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Summary: In this series of one-shots, either Sandrilenefatoren2 (Sandry for short), or Kaeldrea will create a short scene in which they insert themselves for a brief while into the lives of various characters or series, interact with them for a single moment, and then leave. These scenes reflect what the writing author would prefer to do, or enjoy doing, had they the actual opportunity to perpetrate the described acts. If more than one scene is required for a certain character, the scenes will be divided into multiple chapters, and labeled as such. The writer will be noted at the top of the one-shot, as will the central character.

Chapter 1: Harry Potter (Sandry)

Harry sat brooding in front of the roaring fire of the Gryffindor common-room, staring blackly into the flames as they crackled and danced. His parents—dead. His godfather—dead. The man he had respected more than any other, sworn loyalty to under the basilisk's fangs—dead. The most evil and terrifying man—no, not even a man—he had ever encountered, who had a personal stake in killing him, his surviving friends, every decent wizard in the world, and all of the muggles—alive, free, and gathering power. With every thought, Harry's thoughts grew blacker. He had been right, to break up with Ginny. To push her away before she got hurt too. Ron and Hermione were already involved—they were members of the Order, as well as his best friends. Ginny was not. He couldn't be involved with her, couldn't risk her being threatened because of him…

The creaky thump of a none-too-graceful person crossing the wooden floorboards of the common room caught Harry's attention, and he turned. A girl the age of a seventh-year stood there, looking at him with her round face creased with disapproval. Brown hair almost as frizzy as Hermione's was pulled back in a low ponytail at the base of her neck, accenting mild brown eyes. Brass-rimmed spectacles balanced on a button of a nose; she pushed them up absently with one finger. Harry frowned. She wasn't wearing wizard's robes. Instead, she was dressed in worn jeans and a slightly baggy grey t-shirt, tapping the toe of a brown tennis shoe against the floor. A muggle? What's a muggle girl doing in Hogwarts?

"Who are you?" Harry asked sharply, reaching for his wand. "How did you get into Hogwarts?"

Folding her arms across her chest, the girl scowled at the Boy Who Lived. "You're not Spider-Man, Harry." she said, light alto voice flat with annoyance. "And Ginny is no Gwen Stacy. You may be the titular hero of this drama, but that doesn't give you the right to think that you're the center of the universe. It doesn't matter if she's with you or not, if Voldemort wins. He'll kill her anyway, because she's a decent person, and would never surrender to him. And if he loses… well. It won't matter if she's with you or not right now, if you beat him."

Harry frowned, wand stopping only half-drawn. "What are you talking about?"

The girl rolled her eyes. "What I'm trying to say, Harry James Potter, is that you're acting like an emo idiot, and you need to get over yourself." Nodding with an air of finality, she turned to walk away.

Angrily, Harry jumped to his feet and went after her, quick strides letting him close within three steps. As he reached for her shoulder to demand an explanation, however, his hand passed through empty space.

She was gone.