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Farewell, My Love

By Eugena

Chapter Two: Something to Live For

He answered the call reluctantly but proudly. He knew these would be his last days in this life.

He had studied Earth culture all too well. After once visiting Earth in 2009 and reading all of the Dune series, one idea stuck with him: Scytale's nullentrophy tube. Science Fiction, yes. But with him it could be possible. Alhtough he doubted any Time Lord would agree. Still, surely Romana? Why not possible life than definite death?

Although time ironically was precious and nearly too scarce, The Doctor finished making a few modifications to the Tardis.

He made a recording, in case he would not have time later:

"Hello Doctor. I know you. You want to kill yourself. But you can't. You have something to live for.

"We're going to be a father soon. With my bad memory, after this life, you won't remember this after regenerating. IF you sulk in grief, a woman in your future—mother of my child will die.

"I don't think the Universe can handle that kind of paradox. When they return, the Time Lords will never forgive us. When you remember her, you will never forgive yourself.

"There is a way for them to live again. And me, and you. Your life won't be too long. Somewhere in the TARDIS, find my Scytale project.

"You must return to her. She will need you more than any of our lives put together."



"You must return to her. She will need you more than any of our lives put together.

"Should it be the next you that hears this, remember your place. You are unworthy of her love. Coward. Traitor. Give him back to her."