I do not own the series Big Bad Beetleborgs or Bettleborgs Metallix which this series is based on. I only own my OC's which use the Beetleborgs armors and any changes I make in their weapons, forms, abilities and powers.

Beetleborgs EX

Author: Toku Warrior

There is a legend. A legend that one day, when the beings known as Magnevorians,

Arise from their eternal prison of slumber and attack the world;

Four warriors will be chosen to defend the innocent and force the Magnevorians back into their prison.

By using the power of the mighty insectoids, these warriors will use the strength of the Beetle to fight.

Stag Beetle, Hercules Beetle, Flower Beetle and Kabutomushi (Rhinoceros Beetle);

How these powers help humanity can only be told in time.

Now the legend…begins.


Episode 2.



It was an early Saturday morning as the sun began to rise on the horizon. Within the Hillhurst Manor all of its inhabitants slept and most of them dreamed peaceful dreams. As the sun rose its bright morning light peered through the window of a certain young man who slept in a king size bed covered in cobalt blue silk sheets. On a pedestal next to the right side of his bed lay a familiar beetle-looking device that slept on a cobalt blue pillow. As the sunlight shone through the window it hit the closed eyes of the young man. He began to stir and, after a moment, started getting up. He sat up and placed a hand over his eyes to keep out some of the sunlight.

"Man…yawn…that's some bright…yawn…light." Marik complained as he got out of bed wearing nothing but a pair of blue silk pants and his usual chain with the amber attached to it.

He walked over to the pedestal, stumbling some of the way there, and tapped Kabu on its back. The living beetlebonder awoke as it eyes flickered with light and the glowed a dim red color. It looked at its master and groaned. Marik just starred at him and smirked.

"Hey, if I have to get up then so do you little man. Now come on, let's go for our morning job and then we can wash up and eat." Marik told his partner who flew up and did a back flip in the air while giving an excited chirp. Kabu didn't really like getting up at such early hours but being able to eat the meals that Memmy could cook was worth it.

Marik began stretching his arms and legs out and did a few morning exercises to get his muscles warmed up. He then went into a walk-in closet and changed into a pair of cobalt blue jogging pants, a white muscle shirt, a cobalt blue running jacket and a pair of old and worn blue sneakers, his shoes of choice for jogging. He went to his mirror and checked his hair and then headed out of his bedroom door with Kabu in tow.

Arriving down stairs he walked into the kitchen to already find Memmy up and about, selecting the ingredients for the breakfast she was going to make. She turned around and saw Marik standing there with Kabu floating near his head.

"Good morning Master Marik. Going out for a morning jog are we?" Memmy asked sweetly while pouring him a glass of orange juice and handing it to him.

"Yep. Gotta stay in shape incase we get anymore Magnevorian attacks." he replied as he drank the juice and Memmy tossed Kabu his morning energy tablet to help him wake up.

"Well at least you're finally settling into things. I can't believe that it's been two weeks already since we all moved here."

"Yeah, I know. Mother wouldn't let me off the phone for at least the first week whenever she called." Marik said with a small chuckle which Memmy shared.

"She just worries about you. You're her baby boy and her youngest son. So it's only natural. Which reminds me, you do remember that your parents are coming over for a visit this weekend right?" Memmy asked which made Marik look at her with a shocked expression. "Oh no, don't tell me that you forgot."

"Uh…ok, I won't tell you."

"Master Marik! How could you forget?!"

"Hey, I've been busy with school work and fighting enemies as Blue Stinger. It's not my fault that I live a somewhat busy life style." Kabu chirped at Marik, telling him to mind his manners and to also hurry up so they could go out. "Look, we can all discuss this during breakfast. Right now I need to go jog." With that Marik ran out the back door and Memmy just huffed as she watched his retreating back.

"Oh, why can't he just admit that he doesn't want to see his parents?" Memmy closed the door and went back to getting breakfast ready.


Later in the day, a few hours after Marik had returned from his jog, Marik was driving through town in the Stinger 1, a cobalt blue mustang with gold trim on the sides and a golden racing strip down the center of the car. His family would be arriving within the hour and he didn't want to be around we they got there. As he drove he went by a store and saw Sakura and Vince walking down the sidewalk. Wanting something to do he pulled over to the curb and brought the Stinger 1 into park. He waited for them to walk by slightly and once they passed him he honked his horn. Sakura and Vince turned around at the noise and saw Marik waving to them from his car window. Vince smiled as Sakura slightly brightened up as they ran over to talk to him.

"Hey Marik, what's going on?" Vince asked.

"Not much. Just out for a joy ride. I really didn't feel like staying home today."

"Oh, I like your car. It's such a pretty blue color." Sakura said as she looked the mustang up and down.

"Well thank you."

"Of course you'd have one like this seeing as you're one of the richest guys in town." Vince quipped as he knew his cousin liked any kind of cool looking car. This type of thing usually led her into bad relationships which either ended badly or scarred her emotionally.

"Hey Vince, that wasn't nice. Now apologize to him." Sakura warned him with a stern glare.

"It's ok Sakura-chan." Marik told her and then looked at Vince. "Look man, if you think I bought this car as is then think again. I bought this as a piece of junk from a junk yard and then spent two years rebuilding it and upgrading it to the form that it is in now. And I did it with money I earned from hard labor, not my parents check book."

Vince looked him in the eye and Marik returned the look. Vince knew that Marik wasn't anything like Van and Trip it was just that he knew that Sakura had a small crush on him and he just didn't want her to get hurt again. As they looked at one another Erika and Erik came down the sidewalk and noticed their friends. Erika was more interested in the sight of Vince in his new outfit which he had bought the day before while Erik was just watching the sight of Sakura playing the peace keeper for once.

"Hey you guys, what's going on?" Erik asked as they walked up to their friend.

"Vince is riding Marik's back because he's rich and he thinks that he's showing off." Sakura said in an angered tone.

"Oh really, well don't worry Vince. I always do a background check on anyone knew in town and he's clean." Erik told his friend, trying to calm him down.

As if to make matters worse, Trip and Van were coming down the sidewalk with a throng of girls throwing themselves at them. As they walked they noticed the Stinger 1 parked on the other side of the street. Trip eyed it with greedy eyes as he loved good looking cars. Van followed his gaze and then noticed Marik and the others hanging around it.

