Title: Kimi No Suki Na Uta

Summary: Arranged marriage has never been this a hassle. IchiRuki.

Genre: Drama/ Romance and possibly a little humor.

Rating: T


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Chapter One

The Troll and the Midget

"How many times do I have to say this, Rukia?" Byakuya shouted, his patience a little off. "Artworks don't bring in money! They don't pay bills nor will it make you stay alive in this world!"

Rukia's eyes stared away from her brother's penetrating gaze. She couldn't stay here any longer. She couldn't take this any longer.

She is Kuchiki Rukia, adopted sister of Kuchiki Byakuya and newly named heiress of the Kuchiki Business Empire. Her adoptive family is all graduated from prestigious business schools but she graduated from an Art school. And Kuchiki Byakuya was never impressed. And Rukia doesn't give a damn.

"What else will I make you change your mind, Rukia?" he pleaded. "It won't get you anywhere. The family needs you. This business needs an heir and I promised our father that you will grow up to be an educated Kuchiki and you will continue his legacy. Father gave you everything you needed and it's something you should return in his favo-"

Rukia smirked sarcastically.

"This family needs me?!" she finally spat out. "Our father?! Kuchiki?!"

Byakuya looked at her unbelievably. She has never answered him like this.

"Oh my god, Nii-sama." She said. "With all due respect, Nii-sama, I never wished this in the first place. I never even desired to be like this. I even did not wish this family to adopt so you can use me for business purposes. And for additional information: I'm human being and I don't want to be a freaking Kuchiki puppet!"

Byakuya stared at her, his eyes wide in surprise. Rukia, in turn, sighed and stood up from her chair.

"I'm sorry, Nii-sama." She said. "I must take my leave. Please, forgive my impoliteness."

With that said she left the building.


"Oi, Ichigo." Renji said, patting him at the back.

Ichigo rolled his eyes at the sound of voice. "What the hell do you want? Can't I get a moment away from you guys?"

Ishida smirked. "Come on now, Kurosaki. After this and when you get home, your dad is going to kill you for escaping once again from one of your family businesses."

"Shut up, Uryuu." He mumbled after taking a sip from his drink. "I don't care anyway. He can get busy all he wants."

Hitsugaya sat down beside Chad who was quiet all the time. No wonder Ichigo would rather bring Chad along with him when he needed some time alone. He doesn't speak too much.

"Look, Ichigo." Hitsugaya started. "Your dad let you off by pursuing your music career. At least in return, be a good son and join him when he is doing your family business."

"I don't give a damn." Ichigo replied. "Business doesn't suit me. And… you guys shouldn't be here. We have a ninety-five percent by being caught by paparazzi or something."

Ichigo adjusted his sunglasses to avoid detection.

"Yeah, like that could work." Renji snorted. "What about those orange locks, gorgeous?"

Ichigo looked at him disgustedly. "Will you stop that?! You sound so gay with that talking! You freak me out!! And hell yeah, it will work…"

"You can never be sure." Uryuu said, looking outside the café. "Look, guys."

They all turned around and looked. It was too late. If possible, the whole population of Tokyo must have found them hanging out at Starbucks.

"Shit." Ichigo muttered. "We've been caught!"

"Well, actually not yet…" Hitsugaya said. "Not until someone shouts-"

"OH MY GOD!!!" A girl shouted. "ISN'T THAT KUROSAKI?!"

Ichigo held his forehead and nearly shouted a curse.

"I'll kill you." He muttered to Renji.

"Why me?!" Renji asked.

"It's your fault!"


Uryuu sighed. "Will you guys shut up?! We should just run for it before they get us?!"


"Cheer up, Rukia-chan!" Orihime said, trying to comfort the petite girl. "And why would you be scared or screaming at your brother? You actually did the right thing. You are not a puppet and you definitely not choose this for yourself to be a Kuchiki."

Rukia smiled. "Yeah, I know that. But you can't imagine how much Nii-sama and his family gave me. They adopted me and treated me like their own."

"Well, we know it's a good thing, Rukia." Momo said. "But there are some things you have to consider. They could have been bribing you so they could have something from you in return for all of the things they gave you. It's not a good thing, I tell you."

