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Chapter 3

"Master! I am not annoying!" Den exclaimed. The small ship was still trudging through Hyperspace, and the quarters seemed to be getting more and more cramped. The journey was a long one, but at least they had the transport to themselves.

Obi-Wan smiled patronizingly, "If you say so, Padawan. You know the rest of the story from here."

"No I don't, and we have 18 hours left! Come on! Why did you pick me to be your Padawan?" Den inquired. Obi-Wan could tell his young learner was bored, but there was nothing he could do about that. Not until they arrived on Mandalore, at least.

"You reminded me of someone I knew when I was your age." Obi-Wan said ambiguously.

"A friend?" Den asked.

"Oh no, but I think you have much more potential." Obi-Wan said fondly.

"More potential?"

Obi-Wan paused for a moment and then said, "Once you overcome your anger, there is no limit to what you will accomplish."

Den rolled his eyes, "Yes, Master."

"Perhaps you should work on your obedience as well, Padawan." Obi-Wan said with a chuckle.

"Come on, Master! Tell me a story!" Den exclaimed, channeling his inner initiate.

"Very well. It all started when you were about twelve and a half..."


Obi-Wan stood at a window, watching the gray-gleaming stirrings of the cityscape beyond the Temple. Truthfully he was not so interested in the bustle as he was in soaking in the unique essence of the Temple itself, the home he rarely saw since attaining his Knighthood.

As a Padawan he was always up for adventure, only reluctantly returning to Coruscant after missions with his Master. Now he understood why the Temple was a needed refuge from the evil and squabbling and plain desperation of the Universe, that even as a senior apprentice there was darkness he was shielded from. He closed his eyes and took an even breath, taking in the peace, releasing the weariness, taking in tranquility---

"Sithspit, Tooga, you know I won! Just get over it!"

"You don't win if you cheat!"

"If I cheated how come no Masters said anything? Talk about a sore loser!"

"You think you impressed any of those Masters? You cheat, Den! And you spar like you're on spice or something!"

"Take it BACK!"

When Obi-Wan heard the first definite blow, he sighed and stepped out from the windowed corner. Down the hallway from him, two male initiates were pushing and shoving, their boots sliding and squeaking against the slick floor.

The Knight walked up to the skirmish, arms crossed. "It's a lovely day outside, don't you think, boys?"

The initiates instantly sprung away from each other, turning wide, guilty eyes to him. The smaller of the pair, a plump human with dark braids, folded his hands. The other boy, tall and whip-thin and white-haired, quirked his lips nervously. "Yes," they answered Obi-Wan in hesitant unison.

"Much too lovely a day to stay inside, pursuing decidedly less lovely endeavors, don't you think?"



"Alright then. Perhaps it would be a good idea to dust each other off, apologize, and go your separate ways. And meditation seems in order as well."

Their shoulders slumped at that, but the boys dutifully straightened tunics and muttered their "sorry"s.

"Very well." He said, dismissing them with a brief nod. The short initiate all but shot down the hallway.

The other boy remained where he was, glancing at Obi-Wan, still sheepish. "Knight Kenobi, I don't know if you heard what Toorga was saying but he's a lying sack of slugs. No one can believe anything he ever says. I didn't cheat. I don't cheat."

Obi-Wan hiked an eyebrow. "What's your name, initiate?"

The boy audibly gulped. "Den Pasar."

"Well, Den," Obi-Wan paused long enough to smile, "I would certainly hope you don't cheat. But calling a fellow initiate a sack of slugs doesn't help your case. I do remember what it was like to be your age."

Den's eyes were lit with relief. "Thank you, Knight Kenobi. I'm really very sorry for fighting. Sometimes Toorga just annoys the sithspit out of me and---"

Obi-Wan was surprised by his own exasperated laughter. "Has anyone ever told you are lacking a verbal filter, young one? You'll need to work on that. A good Jedi must always be diplomatic."

"Yes, Knight Kenobi. My instructors tell me I shouldn't let anything that comes into my head spill out of my mouth. So I'm trying my best with that."

Obi-Wan instinctively started to recite Yoda's particular mantra about the myth of 'try' but caught himself. For star's sake, he was starting to sound like a Master. He touched Den's shoulder briefly. "I'm glad."


Obi- Wan leaned back and exhaled. "I could not navigate the temple hallways without running into you after that."

"I thought you were following me around, Master." Den said, impishly.

"Following you? No, it was the Force. I was meant to train you, Padawan. It could have happened no other way."

Den looked interested and asked, "Really? Is that why you took me as your Padawan so soon after that?"

"Yes, I had a conversation with Master Yoda..."


Master Yoda sat with his eyes closed in a dark room. Obi-Wan Kenobi was standing awkwardly to the side of the room, waiting for an acknowledgment from the Grandmaster of the Jedi Order.

It felt like he had been standing there for an hour. The old master had not moved since he entered the meditation chamber. If Obi-Wan had not reached out into the Force and felt the presence of Yoda, he might have worried for the Master's health.

Suddenly the master spoke,"Felt the spark, have you? Sit."

"I'm sorry Master, the spark?" Obi-Wan said as he sat.

"Felt it you have. See though you I can. The urge to take a Padawan, feel you?"

Obi-Wan was slightly flabbergasted. The thought of taking a student had only just occurred to him. Nothing seemed to get past the wily old Master. "Indeed, how did you know?"

"Since you were an infant, known you I have. Know you I do. Time is it?" Yoda asked.

Obi-Wan let out a small, undignified snort, "I think it might be. Did you know this was why I requested a meeting with you?"

"Know many things, I do. Guessed at this, I did. When for eight hundred years you have trained Jedi, know these things, will you." Yoda said with a chuckle, "Ready are you? Why now?"

"I... I am ready Master. I have been a knight for three years and I may feel a connection to this initiate."

"May? Not Certain, are you?" Yoda asked.

"No, I feel something, but I do not know... I can't describe it. I feel the urge to go to him when there is no reason."

"Hmmmm... Caught your eye, who has?"

"Den Pasar." Obi-Wan said quickly.

"Troubled he is. A good influence on the boy, you will be. Approve, I do. Spoken to him, have you?"

"Not much and not about this, but we do seem to keep crossing paths, Master." Obi-Wan replied.

'Works in mysterious ways, the Force does. Approve of this match, I do." Yoda said with a nod.

"Thank you Master." Obi-Wan said, relieved.

"Approach him soon, you should. Knows his time is almost up, he does. Change that, a master will. Understand this well, you do." Yoda said with what could pass as a smile.


"I must have made a great impression on you, Master." Den veritably beamed. "I always thought it took a lot longer for a Master to decide on the right Padawan."

Obi-Wan leaned back in his chair. "It does, in many cases. But the Force was, as you are, quite insistent. And I have never been in a position to question the will of the Force."

"One thing still bugs me, though."

"And what's that, Den?"

"You still won't admit that Toorga is a sack of slugs."