Bad title, I know, but it's all I could come up with.

Standing in the hall, Lavi looks for someone to pull a prank on, his usual grin on his face. Not having been sent on a mission and finishing his work for Bookman early, he'd been waiting on a usually grumpy Exorcist, pulling pranks on a few of the unsuspecting finders that passed. When the dark-haired Exorcist storms by, Lavi falls into step beside him, smiling. "Hey, Yuu-chan." he says waiting for the usual reaction calling the other by his given name brought.

Rounding on the over cheerful red-head, Kanda pushes him up against the wall, an arm over his throat, threatening to choke him. "I told you not to call me that!" he snarls with a glare.

Still smiling, Lavi responds cheekily. "You don't seem to mind when we're together at night." His grin widens when a faint blush tints Kanda's cheeks.

Quickly recovering, Kanda draws Mugen, holding it at an angle against the other's neck and across the front of his body. "Say something like that again and I'll cut off something you'll miss." When Lavi's expression changes for a brief moment before returning to normal, Kanda smirks and sheathes Mugen. He places a chaste kiss on the boy's lips before releasing him from the wall and start walking towards the cafeteria gain.

Faintly surprised, the apprentice bookman stands there for a few minutes before deciding that he suddenly didn't want to annoy anyone else at the moment and went outside for some fresh air.

A/N: Okay, I know it's short and it's not very good, but it was something that my muse threw into my head one day and I just remembered to post it. Please review :D