Rukia smiled again and looked up. She noticed a few photographers and probably, screaming fangirls outside their favorite hang-out.

"Hey, what's happening in there?" she asked to her two best friends.

Orihime and Momo looked at the store, looking surprised.

"What the heck is happening in there?" Momo wondered.

They rushed to the café and tried to look inside for what is happening.

"Hey, Momo." Rukia called out.

"Yeah?" asked the peach girl.

"Do you think you can sneak inside?" Rukia suggested. "With your size,-"

"MY SIZE?!"Momo shouted. "What do you think I am, huh? A mole?!"

Rukia and Orihime laughed. Suddenly, they felt a presence behind them.

"What do you think you are doing?" said the woman's voice.

"Rangiku!!" Rukia, Orihime and Momo shouted together. This is what they get for being a faithful customer of Starbucks. They get to be friends with Matsumoto Rangiku, the store's manager.

Rangiku smirked. "What the hell are you doing? I never knew you guys are also Zangetsu fangirls." She finished.

"Huh?" Momo asked. "Zangetsu?"

"Did she say Zangetsu?" Orihime repeated. Momo and Orihime's eyes widened at the realization.

"OMG!!" They both shouted. "Zangetsu is here! At your store!? Oh my god!!"

Rukia's eyes were furrowed, as if the truth doesn't dawn on her.

"What are you guys doing?" she asked the two girls as they try to fix themselves with lip gloss and such.

Orihime and Momo looked at her like she was an alien. Rukia was taken aback by the expression on their faces. Why are they looking at me like that?

"Are you okay, Rukia?" Momo asked. "I mean, don't you know Zangetsu?"

Rukia's brows furrowed more. "Uhh… no. Who are they, Rangiku?" she asked the busty blonde.

"Well, as far as I know," the manager started. "They are one of the most popular bands of today. They topped the Oricon charts and won a lot of awards on their first year on their music career. Not only that. They also garnered a lot fans, as you can see right now, because of their unbelievable charm."

"Oh, okay…" Rukia slowly said. She turned again to the two innocent girls-turned-rabid fangirls. "So you guys like them because they're cute? Is that it?"

"Oh no, Rukia!" Orihime said. "You should hear Ichigo's voice when he sings! He's like an angel from above!! He's really a dream!!"

Rukia looked unbelievably at them. They look like they lost their minds.


"Hey, where did they go?!"

Renji grunted. "This is really working, Shiro-chan!" he hissed.

"Just keep moving Abarai." Ichigo muttered.

The five guys managed to squeeze their way out as they crawled under the tables. Luckily, the tables are big enough for them to fit in so they can move under it. If you can imagine it, it's really funny.

Hitsugaya suddenly bit his lip. "Damn it, Uryuu! You stepped on my foot!!" he whispered.

Ichigo, as the leading one, saw the entrance of the café. "We can finally get out." He murmured to his other comrades.

Finally, they managed to squeeze out of the crowd and even surviving the other fans outside the shop. When Ichigo looked up, he was surprised to see Renji, Ishida, Toushirou and Chad standing up before him.

"What's the matter, Ichigo?" Renji mocked. "Too fat to get out?"

Ichigo rolled his eyes. "Just help me." he said in anger.

With that, Renji and Chad held both of Ichigo's arms and pulled him off with ease away from the fans that nearly suffocated him.

"Man that was close." Toushirou breathed.

"Too close, if you ask me." Renji commented as he brushed off some dirt in his clothes.

Ichigo didn't listened but instead slapped the back of Renji's forehead. "Moron. You nearly get us killed! If Urahara sees this, we're dead."

"Yeah, you're right." Renji agreed with him. "It's not my fault! How dare you slap me like that in the head?!"

"Because you are a noisy moron that never shuts up 24/7." Toushirou explained.

"Come on." Uryuu said. "Let's just go before Urahara calls us and nag us about this."

"Yeah…" Ichigo sighed.

(Normal POV starts here)

Ichigo and others adjusted their props so they wouldn't attract anymore fans outside. Just when Ichigo was fixing his coat, his arm hit something hard. Really hard.


"Oh, sorry." He said, facing the person her physically offended. "Umm… you okay?"

The girl bit her lip as if trying to contain the pain. "Yeah I'm fine." She answered sarcastically. "I felt like I just hit a troll or something."

