"Jodi, I don't know. We have lots to do day, we're going to need everyone here," I said unloading my Ute of the wire. "We have the troughs to clean, the fence in Skinny Jims needs fixing, we need to pick up some organic feed and that's just the morning,"

"C'mon Stevie, the Gungellan Ball is tomorrow and I want to look good! Can't I just have four hours? That's all I need, hair and nails AND I can pick up the organic feed,"

"Jodi, what are you talking about? You're going to ruin your hair and nails when you get back anyway," Jodi cursed herself after realising what she was saying didn't make sense.

"Listen, if you work hard today and finish ahead schedule, I'll give you the rest of the day off and you can go into town," we started walking over to the shed with the wires.

"You have to come too," she said. I froze. I didn't actually think about going. "Stevie you are going,"

"I know, I know I just…"

"You're coming with me," She said. "Okay, I'm going to go into town anyway now so I can pick up the feed," she said walking over to her car. As I watched Jodi leave, I saw Alex's black Ute coming up the driveway. I suddenly felt sick, like I wanted to through up. My stomach turned as he got out of his Ute.

"Stevie mate!" he said walking towards me. My heart started thumping hard and furious. I shook my head and started walking to saddle up Banjo.

"Alex," I said greeting him with my back turned to him.

"Stevie, are you okay?" he asked. I stoped and turned to look at him.

"You need anything?" I asked. "I'm busy,"

"Yeah, yeah keep your boots on. I just came 'round to tell you that Riley won't be able to help you with Lightening today. We need him at Killarney," my mouth hung open. If Riley couldn't come today we were stuffed.

"Alex, we need to work on this horse today or.."

"Who's horse?" he asked. Like it makes a difference.

"Phil's horse. We need to have him ready by tomorrow or we're stuffed. Didn't Riley tell you? He should no and why did you come all the way from Killarney to Drovers to do something that you could do over the phone?" I said frustrated. I felt like I stoped breathing. Riley knows we have a dead line, why didn't he tell Alex that? Alex tried to hide his smile but couldn't. He burst out laughing instead. It was a joke.

"You stupid bastard. You gave me a heart attack," I said taking a huge breath. Alex was still laughing. "You should have seen your face Stevie," he said. "It was priceless," I turned around and started saddling up Banjo.

"Okay Alex, why did you come here? Seriously I need to get back to work," I said hopping up on my chocolate brown horse.

" I just need to talk to you about what happened last night. You know, the whole sleep walkin' thing," he said. I looked at him. Did he remember kissing me? Would he know that I kissed him back? "I need you to tell me what exactly happened last night," Alex said. I dismounted my horse, thinking about whether I should tell him the truth or lie. Alex was my best mate. I wasn't going to put him in an uncomfortable position.

"You knocked on my door impatiently, walked into the house like you where drunk and then didn't want to go back home. That was about it," I left out the whole kissing thing. I wasn't going to tell him anything until I was sure he felt the same way. But he wouldn't anyway. He still thinks that Fiona is pregnant with his child. Of course he wouldn't divorce her for me.

"Is that all? Nothing else happened?" he asked. I looked into his eyes. We were silent for a moment then I spoke.

"No, nothing at all," he looked at me and then nodded. "What did you think happened?" I asked.
"Nothing just maybe I ate something or drunk something. I just don't feel myself today," he said.

"Of course you're not feeling yourself. You walked all the way from Killarney to Drovers. You probably got up at twelve or maybe even earlier to get here at two and you probably fell a lot as well. You should be home resting and trying to figure out what is making you wake up," I said. "Go!" I ordered him. We stared at each other for a moment and then he shook his head.

"Okay I'm going home," he said walking to his car.

"Yeah, yeah," he said turning on the engine and driving off. As I mounted my horse I started to wonder we Alex came all the way over here to ask me that. Like I said to him before, he could have just called. Maybe he was expecting me to tell him something different. Maybe he slightly remembers a bit of last nights events and wanted to see if I would admit to that. Then obviously from there we would have to work out what to do, try and forget it and I'll probably end up telling him that Fiona is not pregnant. Then comes the fighting and the end of a marriage and friendship which would be my entire fault.

"C'mon Banjo," I said riding off the meet Kate and Regan at Skinny Jims. I felt wonderful having the cool, crisp air hitting my face and going though my hair. It was something that I needed at the moment. Regan and Kate were already getting ready to head over to the troughs. I was confused. I would have expected them to take much longer on the fence.

"You finished already?" I asked.

"Yeah," Regan said. Regan was Tess' cousin. He had reddish brown, short hair and was a bit taller than me. I went over to inspect the fence. Hopefully they did a good job, not just a fast one. The fence looked perfect and stable.

"What's the rush?" I asked.

"We were hoping that if we got everything done quicker today, we could head into town and get ready for the ball tomorrow," said Kate .Of course, the ball! I thought.

"Let me guess, you and Patrick are going together," I said to Kate. "And you and Dave are going together," I said looking at Regan.
"Of course Stevie, they are our boyfriends," Kate said.
"What about Jodi? Is she going by herself? Because it would be great if we could go 'dateless' together; no chance in finding a date before tomorrow," I said.

"At the moment, yes she is dateless but we are trying to get her to ask Riley to the ball or get Riley to ask her," Regan said smiling. Kate and Regan hi-fived and started laughing.

"I don't really care. I always go on my own anyway," I said walking back to banjo. "The troughs need cleaning in the south paddock.." Kate cut me off.

"Stevie, its all under control. Please," she said. I nodded and road back to the house. I was always the one to roll on my own and it didn't bother me. Alex well, I had to get over him soon. I had my chance to do what I wanted to do and I didn't take it. That's what I get and its too late now.