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Chapter 16 – One Last Case


One Year Later

It had been a year, a whole year since the whole affair with Bellatrix. Harry had worked a few more cases with team-Gibbs before he decided to go to College and get a medical degree and become a doctor. After a few month of schooling Harry officially moved in with Tim, but his room at his uncle's was always there for him.

"Mr. Evans." Harry looked up from his assigned locker at the Georgetown University Hospital, he and a handful of other medical students had been selected to get a spot at the Hospital a month earlier.

"Yes Doctor Imdal?" Harry asked straightening up and closed the locker.

"An agent Gibbs from the NCIS has called and requested you at the Navy Yard." Doctor Imdal said making Harry wonder why his uncle hadn't just called him.

"Okay, but what about…"

"Do not worry; I was going to let the class study for my test tomorrow." Imdal said and turned, leaving the room again. Harry stood a bit and stared at the closed door still not understanding why his uncle hadn't just called him but his teacher.

/ / Break / /

When Harry arrived at the Navy Yard the first thing he saw was Tony and Tim arguing and his uncle was nowhere in sight.

"Hello Harry." Ziva said making both men stop talking and turn to look at him. Tim gave Tony a glare before he gave Harry a quick kiss.

"Hey. What where you two arguing about?" Harry asked sitting down on Tim's desk.

"Your alibi." Came his uncle's voice behind him, he had obviously been down to see Ducky.

"My alibi? For what?" Harry asked when he turned to look at his uncle. Gibbs nodded to Ziva who, with a few taps on her keyboard, got photos from a crime scene to fill the plasma. The last photo Ziva put on the plasma was obviously of a body.

"You think I did this? But I would never do such a thing." Harry argued. Tim quickly went to his distressed boyfriend and put his arm around him.

"Of course we don't believe it is you, but every piece of evidence that we've found does."

"It's not possible. I was with you last night and I've been working hard with my studies both at the hospital and at home."

"Which is why we know that you have a solid alibi." Gibbs said. Harry didn't like it, as far as he knew he didn't have any enemies.

"But who would want to frame me?" Harry asked looking up at Tim, before he let his eyes wander to the rest of the team.

"We don't know yet, but as a matter of your security you'll have one of us with you at all time at a location only known to us, because if whoever did this finds out that his, or her, plan of framing you didn't work, they might choose to come after you."

/ / Break / /

Harry was restless. It had been hours since he had been taken to his uncle's house and he hadn't been told of any progress the team had come up with. His uncle had been his first 'babysitter' and he had spend most of the three hours of his shift to interrogate Harry, hoping to find anything that would help them with the case. Tony, his current sitter, was upstairs in the kitchen working, while Harry just lay staring at the ceiling in the basement. It would be an hour and a half before his next sitter, Tim if Harry remembered their schedule correctly, and he wanted nothing more than to grill Tony for information and then go find whoever was doing this to him. But Tony was tightlipped and Gibbs had forbidden him to leave the house.

/ / Break / /

"Anything new?" Tony asked when Tim walked through the door, a bag of take-away in his right hand.

"Not something that I'm sure you don't already know. Ziva is checking up on some leads and Gibbs is doing, whatever it is he always does." Tim said and shook his head, obviously not liking how the case was turning out.

"Well I'm out of here. Got anything in there for me?" Tony asked and shrugged on his jacket and caught the wrap Tim threw at him.

"You hungry?" Tim asked when he entered the basement. Harry tilted his head backwards from his position on the workbench to look at Tim.

"Not really." Harry said but a growl from his stomach said otherwise, Tim just laughed and pulled a box of Chinese food out of the bag and handed it to a now upright sitting Harry.

"Thanks." Harry whispered and broke the chopsticks apart. Tim could see that this whole ordeal was taking its toll on Harry and pulled up a chair to sit in front of him. Harry slowly balanced a piece of noodle on the chopsticks, he had never had much luck with those things, and watched Tim settle back in the chair after he had undone the first couple of buttons of his shirt.

"Trying to distract me?" Harry asked letting his eyes take in the naked skin offered to him.

"Maybe." Tim said with a grin and took another bite of his food.

"Well then." Harry said and jumped from the table, took Tim's food from him and settled on his lap.

"Distracted now?"

"I know of something that could distract me even more." Harry said as he started wiggling and move softly against Tim. Tim just smiled at Harry and let his hands roam over his thighs and firm backside. Harry worked his fingers through the last few unopened buttons of Tim shirt and let his hands run over the muscle chest.