"Oh, I like that mustang. I think I'll buy it." Trip stated.

"Think again bro. It seems it belongs to one of those losers." Van told his brother while pointing over to Sakura and her friends. Van and Trip decided that they'd give them some torture and walked across the street. Sakura looked over to them and sighed in disgust.

"Oh great, here comes Dumb and Dumber." she said in a monotone voice.


A long black limo pulled up the dirt road leading to the Hillhurst Manor and stopped in front of the house. The middle doors of the limo opened up to let out a group of maids and butlers who were joined by a few more from a second limo that was behind the first. The driver of the first limo got out of his driver seat and went around to the back and opened the door facing the manor. As the driver opened the limo door the door of the manor opened to reveal Flabber, Fangula, Memmy and Frankie in their true forms and Lyka in her usual combat outfit. They went down the stairs and awaited the people of importance to step out of the limo.

The driver took the smooth elegant hand of a woman and helped her out. As she stood there proud and tall the male members of the Hillhurst Manor staff just starred in awe at her beauty. The woman had silky auburn hair kept in a rolled up pony tail behind her head. She wore a white dress that went down to her ankles and white high heel shoes. The top of her dress was sleeveless as it attached to a small chocker band that held the dress in place around her collar bone area. She wore long white fingerless glove and draped a white and black purse over her left shoulder. Around her neck was a gold necklace which held a large blue sapphire gem and around her left ring finger was a beautiful wedding ring with a nicely sized diamond.

As the woman moved a little more forward a man stepped out of the limo behind her. He was wearing an old fashioned white long sleeved buttoned up shirt which had the frills down the center like those from the renaissance era. He wore a gold chain around his left wrist which seemed like a slim version of a Rolex. He wore a pair of black dress pants and black dress shoes. He had his black jacket slung over his left arm while placing his right hand on his wife's back. His hair was short and brown with the front of it on the left side having a slight spiky look to it. Lyka, being faster than the others, was the first to issue her greeting.

"My lord and lady Ulysses, you honor us with your presence." Lyka greeted them while bowing down on one knee. Flabber and the others followed her lead as the man and woman looked down at them.

"Thank you Lyka. We bring you news of your grandfather. His surgery was a success and he shall live at least another few hundred years." the woman told the young werewolf who's head snapped up while her eyes beamed with delight.

"Really?!" Lyka asked excitedly.

"Of course. That old man won't die so easily." the man replied. He looked around and saw that something was slightly amiss. "Tell me, where's my son?" The Hillhurst monsters didn't know what to say as a look of slight panic began to show on their faces.

"Um, well, you see my lord…he's…he's gone into town. Might I remind you that…he wasn't really fond…of being forced to move here?" Flabber stuttered out, trying not to anger his old master. Lord Ulysses wasn't angry as he expected this action from Marik. That was why he had sent some of his servants into town just in case he wasn't at home. Lord Ulysses took his phone out of his pants pocket and sent a message to his servants in town to retrieve his son and bring him back. Speaking of Marik, what is he up to right now?



Van and Trip were thoroughly beaten and pounded down into the pavement by both Marik and Vincent and after a moment of trying to get up the two idiots hightailed it back home. If you're wondering what those two morons did to piss off both the short tempered Marik and the calm Vince…well, let's find out from our two mean fighters shall we?

"That'll teach those losers for placing their grubby mitts on my car." Marik hissed angrily. He was very protective of his mustang as it was his pride and joy.

"Not to mention for making a pass at both Sakura and Erika." Vince added while slamming his left fist into his right palm. Erika was overjoyed at how quickly Vince came to her defense while Sakura was a little irked. She would rather fight them herself instead of having to be protected. Marik checked the hood of his car to make sure that Van and Trip hadn't smudged their finger prints on it when he saw some movement from the corner of his eyes.

Marik looked over to see a group of butlers and maids, six of each, moving towards him and his friends. Sakura and the others looked over and saw the odd group of people approaching as well and were wondering what was going on. Sakura looked over to Marik and saw him glaring at them. Sensing that Marik didn't like these people she instinctively went to her friends' side. Vince, Erik and Erika followed suit and each stood by Marik, as if providing him some back up. The smallest of the maids, who seemed no older than twenty, continued to walk towards them as the others stopped a good thirty feet in front of them. The maid stopped in front of Marik and looked him dead in the eyes with a lifeless look in hers.

"Master Marik, I have been sent to collect you. The lord wishes your attendance back at the manor." the maid spoke in a monotone voice.

Glaring at the maid with his cold cobalt blue eyes, "Sorry, but I have to refuse my fathers' call for an audience. If he wants to talk business then he can do it the way he has always done it…and that's over the phone." he replied coldly. The maid continued to look at him, unphased by his tone.

"Please forgive my imprudence young master but the lord's will is absolute. You have no say in the matter. We will collect you…by force if need be." the maid warned him coldly. Sakura didn't like her one bit and stepped up beside Marik in his defense.

"Look you bimbo, he said no! If he doesn't want to see his dad then that's HIS decision." Sakura added in. The maid starred at her as well as did Marik. He never expected any of them to say anything in his defense as they hadn't known each other long.

"Who are you? Are you of noble birth?" the maid asked her.

"Huh, what the hell do you mean? I'm a normal girl and Marik's friend." The maid just sighed and began to look slightly irritated.

"Then this is of no concern of yours, commoner."

"Commoner?!" Sakura exclaimed with a small vein popping up on her forehead.

"Yes, a commoner. You are not of noble birth and not in service of the house of a noble thus you are nothing more than a mere peasant. Be gone from the masters' side and stay out of affairs that do not concern the likes of—" SMACK! The maid held her face as a small red mark of a hand print made itself known. The other servants as well as Sakura and the others looked at Marik as he lowered his hand.

Giving the maid a death glare as well as another to the others servants, Marik fumed. "Don't you ever insult a friend of mine like that again Éclair. If you do you'll find out why even Roberto fears me." Marik ordered, his powerful aura causing the other servants and even Éclair to bow down to him on their hands and knees as he clenched his fist. Erik looked at Marik's clenched fist and notice a bit of blue electricity flow around it. He began to connect the dots while placing him with other beings that could do that.

