She was just sat there. Staring at the letter. The stupid bloody letter which had taken Sandra, their Sandra, away from them. He'd thought nothing of it when it came, she gets letters all the time, but there was something about the way she looked at it.

So later that night, when they were all gathered in the pub, he'd asked her about it. She told them that Scotland Yard had offered her a promotion to Superintendent and that she was going to take it. They'd tried to change her mind over the last few weeks but there was no going back once she'd agreed and signed the letter. And she had.

So here he was. Jack and Brian were down the pub, getting the drinks in. He said he would stay behind to look for his imaginary lost cigs,he wanted to talk to her.

"You sorted then?" he asked.

"It's all tidy, ready for the new recruit." she said, pretending to be cheerful.

"Any idea who it is?" he asked. He wasn't really looking forward to having a new boss. Nobody could replace Sandra.

"No, Strickland said he'd sort it. Probably one of his posh mates' smart-arse kids or someone like that." she sniggered. He tried to smile but couldn't hold it for long. He had to get to the point.

"Please don't go,Sandra"he choked out.

"Gerry, have you never heard of moving on? I have to go sometime, I can't stay here forever." she whispered, her face full of regret.

"Come 'ere and give us a hug." he said, tearfully.

They were locked in an embrace for a while.

"I'll meet you lot in the pub,every night."she promised.

"You'd better do!"he warned.

"Come on,let's go,Jack and Brian will be waiting for us."she said cheerfully,wearing that beautiful smile he knew he would never forget.