Hello there, I'm Kaliu. This is my first attempt at writing a fanfiction – even though I have read many. My favorite manga has always been Tsubasa RESERVoir chronicles, followed by Naruto, so why not put them together? At least that was my thought ^_^

I spent a lot of time rewriting and editing to try to make this chapter the best that I could, and I hope that it will attract at least some interest. Also, you only need to have read up to the first couple of volumes of Tsubasa to be up to date with what is happening. Naruto is before the Shippuden series, and you need to have read up to the part past the Chuunin exams and Sasuke has already left.

I had a map of Konoha that I was going to use, but FanFiction ate the link. You can find it on my profile, if you are interested.

Lastly, I have just one word to say: enjoy.


"Go Syaoran, give the feather to Sakura! Just run!" Fai yelled over his shoulder as I hesitated, while parrying an ogre twice his size with his staff. I stiff hovered uncertainly near the battle.

"But I can't just leave you, I-"

"Kid, just go! We can take them!" Kurogane snarled while reeling back and beheading an ogre that had attempted to sneak up on him. Its huge axe dropped from the now-limp grip and made a dull thump on the ground, while its head rolled to my feet, with the tongue lolling out of his mouth, giving a creepy appearance. I promptly kicked it away, and grabbed a sword lying nearby from another fallen ogre. The ugly creatures were everywhere, all with light green skin and differences varying from horn lengths to the number of eyes. They were fearsome and cruel warriors, and they were doing everything they could to kill us.

I firmly grasped the sword that was in my hands, and looked around for some way I could help. The battle was almost over, but Fai and Kurogane were sure to be tired, and I wasn't about to leave them alone in this.

I spotted Kurogane elegantly exchanging blows with two ogres that both had horns over three feet long. They roared in rage every time Kurogane nimbly dodged their swords, and screamed twice as loud every time they were hit. But there was a third ogre looming nearby with a heavy club in his hands, and an expression of malicious intent. "Here we go!" I murmured, as I began to run at full sprint; and I took a slash at the ogre.

My sword hit with no resistance, and I slashed his torso from shoulder to hip and gave him a roundhouse kick to the head for good measure. His face was an expression of pure shock as he fell to the ground with a loud thud, unconscious. I then looked up, and saw that Kurogane had already slain his two opponents, and was giving me his usual look of disdain for trying to help him. Go figure.

"My God kid," Kurogane said, as he sat down on a nearby rock, exhausted. "Can you not listen to a damn thing I say?"

I pretended to be suddenly interested in my sword, so I would be spared from answering. Kurogane stared at me intently for a couple of seconds more, until he gave up with a "Bah! Kids!"

At that moment, whether by chance or on purpose, the cheering, teasing voice of Fay interrupted the temporary silence.

"Awww, is Kura-tan angry? Why is he angry? Kuro-tannnnnnnnn-"

"Will you shut the hell up?" Kurogane shot back, clearly exasperated.

"But I just worry about your welfare, Kuro-tan. Really."

"Well, I would start worrying about your own welfare if you say that name one more time."

"Kuro-tan, Kuro-tan~"

Absolutely pissed off, Kurogane opened his mouth to start yelling, but at that moment, the relieved voice of Princess Sakura came floating. "Thank goodness you are all alright!" She cried as she ran closer, with Mokona bouncing happily on her head. Kurogane gave one glance at the creature and went back to cleaning his sword while muttering, "Freakin' manjuu bun.."

As Princess Sakura covered the last few feet quickly and went to embrace everyone in turn. Fay happily returned it, while Kurogane stiffened awkwardly. I reddened, as usual.

Mokona, who had jumped onto Fay's shoulder, had stiffened with a faraway look in its eyes.

"Mokona saw… trouble! Big trouble, huge! Syaoran, hurry!" Mokona said, waving its arms around cutely. Kurogane looked like he wanted to flick it off Fay's shoulder.

"What do you mean, Mokona?" Sakura asked curiously.

In response, Mokona pointed out to the North, where a huge cloud of dust was brewing, and in it, more ogres. Reinforcements have arrived, great.

Suddenly, the ground started to shake, and it was not from any known presence. All activity stopped, and suddenly, out of nowhere, a booming voice started to say, "You foolssss, ssstealing my fffeatther. You will pay for your crimesss. My army, kill ttthem and leave no ssuriviversss!"

The ogres all simultaneously lifted their swords above their heads and roared a battle cry as they started to charge.

During this time, many things happened at once.

As the ogres ran closer and closer, eyes intent on their prey, several things happened at once. Syaoran grabbed the feather than was hidden in his jacket, and held it in front of Princess Sakura. She smiled apologetically, and accepted the feather. As she put it delicately in front of her chest, the feather released white light, and flew inside of her. Her eyes grew wide, and then closed slowly with the inevitable slumber. As she started to fall, Syaoran caught her.

The ogres were twenty yards away.

Fay and Kurogane both leapt into defensive positions, respectively. Kurogane was grinning his toothy smile, muttering "Hell yeah!" under his breath. Fay looked back at Mokona at his shoulder.