Ichigo's eyebrows furrowed further in annoyance. "Troll? Who are you talking troll?"

"Oi! Ichigo! Come on!"

Ichigo ignored the calling instead and focused at the tiny midget in front of him.

"Do you notice anyone else here," she said acidly. "Troll?"

Ichigo bit his lip in anger and frustration. He's lucky he was brought up by his father to be a gentleman and never hit girls.

"Well, midget, you're lucky I don't hit girls such as… I don't know if you are even a girl." He said.

Rukia gritted her teeth. Midget?!

"Then what are you?" she argued. "Part gay so you don't hit girls?"

Ichigo growled. This girl really got him ticking.

"I'll kill you." He hissed.

"I'd like to see you try." She whispered deadly.

Just before they get to each other's throats, luckily, their companions are already there to break them up. Chad grabbed Ichigo around his arms and pulled him away quickly while Rukia was pulled away by Rangiku's arms around her stomach. Orihime and Momo are trying to restrain her arms.

"Let go of me!" Rukia shouted. "I'll kill that mythical creature."

Ichigo laughed. "As if you can, midget. Are your arms to short to escape?" he joked.

Rukia thrashed some more.

Rangiku spoke. "Rukia, stop. You are Kuchiki. This is not your style."

Ichigo's eyes furrowed more once again. Kuchiki?

"Hey, Kurosaki!" Uryuu said. "You okay?"

The four women's heads turned. Kurosaki?

Chad finally released him and he removed his glasses. "I'm fine." He answered.

"What the hell happened?"

"Well, I accidentally hit that midget with my arm! I said sorry, Uryuu and suddenly she snapped!" he reasoned out.

"He called me a midget!" Rukia shouted.

"No one's asking you, midget!" Ichigo snapped back.

"I'm not talking to you!" she spat.

Ichigo growled and bit his lip, ready to attack again.

"Ichigo. Please." Uryuu said, trying to calm him down. He turned around and went to the girl's side.

The four girls watched him curiously as he spoke. "I'm sorry for the actions my colleague has done. It's his entire fault-"


"-Please pay no attention to him." He said and turned to Rukia. "I'm sorry, Miss Rukia- am I correct?-Ichigo is just being stupid. We apologize for his behavior."

Rukia looked from Rangiku to her two friends. Orihime was practically ogling him.

"Uhh… ano… Ishida-kun.." Orihime stuttered. "I also apologize for our friend's actions. SORRY, KUROSAKI-KUN!!" she shouted at Ichigo. "If you don't mind, can I have your autograph?"

Rukia looked at her unbelievably. They already have lost their minds.

"Hello, Shiro-chan!" Momo shouted on the background, waving at the white haired pianist. Toushirou turned his head in anger as he heard his nickname when it comes to his fans.

Renji smirked. "Shiro-chan…" he snickered.

Hitsugaya just grumbled and nodded his head towards the peach girl. In retaliation, the girl squealed and tugged Rukia, who was now released from Rangiku's hold.

"Look, Rukia!" Hinamori said excitedly. "Toushirou finally noticed me!"

"More like ignored you…" she thought. "Let's go now. I'm really up for bashing trolls right now and you guys don't want that to happen."

"Rukia. Such a kill joy…" Orihime said. "Oh well. Bye, Ishida-kun!! Nice meeting you and thanks for the autograph!"

"Yeah, yeah." Rukia muttered dully. "Move now or else." She left while pulling Momo behind her, who was also waving to the guys.

When they left, Chad finally released his hold on Ichigo.

"Damn it, Ishida!" Ichigo shouted. "What the hell is your problem?! It's that midget's fault and you were the one who apologized?!"

Ishida shook his head. "I'm afraid you are mistaken." He answered. "The man should always apologize even though it's the woman's fault. It is not my fault you are less a gentleman that I."

"Gentleman, my ass." He muttered. "Since when did you become a gentleman? Maybe you did that because you wanted to get hooked up to that big-chested girl!" he said, referring to Orihime.

"No, I'm not." He said honestly. "You are just jealous because I can attract more women than you do."

Without further ado, Ichigo nearly grab Ishida's neck if it weren't for Chad's arms to grab him again.


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