Sadie: These are a few drabbles I came up with some of them will be based on pictures or role plays. Enjoy. |D


This was it.

It was now or never.

Toris Lorinaitis swallowed the lump in his throat & approached the Russian.

"M-may speak with you please?" he asked politely.

The blond man nodded & came near him.

This was it.

"I-Ivan Braginski I'd like to ask you something," he continued hesitantly "W-will you ma-" before he could finish the sentence his knees gave out & he fell to the floor.

A small black velvet box tumbled out of his hand as he hit the floor.

The Russian cocked his head & picked it up.

Inside of it was a diamond ring.

He fully understood now.

He picked up the smaller man who was drifting in & out of consciousness.

"Yes, I will marry you." he said with a smile before he placed a light kiss on the brunettes lips.

He put him back down & walked away.

But this time Ivan Braginski walked away from him with not only a smile on his face, but with a ring on his finger as well.


Sadie: |D How was that? umm....Was it at least okay?