It was clear after our last heist that the shit had really hit the fan. We couldn't do that anymore. But, it would have been nice to have the money that we were expecting from it. It had been a big load, full of televisions. But, it was clear that we had pushed our limits with that one. It was a shame because, with one exception, it had been a great rush. And, it had been easy money- easy…well easy is debatable. It had been fast money. Where else in one night could you land thousands of dollars worth of free merchandise?

After my car flipped, Leon came back and got me. It should have been Dom, but I wasn't too mad. I knew that Vince needed some serious help that Leon couldn't have given him. Leon was a good driver, but not that good. I didn't know what I'd done to myself, but I hurt. Leon put me in the backseat so I could spread out. We went and picked up Dom. He came over to me. I couldn't look him in the eye. I don't even remember what he said to me. I'm sure he told me he loved me. That was his "fix all" way of handling a problem with me. Well, either that or something a bit more physical, which I preferred.

I wished that I could have helped get Vince off that truck. I wished that I wasn't mad at Dom for making us go do this with him. We all thought it was a bad idea. You don't just keep rolling when one of your crewmembers was down. We should have spent that night going to look for Jesse. If we had, maybe things would have been different- for all of us. Different.

I was trying to pay attention to all the noise going on outside the car when Dom went to check on Vince. I looked out the window and saw Brian, Mia, and Dom standing over Vince. I had never been very religious, that was more Mia and Dom's thing, but I started praying. The next thing I knew there was a helicopter and Dom was yelling at Mia to get in the car.

The ride back to the Thermal was a quiet one. I guess it was inevitable that one of the truckers would have a gun at some point. We thought we were invincible. We could drive through anything. Clearly, that did not prove to be the case. We only had two cars stashed, the rest were still at Race Wars. Leon took one of the cars back to Race Wars to deal with the cars we had left there and the trailer. Mia drove one of the cars back to LA and Dom and I took the other one. I knew Dom wanted to talk.

"Are you okay?" he asked, looking over at me as he sped down the highway.

"Am I okay?" I asked full of attitude. This had been the same response I had received from him a few nights ago. But, I couldn't take a fight right now. Usually, I loved fighting. It was what put the spark in our relationship. With Jesse being lost, Vince being flown by the police to the hospital, and my entire body aching, I just didn't have it in me. So I conceded. "I don't know."

"Do you want to stop at a hospital?" he asked.

"We can't go to a hospital. Jesse would be dead before I ever saw a doctor. And, Brian probably has the LAPD on our ass right now," I said, closing my eyes trying to fight off the pain.

"Leon is making arrangements with Hector to help get some of the cars back to the house so they don't get boosted. As soon as he makes it back, I think you and Leon should go to Mexico. I'll find Jesse and we'll meet you down there," he said, focusing on the road. I thinking looking at my face, despite the fact I was trying to hide the pain, it was clear and too much for him to handle.

I didn't respond. There was no point. Everything had just fallen apart. Odd, but I knew that it was starting to happen the minute we started the heist. I'm a pretty determined person, though, and I'll do anything for Dom. But, it's an interesting moment when you can exactly pinpoint the second in your life when everything goes to shit. Things were crumbling. Vince had been around forever. I couldn't imagine running off to Mexico without him. He was my brother, maybe not by blood, by oil runs thicker than blood.

We didn't say much else until we pulled up in the driveway. Dom and I were like that. Sometimes, we could talk for hours. I think I was the only person that Dom would have real conversations with. He was very reserved about that. It was as if talking, to him, was a sign of weakness. Dom could never show weakness. But then, neither could I. We understood that about each other.

Mia was already back when we pulled in. How she beat Dom back I will never know. Mia came running up to the car and opened my car door. She helped me out and we went into the house. Dom followed. I sat down on the sofa. Mia came running in with a first aid kit. I loved her constant need to take care of all of us. But, if she didn't it was certain that we would have be living in complete filth and eating much worse than we did.

She cleaned the cut on my face as Dom went into the other room and made some calls.

