A/N: For anyone who is still reading this story, it is about to get some major action. I had insane writers block and could not come up with a good overall action plot. Well, I have one now. So here it goes. Thanks to anyone who is still with me!

I woke up to the bright sun glaring through the bare window. He needed to get curtains. This was not going to work for me. The house was quiet. That seemed abnormal due to the group that was residing in the house. I sat up and felt a complete head rush. I felt dizzy. Great. So far this pregnancy was a blast and I was only a couple of months in.

I walked down the hall towards the kitchen. The kitchen and the den were completely empty. Where was everybody? I walked over to the back door. I looked out towards the ocean. I noticed Mia and Jesse sitting in the sand. There was no one else. I walked outside and towards them.

"Hey Mama," Jesse said as I approached.

I just shot him a glare. How did he know?

"Whoa somebody's getting a death stare," Mia joked.

"Did you tell him?" I questioned accusingly.

"No but the walls are pretty thin here, Let. Everybody sort of heard when you are Dom were having your, what did you call it, talk? Yesterday," she said smiling coyly.

Fantastic. Well I guess there goes trying to keep it quiet.

"Where is everybody," I questioned, begging for the subject to be changed. "And what is all this shit you are setting up?"

Jesse had piles of electronic equipment, most of which I couldn't understand, and some old computer. He was fiddling with wires and boxes.

"Oh just trying to eavesdrop," he smiled.

"Whatever," I responded shaking him off. "Is there coffee?" I turned to Mia.

"Letty you can't drink coffee," she scolded.

I shook my head in shock. "Why the hell not?"

"You can't drink coffee when you're pregnant. You know you really should think about buy What to Expect When You're Expecting or something so that you can learn about what is good and bad for the baby."

"I'll tell you what's gonna be bad for the baby is when I kill everyone in this house because I don't get my morning coffee."

"How about tea?" she offered.

"How about no."

"Fine, half a cup. And I'm putting a lot of milk in it," she conceded.

"Oh boy, sounds like that's really going to do the trick."

Just then Dom, Vince, Brian, and Leon entered the door. They were deep in conversation. But given as they were in the middle, it was hard to immediately catch on. As Dom walked by, he kissed me briefly.

"Morning, beautiful," he whispered in my ear.

"So how's it coming, Jesse," Brian asked as he walked over to Mia and immediately embraced her. She was in the process of pouring my coffee. I scowled at him. I didn't want anything else getting in the way of me and my caffeine.

"Uh…just…about…ready," Jesse said, still tinkering away and not bothering to look up.

"So you guys want to fill us in or what?" I asked, finally accepting my cup from Mia and taking a long swig of the warm goodness.

"The Mad Scientist over here's figured out a way to bust into the Beltran pipeline," Dom said.

"What? Who?" I was confused.

"Leon, I thought you said you told her about Hector Beltran Layva and the cartel," Dom looked over toward Leon.

"I did. I told her all I knew."

"He told me. But what's that got to do with all this crap everywhere?" I questioned.

"This crap is gonna save our asses," Dom replied.

"If we can get a hookline in on Layva's phone calls, we can stay one step ahead. Or at least be on the same page instead of constantly looking over our shoulders, waiting to see who's going to be shooting next," Brian elaborated.

"So you are going to try to tap into his phone line?" I asked.

"Not just his phone line. His computer system too. Find out who he's got workin' for him, runnin' for him. Find out everything about him," Dom said.

"Yeah, we're even gonna know when he takes a shit," Vince added.

"Eww, Vince," Mia chimed in.

Vince smiled.

"And…we're…hold on…yeah, we're in," Jesse said, smiling wildly to himself.

"You got phone and his system?" Brian checked.

"I wired it the other day when we were out by his headquarters. Now it feeds directly into his hard drive. If he uploads something, we, well, we should, uh, know about it. And if he calls, well the words, see, they're going to show up. Right here," he pointed to a green screen. "Right here on the screen. Both people talking."

"Wow," I was shocked at their productivity in such a short amount of time. But then, Dom's always been one to make things move fast.

"So we take turns monitoring it. 24/7, someone is always at that computer," Dom ordered.

"Whoa…uh, Dom, you better come take a look at this, man," Jesse said as if surprised.

Brian and Dom both headed over to the computer.

"Shipments, orders, dates," Brian said. "From years back."

"Yeah and the cash flow that went along with it," Dom added.

"He pulling in 2, 3 mil a week!" Brian exclaimed.

"Jess, Brian, you go through that, see if there is something we can use," Dom again ordered.

They both nodded, engrossed in the work already.

"And you," Dom said, walking up to me slowly. "Come with me."

He took my hand before even waiting for an answer. He led me out the door. He called back, "V, Leon, you guys are in charge of arms. We got to amass an arsenal up in here."