Éclair and the servants starred weakly at their young master and began to get up slowly as they backed away. Éclair then pulled a whistle out of her pocket and brought it to her lips which she then blew into, causing it to whistle loudly. Marik starred at her furiously for challenging him. Sakura and Vince looked around as if expecting to see an army come out but what they heard sent shivers down their spine. A huge roar bellowed from all around them and they looked around frantically, trying to pinpoint where the noise was coming from. Marik, on the other hand, didn't even bother looking nor did Erik as they waited for the perfect moment to move. That moment came quickly as the ground beneath their feet cracked open and gave way.

"Scatter!" Marik shouted as Erik jumped to the left while Vince grabbed Erika and jumped backwards. Marik grabbed Sakura and jumped to his right while holding her close to him. She blushed at the quick embrace and once again felt her deeply buried girlish tendencies starting to emerge. The group of friends landed a safe distance from their previous locations and looked to see a monster looking at them all hungrily. It stood ten feet tall with a very muscular build. Its head looked like that of a cross between a bull and a raptor. It had a pair of huge horns on its head and rounded shoulder armor with spikes on them. It carried a spiked ball attached to a chain which was wrapped around the creatures' right forearm. Its body was a mixture of colors from grey to black to green to red. It had a pair of glowing red eyes and a mouth full of razor sharp teeth.

Éclair and the servants stood behind it as they looked at their young master and his friends. They knew he wouldn't expose his true self to them if he hadn't already done so. Feeling confident, Éclair walked up to its side and looked Marik in the eyes.

"I told you I'd use force if necessary." Éclair said with her version of a smirk.

Marik just looked at her while Sakura gawked at the beast. She had never seen a monster that big before. It then hit her that Marik had been keeping some pretty big secrets from them and now she wanted to know more about him. Of course, she would first want to kick his ass for not warning them about his family's pet monster before hand.

"Damn it Marik, you didn't say that your family had control of monsters!" Sakura yelled which Vince and Erika added onto with death glares.

"Long story which I will gladly share with you all later." Marik looked back at the creature and sighed. 'Man, what else could happen?' he thought. You know, one would think that when you're in a bad situation that you would never think of what else could go wrong. Guess no one ever gave Marik the memo.


In the lower shopping district of the city was the mall. People would flock there to window shop, play virtual video games and test out the new hover cars that would be selling in all auto dealerships within the next couple of years. Families were enjoying their weekends off from work and just sat in the food court while watching their kids play in the play room. No one ever expected what would happen next.


Everyone in the building fell to the ground or ran for cover as the entrance to the mall exploded inwards. A little girl within the play room came out to look for her mom and dad and when she turned around to the noise of scuffled foot steps she began to scream at the top of her lungs. What she saw was a group of Scabs that numbered near a hundred that were being led by a single Magnick that looked like a humanoid spider. The Spider Magnick was mostly red and black in color with a pair of spider legs attached to its left arm and long claws on its right hand. Its mouth was brimmed with rows of razor sharp teeth and its head had eight glowing yellow eyes. Fitted on its skull like a crown were sharp horns that looked like little spider legs. In its left hand it held a type of staff with a shape of a club suit at both ends. The Spider Magnick howled as it pointed its staff towards the people, ordering the Scabs to attack and devour the innocent.


Erik, Sakura and Vince stood ready, preparing to fight the creature when Vince's cell phone went off. Taking it out of his pants pocket he flipped it open and placed it near his ear.

"Reynolds here, what's wrong?"

"Sir, the mall in the lower shopping district is being attacked by a huge group of Scabs and a single Magnick!" a voice said over the phone. Vince looked at Sakura and Erik and they all shared a look of dread.

"Damn, first big and ugly here and now a Magnevorian attack! What else—"

"Don't even finish that sentence Cuz!" Vince shouted at Sakura. He looked around and wondered how to deal with this. Marik saw the look of urgency on Vince's face and came to a decision.

"Look, take these!" Marik tossed Vince his keys. Vince looked at him quizzically, not getting the idea. "Look, take my car and go help them. I can handle things here."

"What, are you crazy?! We can't leave you here all alone to fight that thing!" Sakura tried to plead with him.

"Don't worry, he won't be alone. I'll stay here with him while you guys go. I'll catch up as soon as possible." Erik told them. Sakura didn't want to leave her friends alone but she knew deep down that Marik would be fine with Erik fighting by his side. With one last look she nodded gently and got into the passenger seat of the Mustang while Erika got in the back and Vince got in the drivers seat.

"Vince, look in the glove box for a set of special directions. You might find some useful things built into the car." Marik hinted to him which he nodded in response to. With that Vince started the car and shifted into first gear and sped off towards the mall, both him and Sakura summoning their beetlebonders and transforming on the way there. Marik then looked over to Erik and smiled. "So, how long did it take you to figure it out?"

"I was finally able to put two-and-two together a few moments ago when I saw your hand crackle with blue energy." Erik replied which Marik accepted. Erik then looked at the monster and then back at Marik. "Why don't we show ugly here why it's not a good idea to mess with a pair of high powered Beetleborgs?" Marik just smiled as he had an even better idea than calling on Kabu.

"Sounds fun. Shall we dance?" Marik joked which Erik chuckled at lightly. Erik snapped his fingers, summoning his beetlebonder in a flash of white electricity.

"Beetlebonder." Erik's beetlebonder responded in a mechanical voice. Erik raised it above his head while looking Éclair in the eyes.

"It can't be. You're a—" Éclair tried to state but was cut off by Erik.

"Beetle Blast!" Erik shouted as his body was covered in a swirl of white energy.

Within the swirl of white energy his armor began to form. His body was covered in a black body suit as golden energy bands formed over his chest and shoulders. Two red orgs also began glowing, one on his collar bone center and the other on his forehead. Smooth, streamlined white armor formed over his black body suit and solidified. In a flash of white light the energy vanished, leaving Éclair and the monster to see the white armored form of the fourth Beetleborg. His whole body was covered in smooth white armor with the leg armor looking slightly segmented in the front and back. His wrists were covered in gold wrist guards and both his lower chest and abdomen had a big blue armored section running down the middle. His hands were also covered in white armor plating while his knee caps and elbows were covered in blue armor plating.