"Alright, thanks, I really owe you one, brother," he said, hanging up his phone.

"Where does it hurt Letty?" Dom said, walking over to me as Mia continued to pour peroxide over my cuts. I think she was punishing me for going in the first place.

"I wish you would have just listened to me, Dom," she said, glaring at him.

"Not now, Mia," he said with an annoyed laugh. "Have you heard from Jesse?"

"No," she said quietly.

"Well, we gotta find him. Listen, as soon as Leon gets back I want the three of you to make your way to the border. Here is some cash," he said handing Mia a very large stack of bills.

"I can't just run away, Dom. What about the store? What about the garage? I haven't done anything wrong," she said, putting the vicious bottle down and redirecting her attention towards him.

"You want to explain to the cops where we went? You want us to go to jail?" he asked rather rhetorically.

She just sighed and shook her head. I felt bad that she got wrapped up in all this. Mia tried so hard to make an honest living. And, to try to convince us to do the same thing. But, I'm not going to blame this all on Dom. We were just as into the heists as he was. It was a rush. The speed and the cash was impossible to pass up. It was like an addiction.

Just then I heard about three engines roar up in the driveway. Less than three seconds later, Leon busted through the door with Hector and his boy Juan.

"Safe and secure, brother," Leon said, tossing multiple sets of keys up to Dom.

"Thanks for your help guys. Listen, I don't think this is really a place you want to be hangin' around right now," Dom said to Hector and Juan.

"I hear that, brother. Listen, take care of yourself," he said, turning around and leaving.

"How you doin' Letty?" Leon asked. I looked up at him and then looked down. I didn't feel like talking.

"Alright, Dom, what's the plan brother?" Leon asked. He looked like he was ready to get in a fight.

"You got to take Letty and Mia and get out of here. Go down to the border and I'll find Jesse and meet you down there," he explained.

"You sure?" he asked. Leon was never one to go against what Dominic said. He knew how much Dom cared about Mia and I. But, he knew asking was pointless. Dom never took things back. He didn't speak unless it meant something.

"Yeah," was all he said to that. "And, you need to roll now before the cops bust in here."

"I'm not going anywhere, Dom. I'll go but only after we find Jesse," Mia insisted.

"Mia, don't push me on this one," he said, anger starting to flare up in his voice. But, she wasn't backing down. She had a look of desperation in her eyes that I had only seen once or twice before.

"Fine," he said, "do what you gotta do. But, Leon you need to take Letty out of here."

"Gotcha," he said, picking up his keys to go.

"Hold on," Dom said walking over to me. He looked down at me, putting his hands on my arms. I looked up at him, the first time I'd looked in his eyes since before the heist. The way Dom looked at me, it was unlike the way he looked at anyone else. Despite all we had been through, all we put each other through; we knew that we were meant for each other. We had done enough to sabotage our own relationship, it was clear that nothing was going to break us apart. "That dream is going to come true, baby. It will just be you and me, none of the bullshit. Will you stand by me?"

He had asked me this question before. Two people as insecure as Dom and I needed constant reminders of affection. To some this would probably get annoying. To us, it was nice. I liked having someone need me to tell them how I felt. And, God knows I needed to hear it. This question made me think like it had not before. We had been through so much. Flashes of our life together started running through my head. I looked down at the floor trying to organize my thoughts. When I looked into Dom's eyes, I couldn't think, I just got lost. So, instead, I focused on the floor. I saw Dom as the badass little boy getting in fights with older guys just to prove himself. I saw him laughing and working on cars with his Dad and I. I saw him at his Dad's funeral. I saw all of our firsts, kiss, sex, etc. I saw him, saving me from my past and giving me the type of comfort I had never felt before. I saw him in his orange jumpsuit leaving for Lompoc. I saw him coming back. I saw him so stressed with finances it led him back into a life of crime. I was already too far in. Not having Dom would be like not having air. It wasn't an option. I would die without him. So, I finally gave him my answer.