Vince smiled. Leon said, "no problem," with an equally as enthused smirk.

"Where are we going?" I asked as he led me out the door.

"Get in," he said in his just do it voice. He opened the door to his red 69 Chevelle SS. Without a seconds wait, he closed the door and was immediately sitting in the driver's seat.

We drove in silence for a few minutes. He reached his hand over, brushing the insides of my thigh.

"Where are we going, Dom?"

"I overreacted the other day," he said, without answering.

"That's an understatement," I huffed.

"You overreacted too. Plus you kept this from me."

"Dom I didn't know…" I started and was cut off.

"None of that matters anymore, Let," he looked over at me. It was that caring look. "We got to get serious. Serious about this. You call the shots. Tell me what's going to happen."

"I guess I'm going to get real fat and you better still think I'm hot or I'll fucking kill you," I threatened in as serious a tone as I could muster.

"I'll always think you're beautiful." Still driving, he leaned over and passionately kissed me.

When the kiss ended, lightyears later, I said, "well you just be singing the same tune when my ankles are the size of my neck and I can't see my feet at all and all I want is pickles and ice cream."

"The food thing I can do, the no feet thing I can do, but I may be having second thoughts now that you told me about the k-ankles," he joked.

I punched him in the side, "shut up asshole."

He let out a small laugh.

"Do you feel okay?" he asked, concern rising again.

"Right now I do. Although I'd feel a lot better if I knew where we were going."

"First stop, Mia told me I got to get you some prenatal vitamins. There's a store up here. Then, I want to take you to my favorite spot."

"Is this the spot you been taking all the ladies since this gringo has been in Mexico?" I joked, motioning to him upon the 'gringo' remark.

He just smiled back with that cocky grin of his. I knew he hadn't taken anyone. He hadn't been here that long. Granted, Dom has the ability to work quick with the ladies. I knew he would not do that to me. And from the looks of things, the boys had been nonstop busy since they arrived.

We got to the store. I noticed Dom's Spanish had improved, slightly, since he had been roaming around all of South America, as he talked to the sales clerk. We bought the vitamins and them some orange juice.

When we got back in the car he says, "what does the label say?"

"Take one a day," I read.

"Go ahead and take one," he said.

"Hey if you think I'm going to spend the next 6 or 7 months doing everything you say, I think we have our stories mixed up. The preggo calls the shots and the guy listens," I quipped.

Dom just let out a laugh. "Letty, you've always called the shots."

I opened the orange juice and sat it on the floorboard between my feet. I opened the pills.

"Oh hell no," I said lifting one out. "These are fucking horse pills."

"You pull down your pants to play, you got to suck it up and pay," he joked.

"Oh yeah, and what do you got to do?"

"I bought the pills."

I finally choked one down. It was terrible. I could even taste how bad it smelled. Surely that wasn't normal. We drove a little while longer. Dom told me about how, at night, they were able to sneak onto Layve's compound. They held cover while Jesse connected whatever cables and transmitters were necessary for the electronic superstore that used to be our living room. Layve had guards around the clock. Of course, Dom, Vince, and Brian were fairly used to dealing with small time guards. It did not prove to be as difficult as they had anticipated. Perhaps Layve was getting careless with his security. Or he was just too confident that no one would dare try to approach him.

"I don't like having you do all this stuff without me," I told him.

"What? Jealous you aren't in on the action? If I'd have known then what I know now I wouldn't have let you come anyway."

"Let me come. No, no, no. Don't you try to pull what everyone else is. I'm not some fragile piece of glass that's gonna break. And no, for your information. I'm not jealous. But ride or die. We ride together, Dom."

We got to the waterfall. It was breathtaking. There were literally no words to describe it. I would never have imagined something so beautiful in a place like this. It came from a river, I would assume. I didn't care. It was there. Flowing. Showing me that things move. We won't always be stuck in this spot.

We walked, silently, hand-in-hand up to the water. It was getting hot. I sat down and just stuck my feet in. I let the cool water consume my thoughts. Dom sat behind me, rubbing my shoulders. Now this was more like it!

We stayed at the waterfall, acting silly. We splashed each other, I pushed him in, he pulled me in after him. We just had fun. We made stupid jokes, reminisced about the dumb things we did as kids. Nothing serious. We were normal again…for a little while anyway. But eventually we had to leave. We couldn't escape reality forever. Not just yet.

When Dom and I got back to the house I could smell the spices of Mia's cooking. I was starving. She had made fajitas. Simple, but delicious! And the tortillas she found, like nothing that could be found in the states. I lost count of how many I ate. But I was pretty sure I gave Vince a run for his money.

When everyone had finally scarfed down enough food to open their mouths for a few seconds, Jesse shouted.

"Holy shit. Um, Dom. Holy Shit," was all he could say, pointing at the computer screen.

Great. What now?