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Chapter Four

I-a remember strolling down-a the red carpet. The scenes played out so vividly as I-a looked back on-a them. The composer cried out "TESTIFY" several-a times. My-a lovely Genterns trotted onto the stage. Their-a hands entwined in each other's hair. Hands-a in places that were-a not appropriate. They-a let out moans of-a pure ecstacy. I-a grinned. They-a learned well from the Pavi. A Single Mother testified, flashing her new bossom courtesy of-a GeneCo. She-a had quite the lovely figure. I-a gave a thumbs-up next to her. This-a was only the beginning of the Opera. There-a was much more to come as Father had-a later promised the-a audience.

I-a hopped onto the stage next to-a Brother. We exchanged equal smirks and-a glares. Our-a hatred burned in our eyes. I-a remember that. My-a eyes do and-a did not deceive-a me. Blind Mag made-a her debut. She-a always did have such a pretty voice and-a face. Her-a tone ran sad and-a cold. Her-a arms glided out before she brought her-a hands to her eyes.

"Come take these eyes..! I would rather be...blind." She-a took her own-a eyes, leaving blood red-a tears. I-a think it was-a shock to-a everyone. I glanced to-a Father. His-a face was-a troubled. He-a no longer smiled. He-a always wore a frown, calling us disgraces. It-a hurt the Pavi. I-a remember when Papá smiled and-a complimented himself. He-a cut down Mag's attachments, sending her to her-a death. It was-a horrible, but necessary. The Night Surgeon had-a refused to-a kill his-a friend. It-a all led to this-a.

Amber's part of the show had resulted in failure. I-a felt sorry for-a Sister. I-a liked her (as a sister, nothing more.) She-a was a nice-a person to talk-a to when she was-a not on her hit of-a the glow. That-a was almost never. She-a always had to have her Z and-a that filthy GraveRobber. I-a remember when-a she was-a little. She would-a ask me to play dolls with-a her. She-a would play dress-up. She-a was not the Scalpel Slut everyone calls her today. Publicity had-a ruined her as it did to Brother and I.

"Stay tuned, folks! You don't want to move, folks!..." Father continued to-a speak of the one called Shilo and her-a father, the Night Surgeon. I-a paid no attention, the words-a flowing out of my-a mind carelessly. My-a time to shine would be soon. I-a could feel it. He-a would hand GeneCo to me! The Pavi! I was-a the most dashing, after all.

Everything-a blurred by-a so quickly. Papá, the one I-a looked up-a to, shot his once best friend. Everyone was-a stunned. They all-a thought it was-a show. I-a knew. I-a remembered that Father pulled tricks like these. But they were-a good surprises. Not... horrible ones like-a this.

He-a said he was terminally ill. I-a remember him-a whispering that he was-a dying to-a us. "Say it isn't true, Father!" I-a cried out. No. He-a couldn't be dying!

That-a was when he-a deceived us. Father was-a going to give GeneCo to the girl! I-a gritted my teeth. I-a thought he-a loved me. How-a could he do such a thing to the Pavi? I-a was the son he-a loved the most! Wasn't I? I-a felt Luigi's hand close around-a my throat. I-a gasped for air, my hands-a loosely flailing. I-a gripped his-a blazer, wheezing out. It-a was obvious Brother was-a pissed. I, too, was-a 'pissed.'Now, was-a not time to play around with games of false anger, though.

He-a was going to give it all away! To a girl! Some girl, he-a just met. I-a narrowed my eyes, frowning. This was-a not fair. She could-a not take Father from us. I-a grew up with-a the man. He-a said he loved me. I-a spent years with him. She-a just spent a matter of days with-a him, because she-a reminded him of Marni. It-a left-a distaste in-a my mouth.

I-a remembered all of the fond memories with Papá and even-a my siblings. The dinners. The chats. It all-a changed when we-a grew older and-a shaped into the people we-a are today, but... what-a mattered was I-a remembered. This-a little bella would-a not ruin my day. My greatest face. This-a was supposed to be perfect!

On-a Father's death stance, he'a spoke, You're not men, you're monsters!

He-a meant Luigi and I. My-a eyes widened.. My-a heart ached. Why-a, Papá? I-a thought you loved-a me.

Were-a all of those-a memories a lie?

Papa's words-a hurt. Was it-a because I-a stole women's faces? Or-a was it my-a flamboyance and-a raping? I-a don't know. My-a mirror. It-a did the Pavi in-a. Vanity lured me-a. The lust-a to fuck-a the pain away-a. He called-a me a monster... I thought he-a loved me. Everyone loves the Pavi. Papa, am I-a really a....monster?

I thought-a that everyone loved-a the Pavi. That-a included Father. Had I-a been so vain as to-a not see this?

After all-a this time, all-a these memories, I-a just wanted to be loved. I-a just needed to feel-a loved by all to make-a up for what I-a could not have. I-a wanted to be loved in my-a life. I-a remembered... and that-a was all.