AN:'kay, so it's my first me know how it turned out!

She stood beside the hole made by the unknown-worm something. Slowly, a lone tear fell from her eye.

"I missed you, Spike…" she whispered.

Still, the retreating vampire heard her. He somehow always managed to hear her, even or especially of the others wouldn't.

Except for that night. The night that neither of them would forget soon. The night that brought so many new realizations in both of their lives. The slayer finally realized how mush she pushed this vampire-this man-who somehow continued to love her through all that she threw at him. The vampire realized he couldn't continue with this, because it was destroying the both of them. So he went in search of the only thing he knew would make her really look at him with love: his soul.

"Missed you too, luv'…" he replied, a replica of her tear now rolling down her face.

And somehow, this time, she heard him too.

'Maybe not all is lost then…" they both thought, lookind forward to the day things would get in place again.