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"Aww. It's still too early to go home. If only Tomoyo doesn't have to practice today." I whispered to myself as I was standing waiting for nobody in front of our school gate. It's my everyday routine to stay like this after school if I don't feel like going home. While doing something unnecessary, I saw my Uncle in a hurry and he wears his infamous straight serious face.

"Uncle?! What on earth are you doing here?" I asked him direct to the point.

"Come with me. I have someone important looking for you." I just nod and follow him. That was awkward for my uncle. He isn't like that to me ever since my mom died. He takes me to an old but still in condition building. I can't read the name of the building, it's too foggy. He leads the way, this building sure is weird. Why every door does had a picture of someone. If not of an old person, it is of a child. But if there was no picture it has a quotation to reflect on. Well I really don't mind reading those; my priority is to prove that this building is really weird. All of the furniture looks lively with the color combinations, the plants are so healthy so as the flowers. But weird it is because I can't see anybody or anyone, there were no people or any living creatures around.

Uncle went up the staircase, he almost leave me. So I rushed behind him. He enters one room; I looked up to check if there is a picture. But all I saw was a quote. Man I'm really puzzled by those quotation and pictures. I also enter the room and saw my uncle talking to my dad. My dad was here?! What on earth is going on here? Is this our new home? I say 'hell no' I can't live in this weird looking building! I chilled up and approach them asking what's going on. My dad leads me to the bed. To my great shock…It was my mother.

"MOM?!" It really can't be! You stupid doppelganger! Leave my mother alone! It's impossible that I can see my mom recovering from cancer. Why? My mom just died 3 years ago! And what do we have here?! A woman, a beautiful woman who looks exactly just likes my mom.

"It's me" I'm petrified. I'm totally going insane. What in the world…

My tears fell. I hug her. Ask what is going on. And guess what? I only receive a sweet smile. A smile I did miss seeing for years. I almost shed 1 liter of tears…or should I say much plenty? I can't stop hugging her. I'm so excited, so excited that my mom is ALIVE!

Then it all went blank…


"Just a dream…hmpf! You stupid alarm clock. You'll pay for ruining my great dream!" Then Sakura throw her alarm clock away from her.

"Hey little monster! Wake up or we'll leave you." Touya teased her sister as he slams the door. Sakura hurriedly dressed up and went the kitchen and yelled.

"I'm not a monster you MONSTER!"

"Easy bird brain. Eat your breakfast already. You are the only one we're waiting." Touya responded. Sakura got really pissed. Luckily her father was in front of her.

"Good morning dad!"

"Good morning baby. Hurry up now or else your mother will be mad."

Yes. We are going to visit my mother's grave. It's been 3 years since I saw her suffering. But all I can say is, I already moved on. And I'm ready to accept the fact that everything will be different without her. Because I do know that she is everywhere, watching me. And I'm pretty sure that she is in good condition now.


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