Title: Kimi No Suki Na Uta

Summary: Arranged marriage has never been this a hassle. IchiRuki.

Genre: Drama/ Romance and possibly a little humor.

Rating: T

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Chapter 10

A Little Bit of their Side


"Welcome, Rukia-chan, to our humble abode!" Isshin said, as the said girl entered their house.

Rukia bowed down in respect. "Sorry for the intrusion."*

"Hello, Rukia-chan!" Yuzu said as she approached the girl. Karin followed suit, just nodding her head to the petite girl. "Please, come in. I'll be right back… and dad, please control yourself!!" She snapped at her father.

Isshin pouted. "I wouldn't do anything, I swear!"

"Lies." Karin muttered as she followed Yuzu.

"How can you say that, my dear daughters!?" Isshin shouted in agony. He, then, turned to Rukia. "I am sorry about that! It's like our acts of endearment…"

"You wish old man!" Karin shouted somewhere after she heard it.

Rukia nodded and continued to walk. Her eyes wandered throughout the house and she found it comfortable. Isshin led her to the receiving room and gestured for her to sit down on one of the cushy sofa.

After Rukia settled on the chair, her eyes roamed and landed on the side table near her. It was big enough to accommodate a big lamp that surely costs a lot and picture frames. She moved her head towards the object to get a better look.

It was a picture of the Kurosaki family, all of them sitting on the cool green grass, smiling and having fun under the sun. Rukia inwardly smiled.

"Looks pretty, doesn't it?" Isshin asked as he saw her gazed at the picture. Rukia turned to him and smiled.

"You have such a wonderful family, Kurosaki-san." She honestly complimented. She glanced again at the picture. "Is she your wife, Masaki?" she asked, pointing at the woman who is likely the main attraction of the portrait.

Isshin nodded delightedly. "Yes, the apple of my eye, Kurosaki Masaki!" he confirmed. "Such a beauty, ne? How lucky am I to be married to such a woman."

Rukia beamed. "Yes. May I ask… where is she?"

Isshin looked at her, surprised. "Eh? You still don't know? Unfortunately, Masaki… she died twelve years ago, Rukia-chan." He simply said.

Rukia's eyes widened. "I am so sorry, Kurosaki-san!" she immediately apologized. "I seriously did not know…"

Isshin gave her an easy smile. "No, no, Rukia-chan, you shouldn't. You don't know anyways, right? Also, don't call me Kurosaki-san. You are going to be my son's wife, at least call me daddy, okay?"

Rukia's eyebrow rose and she just smiled. "Okay, Kuro – ah, I mean, dad…" she said embarrassingly.

"Wonderful, Rukia-chan." Isshin said happily. "You must be pretty bored now, right? I am so sorry, Ichigo is still at work. You know his band business and all that… I mean, I wonder what he gets on that type of job…"

"Well, it makes him happy, right?" Rukia shared. "I think there is nothing wrong with him going for what he wants, if it really makes him satisfied."

Isshin looked at her. "You are such a bright child, Rukia-chan! I never made a wrong choice of making you my idiot son's bride."

Rukia waved her hands in front of her. "I-I don't mean it that way…"

"So, all I ask for is for you to take good care of him, okay?" Isshin said. "Seriously, that boy needs someone to be with. He had become such a rebel since Masaki died."


"All of us had suffered when Masaki died… But Ichigo, he was the most affected." He said then laughed. "It's weird, you know because he's the one who's suffering so much when in fact I am the husband."

Rukia slightly smiled. "Why was he the most affected about it?"

Isshin continued. "Ichigo, well, he's very attached to Masaki. He loved her so much. I know lots of children love their mothers… but Ichigo, he's different. I sometimes call him a Mama's boy. In fact he actually is. So when Masaki died, my heart cannot bear see my son's eyes clouded with misery. It was like he blames himself for what happened to her."

Rukia looked at Isshin and listened intently, her eyes with pity. "How exactly did Masaki die?"

All of a sudden, the doorbell rang and Yuzu shrieked as she ran to the door. "Onii-chan!!"

Isshin and Rukia suddenly snapped from their conversation and the older man stood up from his seat. "Story time's done, Rukia-chan." He said to her. "Don't worry. Come back here anytime you want to hear the whole story, hm?"

"Sure." Rukia answered. Isshin offered his hand to Rukia to help her stand up which Rukia gladly took. He puts her arm around his and proceeded to walk.

"Don't you worry, Rukia-chan." Isshin assured him as he pats her hand in a fatherly gesture. "Ichigo's not that bad. I am sure he'll open up to you. He's just a shy little boy."

Rukia just nodded, not trusting her voice for a moment. She had never felt this before; being welcomed to a family she barely knew.

"If you have problems with my boy, feel free to approach me and I'll castrate him for you." He promised.

"I would love to see that." Rukia laughed.

"Well, come on; let's go greet that grouchy fiancé of yours." He smiled and nearly dragged Rukia to the door.

When Rukia come within reach of the door, she saw him. Clad in his usual ragged jeans and a body fitting shirt, there is Kurosaki Ichigo, eyes wide in seeing Rukia with Isshin in tow.

"Hello my boy!!" Isshin shouted. "Rukia's here!"

Isshin released her and pushed her towards Ichigo. Rukia nearly tripped if it weren't for Ichigo's arms to catch her.

"Watch it!" he shouted.

"Sorry." Rukia mumbled as she tried to maintain her balance. She looked up and her eyes met his. Both of them didn't even notice their closeness. Isshin just smiled at the sidelines.

Ichigo straightened Rukia up. A light pink tinge colored her cheek as she fixed her clothes. "Thanks." She mumbled to Ichigo, a slight smile on her thin lips.

