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15 years later…

Its early fall in Westchester, New York. The war against Apocalypse and humanity had finally come to a close nearly ten years prior and peace among humans and mutants had last been achieved. The cities are slowly being rebuilt and people are once again occupying the once desolate country of The United States. Mutants and Humans are doing so without fear and prejudice for the first time.

All that is, except for the handsomely dressed couple that now stands sadly against one another, their three children standing beside them in silent contemplation. They are staring at the graves of the lost souls who fought bravely for this country, for mutants and humans alike. They are staring at their graves.

Their children say nothing as they watch their mother's brilliant green eyes mist over with tears and their father's strong ageing face set hard into an impervious frown. They know the story; have heard it a million times before in their public history classes back home. They know who their parents are; they know what they have done. There mother is a hero to her people for sacrificing herself for the good of man kind, their father is a traitor and a coward who sold his people out for the love of a woman.

Yes, they've heard that story a million times before; have read it in texts books written by historians for nearly ten years now. It is the scarlet letter that they now bare openly with the world; it's their Yellow Star of David. It is the burden that will forever stay within their family even after death.

The man and the woman take a step back as they finally turn to face the family they left behind to start their own. They don't know they're here; they have no idea that the three siblings joining their school today are the sons and daughters of people they have long thought were dead and buried.

"Momma," the oldest of the children cry out.

"Yes Henry?" she asks her oldest son, he's only nine, named after his uncle who died during the beginning of the war. He looks identical to his father.

"Do they know?" He questions and she knows what he's asking. Do they know who we are? Will they hate us like everyone else does back at home? Will we have to move again because of the hatred that will eventually pour into our home?

"No Henry," she replies sadly to him.


They grow silent again as she grasps her oldest boy's hand. The other reflectively goes to rest on top of her swollen belly. She's eight months along with their fourth; a girl Hank McCoy had assured them during his last visit was completely healthy. The man behind her picks up their current youngest, their first girl-Mercy, she has more of her grandmother and uncle on her mother's side than any of the other children.

Their second son and second child Jean-Luc tags along behind the rest, lingering only a moment in front of the graves of people he had only heard of in whispered tales told by his mother before bed. He shivers at the honor of being one of the few who ever would stand before these great men and women. He tightens the hold on his long coat trying to cover his demonic looking appearance. He's a pure mixture of both sides of the family.

The family of five, mutants with obvious mutant abilities turns quietly like thieves into the waiting mansion that will forever change the course of history and the stories in which have been written and passed down.

It is like the red sea as people part to allow them through the front foyer. The air grows still as they stop in front of the future of America. No one breathes as they stare face to face with one another for the first time in fifteen years.

"Hello," The woman speaks first her grip on her child tightening as she drawls him closer to her body.

No one on the other side speaks at first. All are far to stunned to say anything. The ghosts of their pasts were never supposed to walk this Earth again. Yet here they stand, older and more mature with a family all on there own. It was all just too improbable.

"It can't be…" Storm trails off as she steps forward a hand out stretched as if it is all but a dream. A dream she has had countless times before. Her lovers blue arm snakes over her own mocha covered one and holds her back. This was no time to fall apart; this was no time to forget and to forgive, not if this was indeed real.

"Bonjour Stormy, Raven" Gambit the traitor, Death the mutant and human murder spoke with his thick New Orleans tongue.

"I knew it!" A loud yell was heard to everyone's right. They turn to see a very grown up version of Jubilee who is still dressed thoroughly in bright yellow. She's on the stairs, a smile as long as California spreads across her face as she rushes down the stairs to meet the lost hero's of the past.

"I just knew it!" She says again taking the pair into a large hug. "I told you they weren't dead."

No one says anything again as the couple smiles coyly down at their short yellow comrade. No, they weren't dead yet.

"Mein Gott, es kann nicht sein!" The familiar German voice of Kurt Wagner speaks as he appears in a cloud of sulfur just in front of his mother.