His shoulder plates stuck out past his shoulder with squared edges. Both his shoulder armor and chest plate had gold energy tracks on them that emitted a faint gold glow. His helmet was also different from the other Beetleborgs. His helmet was almost completely white save for the area covering his mouth and nose. That area of his helmet was blue in color which helped frame his two glowing red eyes. Both his chest plate and helmet housed a glowing red orbs which supplied his armor with power. The top of his helmet had two small protrusions on the side with one big forward facing horn jutting outwards like a rhino. What Éclair, Marik, the other servants and the monster were now starring at was the White Blaster Borg.

"You're…Blaster?" Éclair asked, almost speechless.

"Yep, and your monster pet here is about to become extinct." Erik declared while getting into a battle stance. Marik looked him over and whistled in admiration.

"Very nice. I like the look."

"Thanks. Now suit up cuz I don't know if I can handle this alone."

"Hey, watch the ordering tone man. I don't work for you, remember?" Marik warned Blaster.

"Oops, sorry, force of habit with Vince and Sakura."

"No prob man. Speaking of those two…promise you won't tell them yet?"

"My lips are sealed. All I ask for in return is a little help here and there." Erik replied, proposing a deal.

"Done. Now I have another favor to ask." Marik's eyes became narrow as he was about to reveal his darkest secret about his family.

"What's that?"

"Don't tell them about this form either." With that Marik faced Éclair and her creature and threw his arms down in a powering up gesture while flexing his fingers like they were claws. He roared as his face was covered in a weird pattern. Erik was taken slightly aback by this as Marik's body shifted from a human one to that of a body that resembled a Magnevorian of the War Lord class. Marik's body was covered in blue and gold flames as his skin burned away and his body was engulfed in energy. The energy flames then burst outwards, revealing his alternate form to Erik. This was a form that Éclair knew of but was also a form that Marik rarely used as he didn't really care for this side of his family.

What Erik saw was no longer human in appearance but now a Maglord, the War Lord class of Magnevorians which are rare and very powerful. Marik's appearance now was more monster-like. His main inner body looked like a red body suit with black outer armor that seemed to be bolted on in some places. He had chains connecting his shoulder plates to his chest plate. His shoulder plates and back plate had long spikes jutting out from them and his lower leg armor had spikes jutting upwards in a curved fashion along with the tip of his boots. He had a golden belt fastened around his waist with an oval buckle. The center of his chest plate had a silver colored plate that shone in the sunlight while the forward facing sides around the pectoral area had small spikes jutting out..

His left thigh and right forearm were covered in silver chains and small spikes as well. His hands were covered in armor with his fingertips covered in armored claws. His head was black and beetle looking. His mouth was red in color and covered in armor plating. The black armor that made up the rest of his head formed fangs on the top and bottom areas around his mouth which helped frame his glowing yellow eyes. The back of his head looked slightly samurai helmet looking with the plate-over-plate design. On the sides of his head were small curved spikes, one on each side. The top part of the back of his head had a small horn the curved forward while the black armor near his mouth, on his forehead and between his eyes curved upward into one big horn nearly two feet long. He looked like a humanoid armored beetle of the Kabutomushi variety.

(Ok, quick A/N – The Spider Magnick and Marik's second form are based on two Undead from the Kamen Rider Blade series. The Spider Magnick is based off of the Category King of the club suit which Mutsuki seals though I've altered the appearance somewhat. Marik's second form is heavily based on the form of the Category Ace that Kenzaki uses to transform into Blade. Just thought I'd let you know so you can get a better idea of how they look.)

Erik looked on in both awe and fear. He had heard of such Magnevorian abilities such as taking a human guise but had never seen one done before. He didn't know whether to trust Marik or fight him. He then got his answer when Marik charged at the monster in front of them. Marik ran at a speed which made Green Hunter look slow. He jumped and lunged at the monster, dragging it to the ground before rolling back up to his feet and running at it again. Not wanting to waste whatever time he had left in his armor, Erik joined the fight and delivered a powerful combination of punches and elbows into the monsters gut and then backing away to let Marik drive his kicks and knee thrusts into its sides.

The monster growled in anger and pushed the two of them away as it staggered backwards a few paces. "You've got some explaining to do Maglord." Erik quipped at Marik while performing a side kick into the monsters left side.

""Half actually. Mother's side of the family!" Marik exclaimed as he jumped up and came down with a powerful elbow smash into the monsters skull. The creature howled in pain and backhanded Marik through a shop window while sending sparks flying off of his body. Erik looked slightly speechless under his helmet. Magnevorian half-breeds were even rarer than Maglords.

"Ok, we need to have a heart to heart when this is over!" Erik was kicked into a light pole by the monster as it started fighting back with more power. The light pole toppled over and fell on top of Blaster and pinned him to the ground. The monster headed over to him with its mouth drooling and reached its clawed hand for his head. But before it could grab a hold of Blaster, Marik rammed the creature with his spiked shoulder in a football type of tackle. Marik kept on going, carrying the monster with him before slamming it into a parked RV. Marik jumped back as the monster made a swipe at him, just barely dodging the attack. Marik landed near the fallen light pole and kneeled down. Grabbing the light pole, he pulled it off of Blaster and swung it at the monster like a big baseball bat. Whacking the monster on its right side, he sent it soaring into a brick wall about a hundred feet away.

As the fight continued a pair of white and black limos pulled into town and came upon the carnage that was currently ensuing. Lord Ulysses saw Éclair standing in the road looking in a certain direction and ordered the driver to stop the car. Both limos stopped and both Lord and Lady Ulysses and the Hillhurst monsters stepped out and headed over to Éclair.

"Éclair, what's taking you so long?!" Lord Ulysses demanded of his top maid.

Éclair bowed on one knee and looked at the ground. "I'm sorry my lord but we've encountered a problem." Éclair looked up at her master and saw eyes filled with rage.

"What kind of problem would that be Éclair?"

"The White Blaster Beetleborg sire. It seems master Marik has formed an alliance with him." Éclair informed them. As if on cue the monster that Marik and Blaster were fighting came crashing into a parked car in front of them. "I ordered Alma here to subdue them but their combined power is too overwhelming for him."

