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Tony sat at his desk playing some game on his computer when his telephone rang.

''Very special Agent Anthony DiNozzo, What can I do for you?'' Tony answered cheerfully.

The rest of his collogues did not even bother to look up as they smirked at their friend's tone.

The voice came from the other end and Tony's voice instantly turned into a whisper. A shiver went through his body as he listened to the cold voice talking.

'' Uh…yes…yes sir…no…why I cannot just …?'' Tony ran his hand through his hair nervously as the voice continued his command through the phone.

During his phone call his colleagues started to raise their heads curiously to know what was happening. Tony never used the word ''sir'' with anyone let alone spoke that submissively even to Gibbs.

''Do I have to? '' Tony urged whispering but still fear evident in his voice as he held the phone in his hand and turned his back to his friends. He did not want them to see him panicking or catch the fear in his eyes.

Tony went stiff while speaking as the voice was rising dangerously.

''Sorry sir, it won't happen again'' Tony said as his body stiffened more as he heard the assault from the other end.

''Goodbye, sir'' Tony said and hung up the telephone slowly. He felt his mind shutting down from what was happening. He felt also that his body shutting down.

He barely moved in his chair and stared at the file in front of him that he felt his body go quiet rigid. He could not move and he felt that his body refused to obey him anymore.

Ziva and McGee shared worried glances as they saw the stiff posture Tony sat with after that phone call ended. They turned their glances to Gibbs and found him also giving worried gazes at his senior agent.

Half an hour later, the worry was eating all the three agents up. They monitored Tony intently as his body was still stiff. Gibbs noticed how Tony did not move one single muscle since that phone call ended. He had to check on him.

''DiNozzo'' Gibbs called and waited for Tony's dutiful answer, but it did not come.

''DiNozzo, are you turning deaf?'' Gibbs called again wishing that his reprimand would wake his agent from his reverie.

Still no answer came

''Tony??'' Gibbs questioned as he stood up. Now worry was seeping through his voice as he used his agent's first name.

He stood in front of his desk and Tony did not even look up.

''Tony, you with me?'' Gibbs asked again more softly this time.

When no answer came again Gibbs decided to take action.

He crouched in front of his agent's desk to make an eye contact with him. He was shocked to find his agent's green eyes which were once lively and sparkling now look dark and icy.

Tony looked as if he was frozen. His muscles tight and his jaw tightly clenched. His eyes were cold and not looking at Gibbs but through him as if he did not exist.

A shiver went through Gibbs as he saw that icy look in Tony's eyes.

His whole body was totally stiff as if he had been in a freezer. Gibbs tried to make eye contact but failed to.




He head slapped his agent and hoped it would work.

It did not

Now he started to panic. This could not be good.


''Yes boss? '' Tim answered as he had already stood back looking worriedly at Tony while Gibbs tried to talk to him.

''Get Ducky up here NOW''


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