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Written by: Michelangelo
Original Title: My Awesome, Funny, Charismatic, Adorable Werewolf
New Title: Scratches and Scars
Pairing: Jacob Black/Harry Potter; Harry Potter/Jacob Black
Summary: Jacob Black, resident of Surrey since he was five, is--or was-- Harry Potter's best friend, right until that summer when Harry got his letter from a certain school Jacob knew nothing of. Three years later a turbulent Jacob and a not-so-fragile Harry cross paths again, and Jacob's destiny is intertwined with Harry's.

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The only place that didn't seem to be occupied in the kindergarten playground that first day of school was the hazardous slide, the one where metal shards jutted from the ride down. Of course nobody would use it, but no parent had really seen the whole backyard, so the owner got away with that one.

The little russet skinned boy ambled towards it, sitting on its third steel step and sighing. He wasn't thinking of sliding on it either--he might be four but he's not that stupid. He wasn't old enough that he didn't cry and grip ol' Billy's leg like a lifeline when school started, though. When he got inside, however, he mustered all of his courage before taking those hesitant steps into the classroom with his Tom n' Jerry lunchbox.

The room was noisy. Every kid seemed to be throwing tantrums and wailing for their mommies and daddies, or random nanny names, all except one puny little boy, a bundle of disheveled hair in a sea of chaotic whining. Little Jake focused on the boy, for he was the only one not giving him a four-year old migraine at the moment. He was very skinny and vulnerable-looking, like that small kitten he saw in the streets at one time, abandoned by its mother and left to fend for itself.

The little boy's eyes were shockingly green, different from the others' eyes in more ways than one. They were tired-looking, if the shadows beneath them were any indication, and there was a sad glint in them. They seemed to change shade from a forest color, reserved and calm, to a bright emerald, excited and enthusiastic, to an overcast sea, haunting and melancholic. But despite all that he held his ground and didn't cry for mommy or daddy, staying put and even offering to help the grown-ups handle some kids, wo where easily bigger than himself. Jacob's curiosity was piqued. He was instantly drawn to the brave little boy. He looked desperate for a cuddle, and Little Jake wondered if he were some messy-haired, cuddly stuffed lion.

Yes, that was it, Jacob said to himself, the boy looked liked a cute lion cub.

He was pulled out of his musings when the two mentors--or in this case, wranglers, if this was considered a zoo-- called an early recess out of desperation. The kids, sensing their victory, gushed out of the room like stallions and mares in a horserace. Jacob didn't take long to process what had happened and ran out to the backyard playground as well. He decided on returning to that death trap of a slide.

Jacob's eyes hovered over the vast--as vast a backyard could be for a four year old--playground, until they stopped under the apple tree, where the small boy from earlier was flanked by three big boys--unusually large and plump like a pumpkin for someone of age the same as his. He had quite a view from where he was, an he instantly took note that the boy had his eyes squinted and his body was crouched low to the ground, his arms covering his head protectively. Silent tears were running down his cheeks while one kid kicked sand onto his already dirty shoes, another held him still, and the last, the biggest, and certainly the most grotesque, decked his head with an arm, like a chubby hammer.

Jacob recalled what his sister Rachel told him. 'Don't let anyone bully you, now, and remember to be help anyone who needs it!'

He jerked away from the slide, like a wolf instinct-driven towards its prey, his mind playing out the constant bickering his sisters Rebecca and Rachel permanently drilled into his brain. He sprinted the whole distance in what surprised him was only five steps. He was angry--no, seething--that such big bullies had the nerve to pick on the defenseless little kid.

"Stop it!" he yelled as he snagged the beefy arm midway towards the onyx haired kid.

"Oi, look a' this guys," the biggest mockingly exclaimed, "Harry has wee lil' hero!" The laughter that followed from the two goons was rehearsed and synchronized. One of them spoke up, "He's trying to op-opo-opop- he's trying to stop you, Dudley!"

"Leave him alone!" Jake demanded, his wrist tightening around the fat boy's--Dudley's--sausage arm.


Ten minutes later found Jacob in an unidentifiable heap under the apple tree. The bullies had escaped towards the other kids, presumably to establish an alibi. And where were the teachers, anyway?

Little Harry was currently kneeling in front of a beat up Jake, shaking him conscious.

"Wha..hurgh..what..happened?" Jacob coughed out.

Harry was sobbing, tears escaping the hands hias face was currently buried in. He was continuously hiccupping the words "I'm sorry".

Jacob reached out a shaky finger and took some tears of Harry's cheek. Harry peeked out of his hands and saw that Jacob was grinning.

"Hey, it's alright. Don't cry."


It was usual at that time of year for dark, fluffy clouds to accumulate and light rain to drizzle. It was not heavy, but it was enough that children were yelled back inside by concerned mothers, and hanged clothes were put into laundry baskets and carried indoors.

The drizzle, in itself, was not harmful to one Jacob Black, who was lying on a park bench and watching the sky as it rumbled softly, using both his hands to pillow his short, cropped hair. He waited for someone as he toyed with the idea of running away and leaving his family for good. It was a bad idea, he admitted, for him to think of doing so, and for him to be out here, waiting, when doing he was, simply put, endangering the person he was about to meet. That's his life, anyway--centered around bad ideas and failed decisions. But what could he do? It was this person who asked to meet him here by a bench in Surrey Park. "It's something important," the person told him, and he was not one who denied this person of a request.

They're unfit to be guardians, Jacob thought bitterly, every time it came up. What they're doing was unfair and inhumane and--

"Jacob," a quiet voice came from behind him. Jacob closed his eyes and sat up, burying his face in his wet, rough hands. He didn't want to see what prominent damage was there to see this time.