Everyone looked on to see both Marik in his Maglord form and Blaster exit an almost demolished building in a straight charge for the monster, now known as Alma. Seeing Marik in his Maglord form shocked the others as they all knew he hated that side of him. But this form proved to be more powerful than his Blue Stinger Borg armor though it lacked weapons which Stinger more than made up for. Blaster delivered seven punches to Alma's gut and then moved out of the way to let Marik perform a big boot kick to Alma's chest, sending it crashing into the ground.

"Marik, let's finish this and then go help the others!" Erik exclaimed.

"Yeah, you're right." Blaster held out his right hand in front of him and summoned a broadsword to his hand which glowed with white energy. It had a golden hilt and navy blue hand guard. The blade had a golden energy track going up it center. He took a card from data card case and slid it across a card reader track on the side of the hand guard.

"Slash!" the sword shouted out. He then took out another card and slid that one as well. "Thunder!" After a moment the sword then spoke its final attack. "Lightning Strike!"

Blaster got into a striking stance before running at Alma at full speed while brandishing his sword above his head. Marik jumped up and extended two hidden spikes under his forearm armor, turning them into blades. Blue and violet electricity flowed over the blades as he brought them down upon the monster. Blaster jumped up into the air in front of Alma and swung his sword down in a diagonal slash while Marik's blades came down in a vertical slash. The power of blue, violet and white energy colliding exploded outwards and obliterated the monster. As the flames subsided and the smoke cleared both Marik and Blaster walked back over to where Éclair was and noticed all of the new comers.

After they stopped in front of the others Blasters two red orbs began to blink, indicating that his time limit was close, so he stepped back a bit and relaxed his body.

"Back Blast!" Blaster shouted which caused his armor to disappear in a flash of white light. Where Blaster once stood now stood a slightly exhausted Erik. Erik started to walk forward and then collapsed due to his lack of energy. Marik acted quickly and caught his tired friend and supported his weight. Marik then looked his parents in the eyes and just stayed quiet.

"Well, it seems that you're getting more used to using your other form son." Lord Ulysses commented him.

"I'm glad to see you embracing your other half dear." Lady Ulysses said in an overjoyed tone. Marik just looked at them and then over to his guardians. He knew that Erik would only need a few minutes before he could transform into Blaster again but he also knew that Erik was exhausted from the battle. So he did the only thing he could do.

"Memmy, I need you to perform an energy transfer on Erik here." Marik ordered her.

"Ok, so whose energy am I supplying him with?" she asked.

"…mine." Memmy went a little wide eyed but knew better than to question Marik's decisions. She let two of her bandages slide down her arms and wrapped themselves around both Marik and Erik. She then transferred some of Marik's power into Erik. Not a lot but just enough to get him back on his feet. Erik's eyes snapped open and he was up and about, as if he had overdosed on caffeine. "Feeling better Erik?"

"Oh man, I've never felt so alive before. I never knew that Magnevorians had this much energy flowing through their bodies." Erik exclaimed as he couldn't sit still.

"Hmm, maybe I gave him a bit too much." Memmy pondered. While she pondered and Erik wouldn't sit still Marik raised his head into the air.

"Kabu, come!" Marik shouted out and in an instant the living beetlebonder showed up out of nowhere. It flew next to its master as Marik was then covered in blue and gold flames once more, reverting back to his human form. "Kabu, summon Stinger 2 here now." Kabu did as told and let out a small chirp. A warp gate appeared instantly in front of them and out of it sped out the Stinger 2 in its Blend form. It stopped in front of Marik as Erik finally calmed down and headed over to his side. Erik's beetlebonder then beeped, letting its user know that it was ready for another battle. "Listen Erik, since I had some of my own energy infused into you, your transformation should last somewhat longer than normal…probably an extra 15-30 minute's tops."

"Sounds good to me. Shall we go?" Marik nodded and then both grabbed and raised their beetlebonders above their heads.

"Beetle Blast!" the two said in unison. They were both covered in blue and white light and, once the light faded, stood there covered in their armors. Stinger and Blaster mounted the Stinger 2 which Marik then shifted into battle mode. Stinger revved the engine and, in a burst of speed, headed straight for the mall.


Striker and Hunter arrived at the mall within moments after leaving Marik and Erik behind. Erika stayed in the car to monitor the battle with a special computer she kept in her purse so that they could give the data to HQ later. Striker came upon the broken doors leading into the food court and entered with Hunter close behind and went towards the direction in which they heard the people screaming in terror. Once inside they saw so many Scabs that they lost count.

"Man, how many of them are there?!" Striker asked out loud.

"Don't know and don't care. All I do know is that we need to take them out now!" Hunter ordered and started charging at the Scabs with his laser blaster drawn from its holster. Striker followed suit and withdrew her blaster as well and the duo started firing at the Scabs, taking out as many as they could.

The people turned to see their rescuers and cheered on the red and green Beetleborgs as they fought off the Magnevorian army. The Spider Magnick stayed behind its underlings and let them fight the Beetleborgs as it went after the people. Striker saw the Spider Magnick going for the bystanders and rushed over to attack but could only get about five feet when she was tackled by a group of Scabs. Pinning her to the ground they began slashing at her armor with their claws, sending sparks flying off with every blow. Striker howled in pain as one Scab took its sword and drove it through her right shoulder, straight through her armor and literally nailing her to the floor. Blood flowed down the blade of the Scabs sword as Striker tried desperately to knock them away. Alas it was to no avail as more and more Scabs piled on top of her and they all began clawing at her armor and taking off small chunks of it a little bit at a time.

Hunter was having his own problems as well as he was facing fifty Scabs on his own. He blasted one straight between the eyes, causing it to fall dead on the ground. 'One down…forty-nine to go!' he thought as be punched one Scab on his right hard in the gut and side kicked another to his left, sending it into a snack bar. He then looked over at Striker and noticed her losing and saw parts of her armor strewn across the ground.