"Upstairs?" Tim suggested and kissed Harry softly and teasingly on the neck. Harry nodded against Tim's cheek, tightened his grip and apparated them upstairs to his bedroom making both of them fall to the bed, Harry on top.

"This looks promising." Tim teased as his hands travelled over Harry's back. Harry just smirked down at the agent at his mercy before he softly started kissing and nipping his way up and down Tim's chest while his hips kept bucking against Tim's. Tim gave a low growl and flipped them over making Harry gasp, which quickly turned into a moan from the skin to skin contact.

"Clothes… of… now." Tim whispered in between kisses to Harry's pulse point. Harry gasped at the sensation Tim was creating and managed to get his right hand free and vanished their clothes to the laundry basket in the corner.

"Much better." Tim grinned and grabbed the lubricate he knew was stored in the bedside table, coated his fingers before he let them tease their way over Harry's ass.

"No teasing Tim, please." Harry begged as he tried to buck his hips against Tim to create friction. Tim gave Harry's pulse point a long suck before he softly started to prepare him.

"Enough." Harry managed to moan, he was starting to feel like goo under Tim's hands. Tim gave Harry a long kiss as he replaced his fingers with something bigger. Harry sighed at the familiar feeling and soon started moving against Tim, letting him know he was ready. They started of slow, just enjoying the feeling, exchanging kisses while their hands ran up and down sides, backs and muscled stomachs.

"Faster." Harry whispered as he bit into Tim's earlobe and moved his legs to encircle Tim's waist. Tim groaned and obeyed the almost silent command.

/ / Break / /

Ziva looked around when she entered Gibbs' house the next morning, but found no sign of Harry or Tim. She made her way to the kitchen and found Tim's jacket over one of the chairs, the door to the basement was open, but it too was empty except some cold, nearly uneaten, take-away and a shirt on the floor. Ziva shook her head and petted Jethro's head as he came into the kitchen, his tail wagging softly.

"Hungry?" Ziva asked and Jethro just sat down beside his bowls as respond. When Ziva had filled the bowls with food and fresh water she walked to the stairs, no sound was coming from the second floor and she really didn't want to guess what was going on, or had happened for that matter.

"Harry! McGee!" Ziva yelled and grinned softly when she heard a bump followed by a two groans.

"Coming Ziva." Came Harry's voice, from the slight pain in it Ziva knew he had been the one falling to the floor. Back in the kitchen Ziva put on some coffee for Tim and heated water for herself and Harry.

"Hey Ziva." Harry said as he entered the kitchen and started making some breakfast.

"Hello. Did you sleep well?" Ziva asked, she made sure not to look at Harry knowing she wouldn't be able to keep the smile from her face. Harry didn't turn to look at her as he cracked four eggs into a bowl.

"Very well. You want some?" Harry said, still not looking at her.

"I don't think that is appropriate."

"He meant breakfast Ziva. I think you've spend too much time with Tony." Tim said as he sat down at the table. Ziva blushed and Harry sniggered as he put the dough for the first pancake on the pan.

"Then yes I would like some." Ziva said and went to find some plates in the cupboards.

/ / Break / /

"We've come up with a list of suspects, let me know if anyone stands out." Ziva said and turned the computer so Harry could see. The list was full of persons Harry had helped catch and persons he went to medical school with.

"You think my fellow students want to have me put away?"

"We have to look at every possible suspect. Now does anyone stand out?" Ziva asked, knowing it had to be hard for Harry.

"Michael Bara, he is a nice guy studies at the hospital with me. Felicia Ciffo, a little shy and modest but really bright." Harry mumbled as he went down the list.

"Wait here is one: Jonathan Reise, I went to medical school with him. He tried to get in at the Georgetown University Hospital but didn't make it; he didn't have the required grades. He was really crushed as far as I know."

"His records say that he own a 22. caliber and has been arrested for some domestic violence when it comes to past girlfriends. Do you think he would be crushed enough to try and get you arrested?" Ziva asked pulling up the information they had on Jonathan.

"Maybe. I mean I did get the last place at the hospital, so I don't know if he thinks that he will get the spot if I'm out of the question." Harry said looking at Jonathan's smiling face on the screen of the laptop, in the living room he could hear Ziva talking on her phone, obviously briefing Tony and Gibbs.

"Tony says they meet us at Reise's house." Ziva said and shouldered her bag.

/ / Break / /

"Harry you stay behind me, we don't know what Reise will do when he sees you." Gibbs said and handed Harry a bulletproof vest.

"Is this really necessary?" Harry asked as he put on the vest.