"Momma! Papa!" The youngest child, Mercy cries out in excitement.

"Oui petite?" Gambit asks his daughter as she wiggles in his grasp.

"Papa, he looks just like moi!" Mercy giggles out as her yellow eyes blink furiously in their reptilian kind of way.

"Oui petite dat be because Monsuier Wagner be ya mère's frère?" Remy LeBeau spoke to his daughter never taking his eyes off of the X-Men, the last hope for America and its people.

"He's our oncle?" Jean-Luc asked with a questioning look. His face seemed to mimic his father's trademark bad boy appeal to a fault.

"Yes," Jean-Luc's mother's hissed out to him with a look that screamed behave.

"Then that I suppose would make me your Grandmother," Raven's thick voice spoke out as she moved from behind Storm, her yellow eyes never leaving her daughters face.

"Momma!" Mercy cried out again in glee. Never had the youngest LeBeau ever seen so many people who shared similar features to her own before. Never had any of the LeBeau children seen so many obvious mutants before.

"What the hell is goin' on stripes?" Logan asked as he stood almost saddened by the fact that she stood before him alive and well. The woman looked from the man she had always respected and clamed as her unofficial father figure to her husband. He inclined his head and gave her a reassuring smile. She didn't take her eyes off him as she let out a shuddered breath before continuing.

"We're here to enroll our children into Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters, Storm received our applications months ago," she began with a coy smile as she let her eyes move from her husbands to the gruff X-Man. All eyes seemed to have turned towards Storm as the words left the still young woman's lips.

"I had no idea…I thought it was a relative from the Thieves Guild you have so many cousins Remy…," she trailed off as she tried to gather her thoughts at what this all meant.

"That's not what I meant and you God Damn well know it!" He yelled out and the couple before him raised their eyes at the sudden outburst.

"I won't have you talkin' like that in front of my children Logan," the woman said firmly as she took a step away from her son Henri.

"Then just tell us-me Rogue what happened," he pleaded with Rogue taking a step towards her as well. At this distance all Logan had to do was just reach out not even a hair's breath away and he could touch her, feel her warmth against his skin, her all to familiar smell fill his nostrils in that aroma that was entirely her own.

"When I took that mission Logan, I told you I wouldn't be coming back," she stopped and let a small laugh escape her lips, "I never thought in a million years when I said I wouldn't be back that I meant I was going to run off with one of Apocalypses' Horsemen and marry the son of a gun."

Her eyes shifted to look at said Horseman and a sparkle seemed to shimmer across her green eyes as she took him in. In that moment Logan saw what he had been missing his entire life. A love shared by two people that could never be broken.

"I got us the hell out of dodge. Had to shoot the bastard a few times to make it look legit and well it just felt good to shoot him to tell you the truth," she stopped again another laugh escaping her before she continued, "flew us to New Orleans that night and never looked back. Got married right after ya'll defeated Apocalypse and had Henri here not nine months later."

"That's it huh?" Logan asked with his trademark eyebrow.

"You didn't even invite me to your wedding!" Jubilee squealed in mock hurt as she clung tightly to her heart.

"Well petite ya shouldn't be one ta talk. Remy and Chere here heard ya tied da knot not to long ago ya self. And ta beau-frère no doubt," Gambit said with his characteristic smile.

"But why?" A voice from the back of the crowd that had gathered asked.

Rogue's eyes met the all too familiar red lenses of her past lover. His hair hung low past his ears and his battle uniform seemed to have finally been replaced with his familiar slacks and button up shirt. She could feel the hurt radiating off of his body in waves as they crashed unceremoniously upon her being. Her heart's instinct was to lurch outwards towards his pain. But by force of will to comfort her long time friend she merely held her once abrasive tongue.

"Why?" A bubbly Jubilee asked as she tugged on one Mercy's pig tales "because they volunteered of course!"

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