"Cuz! Hang on, I'm coming!" Hunter called out as he summoned his Hunter Claw and began slashing it at any Scab that came near him. He then summoned his Pulsaber and attached it to his blaster and started firing at more Scabs. Making his way to his cousin he managed to take down another nine Scabs, making it to where they now had ninety Scabs left to defeat. He used his Hunter Claw and grabbed one by the waist and then used the cable extender to swing the low-level Magnevorian around like a lasso, knocking it into a group of more Scabs.

Hunter got closer and closer and just as he was about to reach down and pull the Scabs off of Striker he too was tackled to the floor by a group of Scabs and they began striking at his armor and stabbing him with their swords. Both Beetleborgs screamed in pain as they felt the blades go in and out of their bodies continuously. Striker felt her mind slipping and noticed her vision getting blurry. Hunter began to cough up blood as a Scab rammed it sword through his gut.

Erika watched on in horror as her best friend and love interest were dying and put the computer back in her purse. Erika got out of the car and started to head to the mall when she heard the sound of a bike engine revving up in the distance. She turned around to see both Blaster and Stinger coming down the road at full speed. 'Thank god, Erik was able to make it. And it seems he ran into Stinger along the way.' she thought as Stinger pulled up next to her.

"Erika, what's the current situation?!" Erik ordered her to report.

"Vince and Sakura are getting beaten and their not gonna last much longer. They've suffered both serious and fatal injuries and can't get past the Scabs to fight the Magnick." She reported. Erik nodded in response and slapped Stinger on his shoulder armor.

"You heard the lady!"

"Right!" Stinger replied as he revved the engine and gunned it for the mall doors.

Back in the mall, Striker and Hunter were being picked up from the ground by the Scabs and slammed into table after table while the Spider Magnick watched with glee and the people starred on in horror. Their helmets were busted and on the ground and the people could see the faces of two high schooler's battered and bloody. Hunter was thrown into a vending machine while Striker was picked up and slammed through a glass table. The biggest of the Scabs stood over her and brandished its sword. Preparing to strike her down, the Scab lifted its sword in the air. Striker's life flashed before her eyes and tears began to flow. 'H-how…how can this be? We can't lose.' she thought as the Scab brought its sword down. Hunter looked over just in time and starred on in fear.

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!" Hunter screamed as loud as he could while trying to reach out for her.


The Scabs surrounding Striker fell down to the ground, dead in their tracks as their bodies froze over in ice. Both Striker and Hunter looked to the door only to see the Stinger 2 burst right through another group of Scabs, knocking them down. Hunter looked around yet saw no rider and then heard the sounds of punches and grunts behind him. He turned around to see Blaster knocking away the Scabs surrounding him.

"Boss! Y-you made it…" Hunter managed out as he finally collapsed on the ground, unconscious. Blaster looked down at his fallen comrade and became infuriated. With a roar of rage, he ripped into the Scabs with unbelievable strength. He wailed into a group of Scabs with kicks and punches and then summoned his sword and did a spin twist, decapitating the rest around him. Total Scabs defeated so far, 29 down and 71 to go.

Striker looked over to see Blaster and then felt a pair of hands helping her up. She turned her head only to see Stinger holding her body close to his, supporting her weight. She looked at him thankfully as he carried her over a table and laid her down next to it.

"Just rest here for a bit. Blaster and I will take care of things here." Stinger said as he got back up to go fight. Striker reached out her hand and grabbed his arm, stopping him for a moment. "What, what's wrong?"

H-here…take this." She reached down to her card case and pulled out a different looking data card. It was purple in color with red colored numbers. She placed it in his hand which he lifted up to look at the card. "That's a very special data card. It my Final Attack card. Please…use it." With that Striker fainted from blood loss. Stinger took the card and closed his fist around it, his body shaking with anger. He stood up and slipped the card into his card holder.

"Don't worry Sakura-chan…I'll show them your real power." Stinger summoned his Stinger Blade and charged at the Scabs, slashing at them wildly and taking down a dozen or more in a single run. Blaster ran over to him and they faced each other back to back, starring down the scabs.

"So, any thoughts?" Blaster asked.

"A few." Stinger looked over at Hunter and then turned his attention back to the Scabs. "Think you can get a hold of Vince's Final Attack card?"

"Already got it. Took it after he zonked out."

"Good, save those for the big guy. Let's use ours and finish the Scabs in one blow." Stinger placed his hand on his card holder and opened a special compartment, pulling out three new cards. They were gold in color with blue colored numbers. "I got three of my own, how about you?"

Blaster reached his hand down to his card holder and drew two new cards from his card holder's hidden compartment. "I got two. Think we should swap them or something?"

"I'm open for anything. We can do that or try using all five of them at once." Stinger replied while slashing at a Scab coming at him while Blaster roundhouse kicked another three Scabs in their sides, sending them flying.

"Sounds good. Alright, let's finish this now!" Blaster commanded which Stinger immediately followed. Blaster swiped both of his cards through his swords card reader.

"Burst!" Blaster's sword said for the first card. "Judgment!" It said for the second card. His sword glowed with a bright white light as the golden energy tracks on his sword and armor glowed even brighter. "Final Judgment!"

"Nova!" Stinger's Stinger Blade said for the first card. "Alpha!" It said for the second card. "Omega!" It said for the third and final card. The Stinger Blade and beetle arm guard turned into blue and gold energy and reformed into a big sword with the symbol of a spade in the center of the hand guard. Energy swirled around the blade as Stinger raised it up, ready to strike. "Advent Horizon!"

The Scabs, not fearing the newly charged weapons, charged at Blaster and Stinger. The blue and white Beetleborgs just looked at one another and nodded. With that Blaster did a set of sword slices which Stinger mimicked. They did a combo of horizontal, vertical, diagonal and spinning slashes. The people and the Spider Magnick closed their eyes, shielding themselves from the blinding light. The immense energy from the two final attacks engulfed the horde of Scabs, turning them into dust as the two symbols of Omega and Zeus appeared in the air above them. The Spider Magnick looked on to see that its warriors were gone. Growing angry it charged the now slightly weakened Stinger and Blaster. It kicked Stinger in the gut, sending him into the air and then crashing down onto the table next to Striker. It then grabbed Blaster by his right arm and swung him into a pillar, dislocating the white Beetleborgs shoulder. Blaster cried out in pain as the Spider Magnick pressed its attack.

