I woke up to a knock one morning at two am. As I stumbled down the stairs, the knock got louder and harder.

"I'M COMING! JESUS," I screamed. This better be worth getting up and two in the morning.

"Just open the door cowgirl! I've got something to do," I recognised Alex's voice coming from the other side of the door. What was Alex doing up so early in the morning? It was four days after he arrived home from his honeymoon with Fiona. I don't know why Alex loves her. She has him wrapped around her little finger and has made him believe that she is pregnant when she is not. As I got closer to the door, I heard Alex mumbling. It was too low for me to make out what he was saying. I opened the door and before I could say anything, I felt his lips crushing mine. I was shocked and my eyes were wide open. What was he doing?

Slowly I closed my eyes and put my arms around his neck. He put his hands around my waist and I was passionately kissing him back. Even though I knew this was wrong, I was still madly in love with him and at this moment, didn't care if he was married or not. Then our kiss ended. I looked into his blue eyes shocked, expecting him to realise what he had done and then try to explain but his arms were still wrapped tightly around my waist. I didn't move my arms and we just stood there; the moonlight hitting us and the sound of nature buzzing around us.

"I love you Stevie Hall. I really love you," Alex said in a sweet and loving voice. Almost convincing but I watch the way he looks at Fiona, I watch them together everyday and there is no way he loves me. Alex started mumbling again and released me from his arms. He walked past me, into the house. He stumbled and started talking to himself.

"Alex? Have your been drinking?" he didn't reply. I waved my hands in his face but he just kept on walking. I heard someone coming down the stairs. I turned to look at Jodi. Her golden blonde hair was in a mess and she was rubbing her eyes. It took me some time to remember why Jodi was sleeping in the house, not the shearer's quarters. After five days of non stop, heavy rain, the quarters were flooded leaving Kate and Jodi no option but to move into the house. As long as the best friends where together, they where happy.

"What is Alex doing here?" she asked coming closer to me.

"I think he has been drinking. He has been acting a bit weird," I turned to look at her. She looked puzzled, like I had just told her all the sheep in the south paddock had died for no reason.

"You wouldn't expect him to do that unless something was on his mind. Epically now that he is happily married to Fiona,"

"I HAVEN'T BEEN DRINKING THANKYOU VERY MUCH!! I JUST HAD TO COME AND SHOW STEVIE…" I cut him off before he said anything else about the last five minutes.
"Alex, come on. We will get you home," I said walking over to him and dragging him by the arm.

"No Stevie," He said. "I want to stay here please,"

"Sleepwalking," Jodi said. I turned to look at her. I was starting to feel worried about Alex and if he was sleepwalking, what would happen in the morning? Would he think the kiss was all a dream or would he think it felt too real to be a dream? When we had our first kiss two years ago on the day before Tess and Nick's wedding, I felt awkward and didn't want to talk about it straight away. That kiss was the start of our friendship so I can't really regret it but I have loved him ever since. Even though at the beginning I didn't really show it, I knew that I did love him a bit more than a friend. Then I started having dreams that I was making out with him and when I finally try to tell him how I feel, he runs away to the city and comes back with 'City Princess and Faker Fiona' as his fiancé after knowing each other for five days. Not the smartest move ever but then again, we are talking about Alex here.

"What? If he is not drunk, he is sleepwalking," Jodi said. She had a point but than again, Alex was denying that he had been drinking which is a sign of drunkenness. I turned to Alex and started smelling him. He didn't smell anything of alcohol. He smelt like he had just had a shower before bed.

"Sleepwalking," I agreed with Jodi.

"Good luck and goodnight," She said laughing and walking back up stairs.

"C'mon, let's get you into the spare room and hope Fiona doesn't wake up during the night," We walked upstairs, still holding hands and Alex still mumbling to himself. I opened the door to the spare room and put him in the bed.

"Now get some sleep," I said walking out the door.

"Stevie," Alex called after me. I turned around and walked but into the room.


"I love you," I shook my head and sighed. I walked back into my room and crashed on my bed. The spare room was right next to my room and in minutes I heard snoring coming from next door.

The next morning, I woke to Alex's sat phone going off.

"Hello, Alex Ryan," "Fi, clam down, I'm at Drovers," Fiona was the panicky type. I lay there listening to them and trying to forget about the night's event. Alex sounded like he knew what had happened to him; sounded like he knew exactly what happened last night.

"I'll be home soon. Love you," Alex hung up the phone and walked out of his bedroom. I got up and met him in the corridor.

"You don't sound the least bit confused about why you're here, what happened last night..." he laughed.

"What? You girls kidnap me or something?"

"Maybe," I said, biting my bottom lip to hide my smile.

"No, I have been doing it a lot since I got back from Argentina. I actually went to Riley's room and ask him for a jar of pickles. Well that's according to him," he said as we walked to the kitchen. "It's got to have something to do with the jetlag,"

"Well Mr Ryan, I think you have achieved a personal best. You walked here, not know what you are doing. How do you feel?"

"Sore, very sore,"

Kate was cooking breakfast in the kitchen.

"My famous Manfradi bacon and eggs," She said putting a lock of her brown hair behind her ear.

"Thanks Kate," Alex said. Kate smiled. I was surprised that Kate wasn't asking questions. Hopefully she wasn't jumping to her own conclusions but then it hit me that Jodi would have filled her in this morning.

After breakfast I drove Alex back to Killarney in my red Ute. Fiona was waiting outside their house. She was still in her pajamas with her black hair let loose and waving with the wind.

"Alex! Please don't do that to me again!" she said running up to him. She leaped into his arms and the two of them started spinning around in circles. I just stood there and watched as he put her down and they kissed.

"Um…Alex I'm going to go so I'll talk to you soon," I said getting back into my Ute. "Oh and tell Riley that he need him when he's free,"

"Sure, thanks again," I turned on the engine and drove back home.