his energy, inverted it, and shoved it back into his body.

The Doom Phantom fell to his knees as a new and yet some how familiar sensation hit him. "What? What is this?"

"Based on your reaction I'd say it is our equivalent of pain," commented Jakoku. "Nice to know these bodies can feel that…means other senses are there as well. Just have to figure out how to access them."

"Chaos Embrace!" yelled the Doom Phantom as he grabbed Jakoku who simply cocked her head to one side as sparks danced all around her body.

"Is this supposed to do something?" she asked.

"But…you're my opposite."

"Is that what you think I am?" asked a bemused Jakoku, "just because I was born out of yang ki?" Jakoku laughed. "When I told you that we are all here I meant that literally. I got the yin as well as yang aspects of all the people whose ki Ranma channeled through my crystal." Jakoku's then expression darkened as she grabbed the Doom Phantom's hooded face. "My turn."

The Doom Phantom screamed as Jakoku repeated the drain, invert, and shove back in trick she had previously used until he toppled over out cold.

"Phu, no stamina, either of them," commented Jakoku as she turned to face Neo-Queen Serenity. "And you…well Ranma showed you are a little better but not enough to be worth my while." Jakoku glanced at Mars. "I must admit I am pleasantly surprised that you didn't start blasting those two…or me."

"It was rushing in and blasting that got us killed in the first place. I may not exactly be alive in the normal sense of the word but I am not in a hurry to go to my next incarnation either."

"Smart girl," chuckled Jakoku before her expression fell. "So now you have woken up what are you plans?"

"Plans?" asked Mars frowning. "I don't know. I don't think I can continue living my past self's life. I mean what is the point? I don't belong here and any friends I make here...well they won't know me back home will they?"

Jakoku sighed. "No they wouldn't because they don't belong to your timeline. Rei, perhaps if you talked to someone outside you little group who has a rough idea of what you are going through."

"Like who? Your Wiseman? Even after 1,000 years martial arts drives his life. Plus thanks to some of what I am slowly remembering from the Moon Kingdom I now realize he has picked up some youma ideals. As an animated corpse I wouldn't even qualify as food in that world view!"

Purple Wiseman chuckled. "Yes, I guess that aspect of our culture is kind of obvious." Purple Wiseman then shifted. "But it is only one aspect of our culture. There are other ways of growth then ki...even in the youma culture of old."

"But this is not about just your culture but relating to you, Ranma. I can feel it. You feel that we are not that much different then the undead Wisemen. After experiencing what it is to actually have a life how could any of us return to being walking talking corpses..."

"I can see where this is going," commented Purple Wiseman. "But you are wrong. In fact my actual plan was inspired by something my younger self came up with."

"Something I came up with?" asked Ranma.

"Classic case of can't see the forest for the trees," chuckled Purple Wiseman. "In less then a month he realized something no one on Nemesis realized for 1,000 years: that ki being anergy can be changed to other forms of energy and other forms of energy can be changed into ki."

"Including the energy that makes up the soul," commented Mars frowning.

Neo-Queen Serenity gave a humorless laugh. "Of course. That is what my mother did after creating the Dark Kingdom...she sent my soul and that of the other Sailor Senshi to the future." Neo-Queen Serenity then scowled and looked at Calaveras. "We even know that such a process is controllable."

"Controllable?" commented Calaveras. "Only in the broadest sense."

"Manipulate is more the proper term. And since we can manipulate ki energy with a little work we can manipulate soul energy. We already have the ability to create artificial life," continued Wiseman gesturing to Veneti and Aquatici.

"Once you figure out how to move soul energy, create empty shells for our souls," said Mars frowning.

"But isn't that just trading one living death for another?" asked Neo-Queen Serenity.

Veneti and Aquatici both frowned but before either could speak Blue Saphir burst out laughing. "You are thinking they are androids in the sense of all those old science fiction stories. Nothing could be further then the truth."

"Biological androids," commented Purple Wiseman. "Constructs not of metal and steel but of biological material."

"Sounds like the creations my father made who he refereed to as Perfect daimons," said Hotaru frowning.

Blue Saphir shook his head. "I doubt it. Knowledge alone isn't enough; you need the infrastructure as well. From what I know of this time the required infrastructure simply doesn't exist even for a self mobile mechanical android."