Stinger got back up and looked to see Blaster taking a beating. He then looked at Sakura and Vince and decided to use one of his armors two trump cards. He reached down to his card holder's hidden compartment and pulled out another gold card with blue numbers and slid it into the black card holder attached to the Spade Blade.

"Resurrection!" the Spade Blade shouted as it glowed with blue and gold energy. He aimed the blade at Sakura and fired a blast of energy at her body and then did the same to Vince. Within moments their armors were reformed and their injuries healed. The only drawback was now, by using the Resurrection card, Stinger had used the last of his armors' power. His Stinger armor back blasted and where Stinger once stood was now Marik in his human form. Kabu floated over into his jacket to rest and recharge. Blaster looked over and saw the sight. Hunter and Striker began to shake their heads as they started to wake up. Their bodies were still filled with pain but they were no longer in any danger of meeting death at his door.

"Stinger! Hurry and shift into your alter form before they see who you are!" Blaster shouted which Marik agreed to. He thrust his arms into a powering up position and curled his fingers into a clawed formation. His body was covered in blue and gold flames as his skin was burned away. The flames exploded, revealing Marik in his Maglord form. He looked at Blaster and then noticed all of the people and the Spider Magnick looking at him in surprise.

"Atrokagna gasnekou Magnevor?!" the Spider Magnick asked angrily in its ancient language.

"What, were you expecting Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny?" Marik quipped as he charged the Magnick and performed a big boot kick to its chest, sending it through a store window.


Erika was sitting on the trunk of the Stinger 1 when she heard a loud noise come from within the mall. She looked over and, after a moment, saw Hunter and Blaster running out through the front doors with the innocent people behind them. They had taken the sudden distraction that the Spider Magnick had experienced due to being attacked by a Maglord and got the people out of there. Following behind them was Striker who watched their backs. The three Beetleborgs made their way to the mustang as Erika ran to greet them.

"Is everyone ok?" Erika asked while inspecting Hunters' armor. He just took her hand in his and nodded, letting her know he was fine and so were the people. Erika then realized something as she looked over all of the people. "Hey, wait a second. Where's Stinger? Wasn't he with you boss?" Striker, upon hearing the question Erika had asked their leader, looked back at the doors of the mall while all she heard was mixture of grunts, yells and the sounds of body impacting on body.


Marik jumped to his right as the Spider Magnick shot out a line of acidic webbing which then latched onto a lone chair, causing the said object to melt into a puddle of goo. Looking a bit shocked, Marik knew he would have to keep his guard up

'Great! Kabu still needs time to recharge which means I can't use my data cards. And without my data cards the Spade Blade is nothing more than a big sword.' Marik sigh lightly in irritation as he clenched his clawed fist around the hilt of the Spade Blade.

"Magtroza no fadneck otuine calze deldman cashu!" The Spider Magnick shouted as it summoned a new battle staff while discarding its old one. The new battle staff looked like it was made out of human bones.

"I'm not a traitor! I was just born like this!" Marik shouted back at the Magnick.

"Ralta susu ka no raitsa!" the Spider Magnick shouted at the top of lungs while preparing to strike Marik down, sending as much of its own power as it could into its new weapon. "Muerto Tobikakaru!" It yelled as it suddenly ran at Marik. Time itself seemed to slow down as Marik watched the monster come at him in a last ditch effort to kill him.

Marik clenched his other fist only to hear a small cracking sound as if he was trying to crush some small piece of metal. He looked down at his hand and opened it to see that he was still holding onto Sakura's final attack card. He then remembered that she had given it to him to use while he was in his Stinger Form. As he was about to think of what to do he was then rocked back to reality as the Spider Magnick rammed him with its bone staff, sending him through a wall and into the parking lot.

Erika and the others saw the Maglord come through the mall wall and land on the ground with a huge thud, sparks flying off from his body. The Spider Magnick then jumped out through the hole in the wall and landed a good fifty feet away from the Maglord. Marik tried to get up and Blaster looked horrified as he saw its body covered in the green blood of the Magnevorian.

The Spider Magnick pressed the advantage and slashed away at Marik's body, causing more sparks to fly and his green blood to spill onto the ground, forming a small puddle. As the Spider Magnick closed in a group of black government vans pulled up alongside the mustang. Blaster and the others were then greeted by a group of government special agents as Marik once again was treated to a beating. Everyone looked on as the Maglord was slowly bleeding to death.

'No, come on Marik. You can beat him.' Blaster thought.

Blaster, Striker and Hunter then back blasted to their human forms to relax their bodies for a moment. During the moment of rest Sakura had one question on her mind and she knew Erik was the one person to ask.

"Erik, is that Maglord…is he…actually…Stinger?" Vince and Erika looked on at him as did the government agents and Erik just lowered his head. Just his silence gave her the answer she needed. "I see. So then that would mean that he's a possible enemy, right?"

"No! He's a friend. Look, can't you see?" Erik rested his gaze upon the fight which Marik was currently losing. "He's putting his life on the line to help us. Even though he's seriously injured he's continuing to fight."

"But he's a monster! He's one of them!" a woman from the group of innocent people shouted.

"And yet if he's such a monster, why did he even want to save you?" Erik retorted back to the lady. The lady quickly shut her mouth as Marik let out a very loud yell of pain as the Spider Magnick ran him through with its bone staff. The Maglord began to cough up blood profusely as the Spider Magnick then pulled its staff back out, letting Marik fall to his knees. Erik's eyes went wide at the sight while everyone else around him just watched on in fear.

The Spider Magnick just let out a sick and sadistic laugh as it watched its quarry cough and choke on its own blood. "Retta cazu no kessa nekota! Bakarato…otuine sanju!" (I'll give ya a hint with this one. Bakarato otuine sanju is Magnevorian for "Die you worthless traitor") The Magnick sent nearly all of its remaining energy into its bone staff and prepared to bring down upon Marik in a killing blow to finish him off.

Marik clutched onto the hilt of the Spade Blade, letting his life flash before his eyes. Just as the bone staff came near his head an image of Sakura holding the single data card she had given him earlier came into his mind. 'That's it!' Marik quickly slid the purple card into the card reader attached to the Spade Blade and then produced one of his own spike blades to knock the oncoming attack away from him.