"Harry," Jacob muttered, "how are you?". He didn't look up when Harry placed a hand on his shoulder and sat down next to him. He could feel Harry's cool skin against his. When he finally couldn't bear it anymore, he peeked out of his hands.

Harry was smiling.

He let his hand drop and gazed at Harry's smile. It was all that mattered at times--Harry's easy, reassuring smile. Sometimes he feels selfish whenever he wishes for it from Harry, when he knows very well that it's hard to make Harry do so. But this time, Harry's smile was big and sincere, and at once Jacob lit up.

"You're smiling," said Jacob, grinning himself.

"Yup," Harry replied, looking at the gloomy sky like it was a perfect, sunny day. Jacob on the other hand, did not have to reminisce, when Harry was beside him, beaming like the sun. He rubbed Harry's damp hair.

Harry's sight dropped and settled on Jacob's grinning face. His own face scrunched up into an amused frown.

"Stop that," Harry said, but Jacob's grin only got wider.

"Stop what?" he said cheerfully.

" Stop being all smile-y," Harry exclaimed. There was amusement in his tone, not malice.

"Can't help it. Sorry," Jacob said, and pulled Harry in his arms, chest to back.

"Why not?" Harry whined affectionately.

"'Coz I'm here. With you, " he pointed out, "and you're smiling. I rarely see that." His arms tightened protectively around Harry, and Harry leaned into Jacob's warmth. Cool weather and rain ignored, Jacob was always warm. "You should really think about leaving them."

Harry sighed. As always when they met, conversation with Jacob almost always slowly leaned towards the 'let's leave together and be brothers' talk. He would take it all calmly, and when Jacob was done, he would use rational, and sometimes, family-related excuses until eventually Jacob backs down.

"Jacob... I don't want to talk about it this time. Just let me be with you for the last time," Harry said sadly. He closed his eyes and seemed deep in thought about something.

Jacob tried, unsuccessful, to smooth Harry's hair. "It's okay, Harry, it's okay. I won't bring it up again. I'm sorry."

"I'm fine," Harry breathed, "Happens all the time."

Jacob rested his forehead on Harry's shoulder and breathed. Harry's scent was comforting, soothing. He could feel his wramth transferring to Harry already. Why was he always so bloody frigid anyway?

Jacob ran through the words, and then his head popped out of Harry's shoulder. "Last time?" he asked, his voice laced with worry, yet at the same tim, a bit of hope. Had Harry thought about everything he'd been saying for the past six years? Is he going to run away now? If so, Jacob wouldn't hesitate at all to come with. After all, he had promised Harry a few years back that he wouldn't leave Harry, not ever, and that if Harry left he'll have to chain himself to Harry, or at least kick and scream trying.

Harry closed his eyes and nodded only a fraction. Jacob, at once, stood up, jerking Harry off him. He could already feel excitement bubbling up insdie. Harry was going to be free from them!

But one glance at Harry's distant expression lowered his expectations. Only one trani of thought came across then, like lightning in the rain they were in.

"What do you mean? Is it them? They're asking us not to meet? How could they!?" he yelled too fast for Harry to comprehend, but he was already calming Jacob down. He sat the bigger boy down and soothed him.

"No Jacob, it's not them," he assured, and Jacob's heavy breathing started to slow. His hands, though, were still clenched into tight fists.

"Why? Why the last time?" he demanded. Harry looked downcast, but spoke immediately.

"I'm leaving. T-to a boarding school. I got a letter, saying that my p-parents--" he inhaled sharply, "--that they, they left tuition for me to go to this school. I...I can't say where."

Jacob stood there for a moment, looking at Harry with an unreadable expression. And then, he shook his head wildly, beads of water flying out of his hair.

"You can't. I won't let you."

Harry's head snapped up. It took Jake only a second or two to realize those were not raindrops coming down Harry's cheeks. Jacob turned from indignant to reasonable.

"J-Jacob, they're ready to give me away now! They don't want anything to do with me! I...I want to... I have a chance to--to find out what happened to them... my parents... and, I--I know it'll be hard for me, I mean it's a boarding school for crying out loud! But that's not the case right now... I could escape this, escape them!" Harry cried in Jacob's chest, clutching at Jacob's sleeves. Jacob was hugging him tightly, but he didn't respond for a while.

Finally, he whispered, "Yeah, but did you ever ask yourself if it will be hard for me?"

Harry was taken aback by the bold statement. It'll be hard for Jacob? How? Why?

"Why?" Harry looked up and asked, truly confused. Both of them were very soaked.

"Harry, you've been my best friend for seven years! Isn't that worth something?" Jacob closed in and took Harry in his arms again. Harry heard a sniffle, and then smiled a faint smile.

"You're crying," Harry pointed out, sniffling himself, and then chuckling. Jacob's breath hitched and his heart clenched.

"I'm not crying. I'm just...yeah, I'm crying. Crap, Harry! You're leaving! Is there any reason for me not to cry?" he chuckled, and his arms got tighter. He wanted this. He wanted Harry to be free from them. He wanted Harry to have a chance... right? If so, then why is thishurting him inside so badly?

"Jake--can't--breathe!" Harry gasped, and Jacob instantly let go, apologetic. His eyes were teary but he's smiling. Harry's breath hitched--he'd never seen this Jacob before.

"At least you'll be safe from them. Are you going to be safe there? What school is it? Where is it found? Can I visit some time?" Jacob asked a flurry of questions enthusiastically. Harry smiled again. He adored Jacob when he's in his usual warm, charismatic, jibber-y side. He threw the guy another hug.

"I'm just going to miss you, Jake. I promise I'll write to you."

"Alright, Harry. I'll miss you, too."


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