"Are we leaving yet? Because now would be a really convenient time, if you catch my drift." Fay said, lifting his eyebrow.

Ten yards.

Mokona nodded happily; with that, the wind started to blow, and the creature grew a magnificent of wings, and engulfed the party.

Five yards.

The first ogre lifted its sword, and attempted to swing at Fay. He had a clear shot; his mind told him death would come…

However, the sword only hit the sandy earth, and it only succeeded in getting stuck. They were gone.

Everything was silent then; even the ogres, which was a feat within itself. The ogre that attempted to slash at Fay was looking at the sand dumbly, like its brain couldn't comprehend what had happened.


We were spinning, faster and faster yet I was not dizzy. I was used to this, and I simply clutched the sleeping girl in my arms closer to my chest, for I was afraid of being separated again. I cherished any sort of contact with her. All her smiles melted my heart and I was grateful for anything I could get, for the deal that we made with Yuko was still in place - and it seemed like it would always be. Our past relationship was forgotten in her mind, but that doesn't mean it would fade in mine.

I would make sure of that.

All five of us were in a vacuum now, a place outside of the different worlds with Mokona as our guide. Everything here was a confused mess; it was impossible to navigate. If you went somewhere, it was guaranteed that if you stayed, thirty seconds later the location that it would take you too would change. This place was odd, almost like a being itself. Mokona started to propel forward, and before long, we were being sucked into another world.


There was a flash, and then we were here. The force of the transfer from world to world was especially strong this time, and all of us went flying in different directions. Fay flew forward, and squished Mokona into the ground, Kurogane landed face-first into the ground, and was now sporting various new scratches, while I landed against a building, still holding onto Princess Sakura. Lastly, Kurogane's sword had apparently separated from him, and it fell to a stop a mere five inches away from my head. We all froze at the sound of the weapon quivering, and we still didn't relax even after the blade had gone still.

As we took a good look around our surrounding, we knew we were yet again in a strange, new place. It was certainly a lot different than any of the other places we had been to. The buildings were of one style, but the shingles were of varying colors that gave the place a friendly feeling to it. To the north were huge mountains of carved faces, which in front of them stood a building that was obviously grander than the others.

Not only were the buildings different, but so were the people. There was no style of dressing, for everyone wore mostly common or extreme outfits. Fishnets for your legs and arms seem to be a popular style here, apparently. Odd.

But we were in luck – no one had apparently notice four humans appear out of nowhere that were semi-armed with an unconscious girl and some strange white and fluffy creature. Either luck was on our side, or these people were just naturally unobservant.

It was not until we had all gotten up when we had noticed a distinct smell that had been there the whole time, but the village's wonders had simply distracted us from it. It was the smell of food, and good food, on that note.

"Damn, that smells good," Kurogane said, licking his lips and attempting to peek behind the wall. In it was a shop with some sort of characters.

"Can you guys read them?" I asked.

Kurogane frowned, and shook his head, while Fay attempted to take a look. Mokona was still perched on his head, and it the process, the creature fell over, and rolled to the feet of a customer.

We all froze, while Kurogane looked like he was trying to strangle air, along with a barely murmured, "Fricking bun, look what you did now!"

I rolled my eyes while Fay was giggling. Mokona didn't look relatively worried, not even when the dog by one of the customers started to sniff the air and throw occasional glances of curiosity at it. But then again, it was hard to tell.

Mokona rolled to a stop at the foot of a boy with extremely blonde hair, blue eyes, and a ridiculous orange jumpsuit. He was slurping down his noodles at the speed of light, at which the boy next to him was looking on with mild disgust on his face.

"Naruto, you pig! Stop eating so much because I'm not paying for all of that!" The boy next to him said, with the dog growling his support. The boy had short, brown hair, black eyes with red triangles pointing down painted on his cheeks. The blonde gulped, and then turned to grin with a big thumbs up.

"Not my fault you lost that bet, Kiba." He taunted, still grinning. He was awfully close to Mokona…

"Gah! That's not fair, there has to be a limit on what you can buy – I'm not going broke for your sake!"

The blonde boy – apparently named Naruto, leaned back in his seat and sighed contently, patting his stomach. "I don't think I can eat anymore," he said grinning, "but I think I can stomach in one more bowl; what do you think Kiba?"

"Hell no!"

"Well I am, believe it!"

And with that, he lifted his foot for more effect and brought it down to the ground while lifting his fist in the air, looking like he had just won the lottery. But his foot landed on a surprisingly familiar white fluffy thing that was attempting to crawl away, and had failed.

Crap, he stepped on Mokona!

Curiously, Naruto tried to set his foot down, but he met resistance, aka Mokona.

"The hell, I think I just stepped in a giant wad of gum," He said, while Kiba snickered next to him. Naruto bent down and was about to grasp Mokona; it seemed like time sped up, for his hand was getting closer and closer…

Behind me, Kurogane smack his head against the wall in aggravation.

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