"Don't mention it." he said, as he, too, fixed his clothing. "So, what's for the agenda today?"

Isshin, Karin, Yuzu and the future Kurosaki, who is Rukia, looked at him like he had lost his mind. "What?" the orange haired teen asked.

"My, aren't you on the pissy mood today?" Karin asked, impressed.

Ichigo was about to retort when Yuzu added, "Yeah," she agreed. She turned to Rukia. "Usually, when Ichi-nii gets home, he will be like 'What now? Get off my back' or 'Shut it, old man!'" Yuzu imitated perfectly.

"Hey, I don't say that!" Ichigo contradicted.

"You really won't get bored with Ichi-nii…" Karin shared.

Rukia, on the other hand, covered her mouth and giggled. Ichigo glared at her and actually thought she had lost her mind.

"Did that midget actually… giggled?" He thought. "She looks cute…"

Ichigo smacked himself as that thought ran into his mind.

"Now, now, my dears," Isshin said. "You all are making Ichigo crazy! Now, let's get on with the agenda for today!"

"Yeah!" Yuzu seconded her father. "Rukia-chan, Ichigo, let's go!" And she went on, Karin following her again.

Ichigo and Rukia nodded. And everything went quiet.

"Sorry for barging in like this." Rukia immediately filled the silent air.

Ichigo looked at her with raised eyebrow.

"It's your sister, actually." She continued. "She was the one who invited me here for the engagement party or something… what's her name again?"

"Yuzu." Ichigo answered.

"Ah, yes." She dumbly said. "I can easily forget names and other stuff."

"Is there something wrong?" Ichigo asked curiously.

"With what?"

"With you."

Rukia looked at him. "What do you mean?"

"You're acting all friendly to me." Ichigo noticed. "Like we are friends or something."

Rukia blushed furiously on how she was acting."Really?"She stuttered. "Uh, sorry about that… It's just that you seem like to be in a good mood today."

"Seriously?" Ichigo thought. "Well, come on. Yuzu and dad might be wondering where we are."

Rukia followed Ichigo into the other room. When they approached the room, he actually opened the door for her to her surprise.

"Ladies first." He simply said. Rukia looked at him confusingly.

"What happened to him? I mean, what happened to the both of us? Are we actually… getting along now?"

"Why are you staring?" he smirked. "Did you finally realize I actually look good?"

Rukia pulled a disgusted look but still did not cover her pink cheeks. "You wish." She spat and she entered the room. Ichigo just laughed.

"Ah! Rukia-chan!" Yuzu shouted as she placed the pink cake on the table. "This is actually the cake I told you about. It's chocolate in strawberry frosting."

Rukia's eyes widened in delight as she saw the cake on the table. She immediately rushed to the table and tasted the cake using her finger.

"Uwaa!" she shrieked as she licked off the icing. "This tastes great!"

Ichigo approached her behind and lightly tapped her head. "For a midget like you, you seriously don't have manners." He said.

Rukia turned to him. "Oh, I do have manners!" she retorted and removed the hand from her head.

"No, you don't!" Ichigo shouted back. "Look at you! You didn't even use a fork! You just… attacked the cake with your finger! Such an unladylike manner!"

"What do you mean? It's a cake. It's meant to be eaten, idiot!"

"Don't call me idiot, midget!"

"Don't call me midget, idiot!"

Throughout their bickering, they didn't even notice that Isshin and the twins left the two of them in the room. Rukia stopped talking, grabbed plate and a knife and started to slice the cake.

"What are you doing?"

"What does it look like, idiot?" Rukia snapped. "I'm going to eat."

"You haven't eaten yet?" Ichigo asked.

"I did already."

"And you're going to eat again? It's only after lunch."

"So what? I'm hungry."

After she placed the slice on her plate, Rukia declared happily, "Ittadakimasu!"

"You're going to get fat." Ichigo said.

Rukia smacked him. "I will not."

"Yes, you will. With you eating like that, I see no impossibility."

"Shut it."

Ichigo sat down on the wooden chair. "Give me a slice."


"I said, give me a slice."

"Why me? You have hands."

"How dare you defy your husband!"

"Husband?" Rukia repeated. "We're not married, you idiot. At least, not yet."

"Why?" Ichigo asked slyly. "Are you actually that excited to be married to me?"

"Har har, Kurosaki Ichigo." she replied sarcastically. "Maybe you are! I am not the one spouting out, 'How dare you defy your husband!' See who's excited now, carrot face."

"Actually, it's "carrot top". Ichigo corrected her. "If you are going to insult me, do it properly."

Rukia just stuck her tongue at him.

Ichigo laughed. "You just lost to me." he said. "Don't be so childish and give me a slice of the cake."

Knowing Ichigo, even for a little time, she knew he wouldn't stop teasing her. So instead of fighting back, she finally gave him a piece of the cake.

"There." Rukia said as she placed the small dish in front of him.

"Thanks, Rukia-chan." He said teasingly. Rukia nearly stabbed her utensil at him. He grabbed a fork and ate. After he swallowed, he said. "This actually tastes good."

Rukia nodded and continued eating.

"No wonder you kept eating." Ichigo observed.

Rukia just nodded again.

"You really are going to get fat."

With a growl, Rukia puts down her plate and smacked him on the arm. Hard.



"They're actually… close now." Karin whistled. "That's a big progress for Ichi-nii."

"Yeah." Yuzu giggled. "They're so cute! I wish Rukia-nee-chan would stay with us forever. Ne, otou-san?"

Isshin smiled. "Yes. I think Ichigo finally met her."


*The statement is the one people in Japan usually said when they enter someone's home. I noticed in some mangas I have read.

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