"Wait a minute," said Ranma. "We have seen these daimon things animate objects. What if they animated something that was already human looking...like a manikin?"

Hotaru nodded. "Pharaoh 90 says that is exactly what they are with the exception of Kaolinite. She's human."

"P90-chan have any idea on how to stop your father from finishing his little project?" asked Ranma.

"No but it is coming up with several methods of delaying it."

"Speaking of delays," commented Jadeite, "I'm wondering what is delaying the social effect."

A chuckle caused them to turn and found Nabiki standing there smirking Akane slightly behind her frowning. "This is Nerima. As the general said this place has a reputation for the strange and bizarre."

Ranma frowned. "Do we want to know how you know that? You weren't there."

"I have found this world has very sophisticated listening devices but I thought...," begin Jadeite.

"That only your fellow spooks used them." Nabiki clicked her tongue. "There are times when you can be as naïve as Ranma there."

"You have the dojo bugged," commented Jadeite frowning.

Nabiki laughed. "You have any idea how much one of those things costs? I simply sneaked around to the back of dojo and listened in." Nabiki then frowned. "Got a lot more then I bargained for."

"You couldn't sell it because you knew it would start a panic," commented Jadeite smirking.

"Got that right. The way I figure it the reason we haven't got as such reaction as one would expect is because we don't have any formal lines of communication."

"What?" asked Jadeite who paused as Nabiki held up her hand.

"I know what you are going to say. But you and I are spooks, spies. Sure you are taking on the role of a diplomat and doing a reasonable job of it all things considered but at the end of the day you are still part of Chapter 13 our spy network. The Phoenix Republic is still hammering out who will be administrator, law making body and Guardians of the law. Quite literally there is no one in charge to even talk to much less a representative for each of the major nations to have a dialog through. The only thing we have even remotely in that role is Black Wiseman Ranma over there and thanks to his father's method of upbringing he is about as diplomatic as a hit in the face."

Ranma winced. "I got along with the generals..."

"Generals are not political diplomats; it's simply is not their job. Besides your talk with them was when the Dark Kingdom existed and was still in 'let's take over the world' mode. In terms of how the Phoenix Republic really fits into the world you haven't done anything because at a practical level there is nothing for you to do."

"You don't seem to be at a loss in doing something," commented Akane scowling.

"Because I am dealing with information; something the youma need to get the Phoenix Republic integrated into the world."

"And it is not like we can simply wake up all the youma that have integrated themselves into the various cultures around the world," commented Jadeite. "We have no idea what positions they are in and I am already getting enough of an earful from Interpol about the one youma that woke up on her own. Heck, I know from reports that scans of the last few minutes of one youma life revealed that she was the mate of some army general and they had children. And the only reasons the youma took an interest in her is shortly after her death the life energy levels in Europe took a major hit."

"How long ago?"" asked Nabiki worry in her voice.

"About three youma generations ago. That works out to be about four human generations or roughly 80 years ago."

"That would work to about 1914, the start of WWI," commented Nabiki nervously.

Jadeite frowned narrowing his eyes. "You know something."

"Suspect actually." Nabiki sighed. "This army general. His uniform wasn't a brilliant blue was it?"

"Matter of fact it was."

"The youma didn't seem to have died suddenly in an old touring car, did she?

"How did..."

"We could go a little deeper to confirm it but I think I know who that youma's mate was." Nabiki sighed again. "Archduke Ferdinand Franco. The man whose assassination triggered off WWI."

Jadeite's eyes widened. "Ok, that confirms it; we are not waking anybody up if we can avoid it."

"Agreed," said Nabiki frowning. "That is awkward enough but if there are youma who are the mates of current major leaders out and about..."

"We are drawn to positions of power that involves sacrifice or struggle," commented Roda

"You know that doesn't exactly narrow the field, right?" asked Nabiki. "Even absolute monarchies had what is known as palace politics making survival iffy at times. Even in the democratic republics the youma would find many people in both politics and industry that would fit that criteria."

"Hey," yelled a voice from the back gate. Turning everyone saw a young man with a blue cap and yellow shirt. "I'm Crane Game Joe and I was told you could restore something Sailor Moon took from me."

Ranma signed. "Come in. There are some things you need to know."