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It had been a full day since his 'talk' with Dumbledore and Harry had been extremely busy making preparations for the destruction of the ministry, and thusly the tipping of the initial domino which would lead to the end of blood purity being an issue in Britain. It was merely a bonus at this point that Riddle would be within the building as it was vaporized.

Due to the fact that the ministry was located in the middle of London a smaller yield bomb was to be used, and even then Harry had been placing muggle repelling wards throughout the area to prevent any collateral damage. The office above had been cleared out under the guise of a gas leak, and the surrounding buildings had been dealt with similarly. Blueprints of the ministry building had been researched heavily and the spot for placement of the bomb had been selected very carefully to maximize destruction of the ministry proper, but prevent damage to the surrounding buildings.

Harry watched the entrance of the ministry under the protection of his invisibility cloak; the phone booth entrance had been replaced by the use of an entrance more similar to that of Diagon Alley. The first floor of the office building had a stairway was a large flat wall at the base. Someone had already placed a muggle repelling ward on the outside that kept curious eyes away, and it was a simple matter of tapping the proper bricks with the wand to gain entry.

A particularly large group lurched into the room and Harry decided to make his move, sliding in behind the group and following them into the entrance. He felt the presence of several wards even through his cloak, but he was unafraid of detection due to true history of the heirloom he was aware of, the cloak which could hide from death itself. Another of the little details Dumbledore had conveniently forgotten, of course Sirius had been the one to explain some Potter family history to him, and a little more research into arcane magical history had led him to his present knowledge.

A particularly fat faced wizard walked up to the two who apparently acted as security, "Well let's get on with it then. Some of us actually have to work for a living you sod."

Harry smirked as the two wizards went to work leaving the way clear as he simply walked into the atrium of the ministry, spotting the large statue which still proclaimed the brotherhood of magical beings or some such nonsense. His next step involved doing random department checks for imperius conscripts and portkeying them to safety if at all possible.


David Stewart was waiting; it wasn't the sort of waiting that one could sit around and relax during either. No, he sat in his seat fidgeting like a 9 year old with too much sugar in their diet, hoping that Harry Potter could clean the one real global threat that existed presently in the magical world from the map. There were several ICW obliviation, construction, and peace keeping experts just waiting for the word to signal their entrance into Britain to begin the clean up process.

Potter would receive all of the highest honors possible, but it wouldn't be made into a media spectacle, the young man had stated he had enough fame already without adding to it. In fact, Stewart had finally agreed that the awards would be given anonymously with special notations made that if the recipient ever wished the awards to be made public all he had to do was ask.

Deciding that he couldn't simply sit still for the indeterminate future Stewart stood and walked over to his dart board on the other side of his office. A picture of Albus Dumbledore served as the background with several holes indicating that it had been used for some time. It was an interminable wait, but by the time the day was through hopefully it would all be well worth it.


Harry felt faintly ill as he finished his random checks for the imperius curse victims. He had checked at least 20 witches and wizards from every department in the building save for the Department of Mysteries, it had taken over 3 hours, and he had found 2 people in the entire building being compelled to be here. They had been given portkeys to a safe house and Harry said a little prayer in the hopes that he didn't miss someone who was not guilty.

The bomb was to be placed just outside of the Minister of Magic's office, meaning that Harry's next stop was in to the very heart of the Lion's den. Carefully he navigated through the building, avoiding all the trap wards and patrols he came across. A few familiar faces flashed through his field of vision, but none that were shocking in their presence and he finally reached the final corridor a feeling of anticipation filled his very being.

A few half formed plans were already bubbling in his mind, the more creative one was winning as opposed to the blood filled one, he felt no desire to have any more blood on his hands than necessary, and personal or grudge attacks would be to the contrary of that wish.

Using the most passive magic he could think of, a magical ping of sorts was sent out by Harry signifying the number of magic users in a small amount of area and their relative strengths. The return seemed to indicate Voldemort and four others were in the room. With care Harry began to inscribe intricate and alien looking runes around the doorway, the results of which would affect a time dilation of sorts for everyone inside the room. For every one second inside the room one minute passed in the outside world, until the bomb he was already placing eradicated everything within the specified area.

The ward activated just as Harry started the smart bomb into its final countdown session, giving him 20 minutes to exit the ministry and move free of the explosion. Opening the door with a wave of his hand Harry scanned the room seeing the effects of the ward for the first time with his eyes; it was a very peculiar sight. Voldemort sat behind the desk looking as serpentine as their last meeting, Delores Umbridge, Severus Snape, Lucius Malfoy, and a squat looking wizard that Harry assumed was Pius Thicknesse.

For the final time Harry reached out with his Legilimency skills checking the Puppet Minister for traces of the Imperius curse. With his cursory scan he could find no traces of the curse and if the man had once been under the curse he had since accepted his role in Voldemort's army.

Shaking his head Harry closed the door with a wave of his hand well before any in the room would even notice it had happened on anything more than a subconscious level. The entire scan had taken roughly fifteen seconds.

Harry took off at a fast walk heading towards the exit with as much care and swiftness he could manage all at once. As he passed the DMLE office he idly noticed some confusion about an apparent ward malfunction. While the master wards had detected Harry's ward, they had not been able to detect its location and its purpose due to the hard to define nature of the ward.

