OK, quick one shot inspired the awesomeness that is the scrubs music choices (once again), I seriously love this show as anybody knows me would testify, and I have 105 songs used or referenced in scrubs on my iPod

Italics is JD thinking in his head unless I specify the name of another person before hand. Set in season 7 just after Kim has the baby, clear?? Well that's just fantastic Ginny!!

As usual I don't own anything here just my own inspiration, scrubs belongs to Bill Lawrence, thank you. Now read this fiction…

I am sat minding my own business in the canteen when Doctor Cox paged me to the nurse's station, I arrived to find him looking rather angry… what did I do now, apart from give my son the middle name Perry in his honour … I know he secretly loves the idolization…

"I was paged… ok what's that look for??"

"Everybody needs somebody to love, by the blues brothers?? What in the name of are you god its me Margaret were you thinking!?!?"

"Ok, back up a moment there, what are you talking about?" asked a very confused J.D.

"As if you know nothing about this" said Dr Cox with considerable annoyance and threw a scrunched up piece of paper at the new father…
J.D. picked it up and uncrumpled it

"Staff of Sacred Heart summed up by song title, ok this is nothing to do with me" said J.D. in a tone that conveyed annoyance and confusion… "but lets read it, I'm sure I could do with a laugh"

Dr Kelso:- Sympathy for the Devil- Guns n' Roses

"sounds like your not the only one who invokes Satan when they think of him" Said Carla

The Todd:- Innuendo – Queen

"I can only imagine what high 5 he comes up when he hears that" said Turk in response.

Dr Cox:- Everybody needs somebody to love - the blues brothers movie soundtrack

"Nice, somebody thinks you need to open up to people more" Said J.D. with a smile

"Rachel, the day I willingly spill all my deepest innermost secrets to you, that's the day you can find me on the phone talking to my sister Paige for 5 straight hours, not going to happen"

John Dorian: - Don't Stop Believing by Journey

"oh whoever wrote this knows me, i love that song"

Chris Turk:- Young, Gifted and black by Nina Simone
"Good song, i prefer her version of Sinnerman though" Replied Turk

Elliot Reid:- supersonic by Oasis
elliot screeched "thatissonotfunnycarlatellhimidonottalklikethat"

"slow down elliot, but yes i am the only one who can understand you"

and the late Nurse Laverne, sadly no longer with us, may she rest in piece, whoever wrote this,
They picked out eric clapton's version of "knocking on heavens door"

J.D. thought about this and smiled... Somebody had taken the trouble to sit down and write this to bring a note
of joy to a day that would other wise have been filled with death, doom and gloom

Dr Cox looked at J.D. and thought... He has no idea i sat down with the janitor and bribed him 20 bucks to do that,
You see i care about my staff, sure J.D. is a whiney little jackass at times, but cool under pressure, he will make a
great residency director when i am Chief of this hellhole in a couple of years, it was worth the wind up for that smile.

Elliot:- Supersonic?? yeah the janitor knows me, we all know this was a joke on J.D., and so worth it... that smile, i love him... and when i am finally over keith, i WILL MARRY HIM, WE CAN ADOPT SAMMY AND THEN HE WILL HAVE 2 PARENTS THAT ARE ALWAYS THERE FOR HIM...

Meanwhile the Janitor was sat listening to the songs he had chosen from his iPod while
cleaning the bathrooms on the 2nd floor, and nobody knew it was him and Cox that had cooked this up 1 night in the bar.

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