Hey guys, long time no write. Got a brand new fiction here for you, consisting of the plot that the Cullen men own the household and have human slaves for the mansion and for themselves. Enjoy =] this story is from Bella's point of view.

The field where I collected flowers from my room was a little far out of the way, but I only came here because this is where the purple roses grew. I never could find anywhere else in the whole of Forks that would have the same texture and delicious scent that those violet flowers did. I would always pick six or seven, leaving the rest of the field intact and carry them home gently. They would usually last for at least a month, I had never seen anything like them before, so I always went back every month and picked a fresh bunch.

Today was like every single other day in Forks. I went to school, flirted with Mike (whom I actually detested) and cooked Charlie dinner. But as I went to my room, I noticed my roses were dying slightly so I decided to go out and pick some.

"Be back in a minute Charlie! Just going to pick some flowers," I called up the stairs to my Father.

"Sure thing Bella. But remember I've got to go and investigate that bloody murder in Port Angeles for a week or so, so you'll be home alone when you get back. Is that OK? I mean, you are seventeen," he shouted back down, worry apparent in his voice.

"I'll be fine Dad! I pretty much take care of you anyway!" I laughed, grabbing my coat and swinging open the door. I heard him chuckle upstairs. I pulled on my black lo-ox Converse, tying up the laces quickly.

"Yeah, go on. Have a good week, Bells. Love you lots!" he called back. I heard his suitcase zip shut.

"Love you too!" I said, shutting the door behind me.

It was getting towards dusk now, I would have to hurry. I shivered as I stepped down off the porch and onto the gravel pathway. Stupid Bella, why would I just wear a pair of denim shorts and t-shirt out at this time of night? At least I had my coat to shield me from the biting winds. My Converse crunched the gravel and I began to walk a bit faster, up the grass hill and towards the field.

It was almost sundown when I was climbing over the rotten fencing that led to the field. The purple flowers were just ahead of me now; I could see the sun reflecting off of the violet petals. I was panting slightly as I ran up the grassy knoll and the sun was totally gone.

I shivered in the eerie darkness, and began to pull the roses from the ground, carefully but a little more frantic than usual.


A twig snapped behind me. I looked up abruptly and into the darkness of the woods. This field was adjoining to the thick woodland area of Forks, where no one dared to go because of certain rumours of horrid creatures that lurked there. My heart was beating faster and I could hear the blood pounding in my ears.


I dropped the flowers, stood up and stepped backwards, not taking my eyes off of the entrance to the forest. All I could see was the dark trees, shadows dancing off of the white trunks and mossy roots. But suddenly, everything was silent. All the cracking and bird calling stopped. Even the wind seemed to stop. I could hear a gentle lulling coming from the forest. Someone was singing.

A high, beautiful voice. I stopped walking backwards and shut my eyes. It was enchanting, sublime. A white figure emerged from the trees. A tiny girl, thin in the extreme, angular black hair wearing a long white dress that melded in with her pale skin. She was utterly exquisite.

She was moving slowly, curling and flexing her slender limbs, dancing. Her pale arms were twirling, swirling mesmerising me. Her voice was high, sounding like a gentle lullaby. I only realised that I was slowly walking towards her when I tripped on a rock. I stopped and shook my head, trying to get her beautiful notes from my head.

"Stop it, stop…" I mumbled, stretching out my hands, walking backwards again. She was amazing, her pale skin reflecting the moonlight, she was dazzling. Glittering.

Suddenly, I felt a cold hand grasped my shoulders. I span around to see a beautiful dark curly haired man staring at me, smiling. I smiled back, still dazed as the girl's singing continued. The man had angular cheekbones and a square jaw, he was stunning. His muscles were huge, thick bands of sinew covered his arms and torso. His dark hair was flicked and curly. Something was wrong.

The singing had stopped. I turned around, to see the girl right behind me, her golden eyes burning and a small smile on her perfect face. I turned back to the man, a concerned look on my face.

Wait. What was I doing? These strangers had me sandwiched between them, in a field in the dark. Her voice had hypnotized me, keeping me in their hands. I needed to get out of here.

"Excuse me, I need to get home," I said, walking past the man. A cold hand touched my shoulder and spun me around, glaring into my eyes. The man grasped my shoulders tightly.

"You're not going anywhere," he hissed, clutching tighter, hurting my skin with his immense strength. My heart beat erratically. Then he pressed harder into my collarbone and my head went light. Then everything was black.