As he reached the atrium Harry breathed a quiet sigh of relief and continued towards the entrance/exit of the building. With the influx and outflow of any government building Harry was free and clear of the building watching in somewhat perverse amusement as those he followed out were immediately captured by ICW supplemental forces.

Harry moved out of sight range and removed his cloak, balling it up and placing it in the backpack he still had on. Reaching into an insulated pocket he removed the cell phone he had for just this specific instance. Dialing the number he had been instructed an anxious voice asked, "This is Stewart."

Harry glanced at his watch and confirmed, "We are at t-minus five minutes until confirmation, and the baby has been placed in the cradle. Repeat baby is in the cradle and the babysitter is watching it from a front row seat, confirmed."

The voice on the other line exhaled a great breath of air and confirmed, "I copy, and I very much look forward to the end of this particular nightmare. Your bird is waiting at Heathrow as we discussed, you can stay around for the fireworks or beat the show."

Harry rubbed at his eyes and replied, "I need to see this through as this point sir, but as soon as I copy a detonation I am leaving the place before it takes any more of my soul."

The silence on the other end was stifling and Harry hung up before he bared any more of his soul to the head of the ICW. Five minutes later the building which housed the Ministry of Magic was obliterated from the inside, the dark wizard known as Lord Voldemort would never terrorize an innocent ever again, likewise the Britain Magical community would long be recovering from the depravities of those helming the pureblood supremacy movement.


Epilogue – 18 months later


Harry's personal beach was filled with the sounds of laughter and happiness on a sunny and hot summer day. The smell of grilled beef and hamburgers also filled the air as Harry and the most important people to him were celebrating Hermione successfully completing her masteries in Magical History and Transfiguration.

The world at large had been hectic for many months following the end of Lord Voldemort and his army of followers. The official ICW story had claimed a magical explosion due to experiments conducted in the Department of Mysteries had been the cause, but a private ceremony in the United States had given Harry his due credit with an International Order of Valor that was stipulated to be made public if Harry ever desired it.

It took a few months of therapy for Harry to find peace in the actions he had been forced to take, and ultimately he had accepted the words he had been telling his heart ever since he first made plans to deal with Britain on his own terms.

Harry flipped the burgers and steaks on the grill and smiled as Sirius dumped his girlfriend Sarah into the water before she repaid him in kind when she pulled him down into the water. Remus and Tonks were rolling a beach ball with their toddler son Teddy, clapping their hands when he tried to grasp the ball. Hermione meanwhile was sunning on the beach a few feet away, her tiny red bikini was constantly drawing his attention away from everything else much to her amusement if the smirk on her face could be attributed.

With some deft flipping of his grill tools Harry called out, "Food's ready people, if you don't hurry Dobby will eat it all." Laughs could be heard all over as Harry glanced over at his little friend who merely shrugged unrepentant in his love of hamburgers.

The group all settled around the large handcrafted picnic table, Harry had taken to working with wood of many kinds as a hobby when he wasn't leading hikes as a tour guide to the nearby National Parks.

The group dug into the food and Harry glanced around smiling slightly as he took in his family, it seemed as though his life had finally come full circle. He had a brief period he couldn't remember where he was loved and free to live his life, even if that amounted to his latest filled diaper and laughing at his parents or silly uncles. Then fate intervened and took that happiness away, and while he admitted that Hogwarts was better than the Dursleys for the most part, he still was tangled in the same web that had taken his parents away. Azkaban had focused him on the way the world worked when simple actions like empathy and understanding were not nearly common enough in the magical world. Instead it forced Harry to plan ahead, finding ways to make his plans work, and his biggest plan was finding a way to be happy and in control of his own life.

Finally, he made it to Australia and discovered that glimmer of peace and happiness he had long sought, even at a time when he didn't know what that meant. Now, he was loved, healthy, and he had exorcised those demons of the past, and it had been an extremely formative experience.

Reaching over he took Hermione's free hand and kissed her upturned palm, smiling warmly at his fiancé, life had given him bitter disappointments, but when he repaid them with his own brand of dark recompense he discovered a universal truth. We all control our own destinies when it comes down to it, and as he bathed in the laughter and smiles of the day he considered it a truth well learned.

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Harry felt a nervous sort of anticipation as he gazed down at the animagus revealing potion, Remus and Sirius had been teasing him for days that his form would probably be something like an Orangutan.

Taking the goblet of potion Harry closed his eyes and took a sip of the noxious fluid, looking hopefully as Remus and Sirius watched him eagerly. In a way it felt like he had taken polyjuice potion, his body struggling to change even though it was not designed to do so.

Harry felt himself shrink onto the table top, but suddenly it seemed like the world was strangely shaped and the air carried scents and sounds he had never noticed before.

Remus and Sirius shared a look before Remus opened a nearby book thumbing through it with practiced ease, smirking he looked over and said, "Well Padfoot, it looks like we turned him into a Newt."

Sirius barked a laugh as he looked down as his godson who was twitching his tail in experimentation, arching his eyebrow after a moment of thought he replied, "He'll get better."

Harry gazed up as the pair broke out into laughter before the potion began to wear off and he began to shift back to his human form. He excitedly asked, "So, what was I?"

He would be disappointed as Remus and Sirius flopped to the floor and rolled around in laughter, only at a later time Harry would decide to obliviate the pair of that specific memory, some things just weren't worth dealing with the pair.

So there you have, I turned him into a Newt…but, he got better.