"Reise has already murdered another person to get you out of the way, so we know he has the means and the wits to do it again." Tim said as he helped tighten the vest properly.

"But you don't have to worry. We're professionals remember?" Tony butted in as he walked by.

"How could I forget Very Special Agent DiNozzo." Harry said gaining a grin from Tony as he puffed up his chest.

"Don't encourage him Harry, his head is big enough as it is." Gibbs said and gave Harry a small slap over the head, making Tony grin even more, which just earned him a slap too.

"McGee, DiNozzo go around back. Ziva you go with us." Gibbs said as he pounded on the door.

"Mr. Reise! NCIS open up." Gibbs yelled when no one came to the door. When nothing happened Gibbs signaled for Ziva to open the door.

"We're going in DiNozzo."

"Ready Boss." Came Tony's reply over the earpiece. Harry followed closely behind his uncle as he and Ziva stormed the front door. Harry could hear Tim and Tony enter from the backdoor and clear rooms as they went through the house.

"The house is empty Boss, Reise isn't here." Tony said as he and Tim joined them in the living room. The desk was filled with medical books and papers; the rest of the room was pretty well taken care of.

"Anything that can tell us where he is?" Harry asked standing back so the team could go through Reise's things.

"Beside the books there isn't that much here." Tim said as he shifted through the papers on the desk. The sound of a safety being pulled made them all turn around only to find Reise in the doorway his gun aimed at them.

"I thought you would have been in jail by now." Reise said his eyes on Harry.

"You really didn't think that your plan of framing me would work did you? Why did you do it?" Harry said making sure to stay behind and out of range.

"Why I did it? I did it because it was expected of me. My grandfather was a doctor, my father was a doctor and my sister is a nurse, my whole life I've worked hard to get into medical school and then there is you. This completely unknown person that comes out of the blue and gets my spot at Georgetown."

"Couldn't you just try to apply at one of the other hospitals in Washington?" Tony asked raising an eyebrow, Harry felt the urge to slap him for his big mouth.

"Shut it DiNozzo, you're not exactly making it better." Ziva hissed at her fellow agent but kept her eyes and gun trained at Reise.

"So you don't want to disappoint your family I get that, but getting arrested for murdering a Marine Officer wouldn't that make you disappoint your family too?" Tim asked moving closer to Harry and Gibbs.

"It doesn't concern you and had everything gone as it should they wouldn't have to know. But now that you are here I'll just have to get you out of my way." Reise said and fired at Harry. The moment Reise pulled the trigger all four agents followed suit.

"You okay down there?" Tony asked and helped Harry up from where he had fallen from the force of the bullet hitting the vest.

"Just another bruise to the collection." Tim said and guided Harry out of the house letting the others take care of Reise's body.

/ / Break / /

A month later

Harry looked up when his cell phone biped. He had been studying most of the Saturday since Doctor Imdal had given the interns the day of as he had a few operations to take care of, making it impossible to run the class.

'He is not here. Again' Harry read from the display and instantly knew what Tim was talking about. It was 'Award Day' as Tony had called it and Harry knew that the 'he' Tim mentioned was his uncle. Tim had told Harry about how Gibbs always stayed far away from the Director's office when she handed out the awards and that Tony usually had to receive the award for him.

Harry found his uncle down in the evidence garage searching through three boxes.

"Research for a case?" Harry asked and picked up one of the bags containing a note with almost unreadable writing on it as the ink had fated.

"Just trying to tie up some loose ends." Gibbs said letting his eyes scan down the page in the file.

"Why aren't you with the others?"

"Don't really feel the need to; it is a bit of wasted time if you ask me." Gibbs said and turned the page. Harry knew that his uncle hated to be awarded for his work as he didn't think that deserved it for not being able to protect his family, Gibbs had told him everything even though Harry knew a great deal of from the information on the family tree

"Many people don't get rewarded for the good things they do. When the war was over I wanted nothing more than to go back to being a normal boy thinking I had done as they said I should. I didn't think for one moment that I needed to be rewarded, but I knew that in their own way that it was their way of thanking me."

"It's my job Harry. I get paid and that's that. No need for extra rewards."

"I know what you mean and after meeting you and getting to know you better I think that the need not to be rewarded and thanked for the job we do is something that runs in the family." Gibbs looked at Harry, knowing that the younger male was just as stubborn as he was and probably wouldn't let it down, and raised an eyebrow. Harry gave him a grin and nodded towards the elevator. Gibbs shook his head with a tired smile before he put the three boxes back where they belonged and followed Harry out of the room.

The End


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