"Burst!" the Spade Blade spoke. Marik quickly got up and threw a punch with his left hand into the Spider Magnicks' gut, knocking it backwards. "Hoeru Hi Kiritsukeru!" (Roaring Flame Slash). Marik let loose a powerful slash from the Spade Blade which was instantly covered in a red fiery energy. Slashing in an upwards diagonal slash he then spun around while performing a straight horizontal slash. He held the Spade Blade extended to his right while crouching on the ground. The Spider Magnick began to explode in flashes of sparks as it fell to the ground, fully exploding into a sight of blue and red flames.

After a moment, Marik then got back up on his feet, using the Spade Blade as a balancing stick. He then proceeded to remove Sakura's final attack card from the card reader as said person made her way towards him with Erik, Vince and Erika by her side. Holding out her card for her to take, Marik then dropped the Spade Blade, allowing it to disappear while he then began to pass out due to blood loss. Sakura and the others rant o catch only for…


Marik slowly opened his eyes to see that he was back in his room. He slowly removed the cobalt blue silk sheets from atop his person to see himself covered in bandages. He thought about it for a moment and the last thing he could remember was defeating the Spider Magnick before removing the final attack card which belonged to Sakura. That was all he could remember. A small bit of fear settled into his mind as he thought that maybe he reverted to human form in front of them. He then quickly turned his attention to his bedroom door as the sound of someone opening it. Who he saw enter was none other than Erik with Éclair following lose behind him with Kabu flying above them both.

"Erik?! What's going on? What happened after the fight?" Marik asked, slightly confused and still in pain.

"Don't worry, no one knows who you really are. You just passed out from blood lose." Erik informed him. He then took his right hand out of his pocket and held up a small data card, Sakura's final attack card. "Sakura said that Stinger did a good job at using her data card. After that slash attack the boys back at HQ went on to perform dozens of test to see how you were able to access the cards power and increase it to such a drastic level of power."

"What's that supposed to mean?" Marik was starting to get confused. "Also, how in the world did I end up here?"

"I'll explain. First, the data cards' power is determined by the hidden potential of the user. The power that is released is determined by the amount of control you have over that power. The more control, the more powerful the attack. You, a Maglord half-breed, were able to bring out more power from this single card alone than any of the three Beetleborgs in our unit could ever muster."

"Maybe that's because I'm not completely human."

"Exactly. Now as for how you got to your room…you should be thanking your mother for that one."

"Huh, my mother?"

"Yes young master. Mi lady came and recued you after she felt your life force drop to an extremely low level. Your parents may not show it, but they do love you. Your mother risked getting attacked by the Beetleborgs and the government just to save you." Éclair explained.



Holding out her card for her to take, Marik then dropped the Spade Blade, allowing it to disappear while he then began to pass out due to blood loss. Sakura and the others rant o catch only for an explosion of gun shots to appear before their feet. The four friends backed away as another Magnevorian, a true Maglord, landed in front of them. This Magnevorian had an inner body suit-like covering that was violet in color. The outer armor was loose fitting as the shape of the body was feminine. Her armored plating was yellow in color and looked similar to Marik's, minus a few spikes here and there.

The government agents moved in and aimed their weapons on the new Maglord while Vince and Sakura summoned their Beetle Bonders, preparing for a fight. That was when Marik stepped in front of them, stopping the attack.

"Erik, what are doing?!" Sakura demanded.

"Stopping a senseless battle." Erik looked over to the female Maglord who had gone to help up Marik. Resting his body against hers, she looked Erik in the eyes with a sense of gratefulness in them.

"I thank you for your kindness Blaster. My son here owes you his life on this day thanks to that card." The female Maglord spoke as she then let her back plate armor spread open to allow her wings to come forth. She then flew into the air, carrying the injured Marik with her.

(End Flashback)


After hearing how his mother had saved him Marik had to admit that he owed her one. He also knew he owed Sakura one as well and that he'd return the favor one day. Erik then smiled and set the data card on the night table next to Marik's bed. Marik, slightly confused, just looked at the card and then at Erik.

"I told Sakura I was going to go see Stinger sooner or later so she asked me to give this to him. She believes he could use it better than she could." With that Erik turned around to leave. As he got to the door and stopped and looked back at Marik. "Oh, one small piece of advice. Try not to overdo it next time." With that Erik left the manor to return home for the day.

Marik just looked at the empty doorway as Éclair grabbed a new set of bandages from the basket. She then sat down and removed his old ones before wrapping him up in new ones. As Éclair tended to him, Memmy and Frankie came into the room with smiles on their faces. Fangula soon came in followed by Lyka and then Marik's parents. Seeing that the young half-breed was ok they all just smiled.

Marik looked at them and while he let his mind wander for a moment Lyka went on to sit on his other side, assisting Éclair in finishing up with the new bandages. The two ladies then each placed a hand on each of his shoulders while placing their other free hands on the front of his chest, resting their heads upon their shoulder propped hands. They looked at him lovingly, wanting to be able to serve their young charge in any way possible.

Marik looked the two of them over and smiled slightly. 'Man, sometimes I hate my life and sometime I love it. And right now I'm just going to enjoy the fact that I'm still alive.' He looked at his mother and nodded, giving her a small smile which she beamed at receiving since he never smiled at her for anything. He then picked himself up off the bed, Lyka and Éclair ready to give him bodily support if he needed it. Kabu floated down and perched himself on top of his head.

Lifting his hand that had held the Spade Blade the day prior, Marik noticed a small scar from where he had gripped the hilt so hard. He then clenched his fist, vowing to never be beaten like that ever again. He would rest for the day and then he'd spend the rest of his week after school training his body.

And thus another chapter in the life of the Beetleborgs closes yet more doors to mores of life's tales are still waiting to be opened. What awaits Marik and the others can only be told in time.

Toku Warrior: Ok, that took me awhile to write. I had some writers block for the last half of this chapter but I found a way to do it. Next up will be personal chapters about Vince, Sakura and Erik and possibly even Erika. A chapter for each one and then after those…that's when the real fighting begins. So, how did everyone like the way I did the mixing of the Beetleborgs with elements from Kamen Rider Blade? Let me know what you guys think. R&R and I'll see ya'll around again.