Just the Right Kind of Wrong


A Rose/Scorpius fic while I finish Mom's New Boyfriend, it's meant to be a little sad.

Everything about what they were doing was wrong: the passionate kissing, the roaming hands, and the soft feel of feminine skin rubbing masculine muscles. It was all so wrong and yet Rose Weasley was still doing it. She was pressing herself against him and sucking the sweet flesh of his tongue inside her mouth. He was such a good kisser and that made it feel even more wrong.

Not only was she breaking the rules, dancing with the forbidden, but she was enjoying the hell out of it.

Good girls didn't do this. Good girls didn't make out with bad boys in broom closets or steal away to quidditch equipment sheds for a between class snog. Good girls didn't lie and say they couldn't go home over break because they needed to study, when really they were shacking up in an empty Slytherin dorm. Weasleys did not dry hump Malfoys in broom closets.

Because it was wrong.

Rose always tried to obey the rules. She always tried so hard to do as she was told and color inside the lines. She obeyed every command her father gave her and listened to her mother's advice.

But Scorpius was the one rule she kept breaking.

She tried to avoid him like father had said, tried to hate him like everyone expected her too. Part of Rose still hated him and his smile and his fancy clothing and his smug, spoiled attitude. He was a bully and a cad and the best sex a teenage girl could ever imagine.

They didn't have some romantic love story, there was no grand tale of doomed lovers avoiding warring houses. Rose hated the Malfoys, Scorpius hated the Weasleys. But every now and then they found themselves drawn together, locked in a never ending cycle of "argue, fight, insult, shag".

Rose remembered the first time they ended up together, once upon a Hogsmeade trip.

It all started when Rose found Scorpius picking on her little brother, Hugo, throwing mud at the boy's head and ruthlessly clapping the back of the younger Weasley's neck till red welts started to appear. She acted quickly to stop him and soon became Scorpius' new target. He hurled insults towards her, ugly biting barbs full of venom. She returned in kind and they continued to battle throughout the weekend. Every time they passed each other street they'd snipe and jab, never giving way to victory and always leaving in a stalemate.

Until Sunday. When Sunday came their whole world changed. On Sunday just before they were supposed to get back on the carriage and go back to Hogwarts, they found themselves inexplicably alone in front of the Shrieking Shack. They tried to continue their little war, shouting and screaming more insults. He stepped closer, she stepped closer, he mocked her family reputation and she ridiculed his family's honor. She slapped him, he pushed her. She slapped him again and heā€¦kissed her.

It was unstoppable after that, a force of nature that sparked up over and over again without warning. It could strike without warning, anywhere and anytime for three straight years.

You could learn a lot about yourself in three years. A lot about the kind of men you were secretly attracted or the ugly side of yourself you never showed anyone. Every night for three years she'd swear off seeing him, quit Scorpius Malfoy like a bad habit. But every night she'd find her way back to him, hating her self the next morning.

Tonight was different, however, tonight was the last time and they both knew it.

"Twelve hours to graduation," She whispered as her tongue ran along the inside of his earlobe, "Looks like we'll finally be rid of each other."

She felt his spine stiffened beneath her grip and she no longer felt his fingers lightly caressing her neck. Scorpius was getting weird again, every night for the past month he would freeze up every time someone mentioned graduation or university or the end of seventh year.

"Oh come now, no need to be nervous, you've got a bright future counting your family money ahead of you."

She awaited his response, some sort of pithy comeback but he only squeezed her chest tightly in possessive hug. "Something wrong?" Rose whispered.

He nodded, then got up and walked out.

Everything about what they were doing was right, Scorpius really believed that. From the first moment he saw her, Scorpius had been hopelessly in love with Rose Weasley. When they finally became lovers three years ago, He naturally assumed that they'd wind up taking their relationship public. Shouting to the roof tops how much they loved each other.

But it never happened. Scorpius never told her how he felt and Rose used him as a "back door" boyfriend when Louis Finnegan wasn't around. She didn't actually love him and he could never bring himself to change her mind.

Tonight would be their last night together before a long existence of endless society parties and a boring, do nothing job at his father's company. This was his last taste of real human contact, even if it was entirely one sided.

"Something wrong?" She asked him and he just nodded, then picked himself up off the floor and exited the broom closet.

There was something wrong but that wasn't the problem. This was the right kind of wrong, a wrong that made things all better and gave a lonely boy a chance to feel happy.

The real problem was that everything was about to go right. That it was going to 'fix itself'. Rose would go off and have a great life with children and friends and he was going to live and die alone, never able to tell her how he felt.

It was just the right kind of wrong.

The End