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Highschool is Hell

"Miss Kiki!"

Ugh, who is yelling?

"Miss Kiki! Wake up this instant!"


My head shot up like a rocket. I blinked my eyes. Everything was blurry. Once I regained focus, I saw who was the source of the shouting. Standing before me, in all her angry glory, was Tayaka sensei. I yawned and stretched. "Good morning, sensei..." Tayaka growled. "Kiki, you've slept through my class for the last time!" She slammed her book down on my desk. I looked around. The classroom was empty.I sighed. Stupid science class, always puttin' me to sleep. Sensei continued her raging rant. So much shouting! Man, I thought Tatasuki was bad.... "Hey, hey, calm down, you'll blow up if you're not careful." I guess sensei took that the wrong way. Her eye twitched. "Think you're so cool and laid back, huh? Two weeks detention!! Go to the principle's office, now!" She stomped a foot. I stared at the floor. "What did the poor defenceless floor do to you?" Sensei had enough. "Get out! Out, out, out!!" I quickly grabbed my stuff and bolted out the door. The door was shut so hard, I thought the glass would break!

Cracking my neck, I looked at my watch. Yuki and the cheese cube was on the twelve. I smiled. This watch was so cute! It had Yuki in his mouse form and a piece of cheese for hands. The background was pink with big purple letters that said 'Fruits Basket'. It was a gift for my sixteenth birthday. I shifted my bag onto my shoulders and went to the cafeteria. Lunch time was the only time I could meet with all my friends. We had some classes together but not many. High school makes things so complicated...

Oh, wait! I forgot to introduce myself! My name is Yagami Kiki. I'm eighteen years old and I'm 5'2". Yeah, yeah, I'm short. So what?! Anyways, I'm in twelfth grade and I am in a family of four; My parents, my little brother, and then me. I have a good number of friends too. Some I've known longer than others and some are brand new. I guess I'm kinda lazy...hey, who isn't? I love to draw. Drawing is my talent. Mirai, one of my friends, wishes she could draw like that. But she has a short temper and not a whole lot of patience....Off topic again...Oh well, basically, I'm your average teenager. Except for one odd thing...

A chill ran static down my spine. I spun around to see a blur. I couldn't make out what it was. The outline seemed to be a man and seemed to speaking. But all I heard was rasping. "What in the...?" A hand touched my shoulder. "Gah, Christ compels you!" I slapped my notebook against the owner's face. "Omph!" I blinked. Oops... I took my book away. It was Kurosaki Ichigo. "Ah! Ichigo! I'm so sorry! I was looking at-" I peeked behind me. The blur was gone. Ichigo gazed in my direction. "Looking at what?" I shook my head. "Never mind, it's gone anyhow." I frowned. Ichigo had a square shaped mark on his face. "Uh, about your face, I'm sorry." Awkward silence... He sighed. "No worries, I heal pretty fast. Hurry up, lunch period is going to end soon." I nodded and followed after him. Kurosaki Ichigo is one of my friends. I love his middle name. It's so adorable!

"So, what's up, Strawberry-chan?" I asked sweetly.

He froze his steps. His head craned to look back at me. Ichigo's eye was twitching. "What was that?" I grinned mischievously.

"S-t-r-a-w-b-e-r-r-y-c-h-a-n." I spelled out.

I couldn't help but laugh at his annoyed expression. "Yeah, yeah, keep laughing! You'll get it one of these days, shorty!" My laughing ceased. "Shorty?" I glared daggers at Ichigo. He gulped. 'Oh snap! I totally forgot never to say the 'S' word!!' He panicked. "Now, Kiki, think okay? I didn't mean to say that!" I cracked my knuckles. "Come on, be a man and take your punishment!" I chuckled darkly. His eyes widened. "I think I'll be a girl for the minute!" And he ran off towards the lunch room. "I'll get you for that, Strawberry-chan!" I yelled after him. I was about to trail after him but a noise stopped me. I whipped around to notice a fallen book. "Huh, wonder why it fell down..." I wondered. There was no wind and no one rushed by. Strange...I shook it off and went to join Ichigo and the others.


Lunch Period

Laughter and talking boomed throughout the room. Boys were shoving food down their throats and throwing it at each other. The girls were giggling and squealing about things I could care less about. I sighed and walked in line. Ichigo and some others were in front of me, grabbing whatever food was left. I quickly snatched away an apple and some jello. I picked out a soft drink and went to pay for my lunch. I morbidly looked at my food. Five bucks for a small cup of jello and an apple along with a Pepsi....What is this world coming to?! Ichigo nodded in the direction where everyone else was at. We turned a corner and there they were. The tallest among them was Yasutora Sado. We call him Chad. He had dark brown hair, almost black and tan skin. I knew he was abnormally strong too. He was a gentle giant. Next him was Inoue Orihime. She and Ichigo had the same color hair. Except hers is longer and little bit darker. Orihime is kinda a ditz. She daydreams and when she does her mouth hangs open. Her and I were nearly the same height but her bust size made me look I was flat chested! Going along the line... Arisawa Tatsuki was arguing with my other friend, Mirai. Both had extremely bad tempers and lack of paitence. But outta the two, Mirai is probably the worst. When she loses her cool, she cusses at the nearest thing/person. I'm afraid I'll go deaf when she explodes like that. Other than that, they are really nice.

"Will ya take a look at that?" Tatsuki said. Mirai and the rest looked at Ichigo and I. "Finally decided to show your face, huh?" She grinned. I smiled. "Yeah, I had to practically fight my way out of Tayaka-sensei's class. Mirai laughed. "Duh, you fell asleep. Tayaka hates it when students fall asleep." I set my tray down and got myself a seat. "Yeah, well, if her class wasn't so boring, then I wouldn't sleep so much." Tatsuki shook her head. "Yep. Sience is dull and boring. Gym is were it's all at!" She exclaimed. Gym wasn't my thing either. But Tatsuki and Mirai liked it. "I like lunch!" Orihime piped up. Ichigo paused. "Orihime, lunch isn't a class." She blinked. "But, it's a period. It works!" She went back to gobbling her food down. I glanced over at Chad. "What's your favorite class?" He put his sand which down. "I like History." "Cool." The rest of the lunch hour passed by in what seemed like seconds. We cleaned up the table and went to knock out the last of the classes.


1:30 P.M.

Sixth period was Gym. Ugh, I hate this. Tatsuki and Mirai were seeing how far they could kick the football. Chad and Ichigo were lifing weights...well, Chad was anyway... Orihime was punching the air and giggling like she was on crack. And I was jogging around the Track. Honestly, I really didn't mind Gym. But in the late Spring and early Summer just kills me. I was coming towards the end of a second lap when I saw a blur again. Only this time, it was much bigger. I skid to a stop and focused on it. I blinked just to make sure it wasn't the heat. No, it was something else. I shuddered. The feeling that thing gave was chilling to the bone. I didn't want to take my eyes off it but I quickly looked to Ichigo. "Ichigo!" He looked back. "What?" I turned back to the outline. I gasped. It disappeared! I heard him dash over. "What's the matter?" He panted. "There was something there..." I whispered. I pointed where it was. He walked to the sight. Ichigo glanced around. Shrugging his shoulders, he returned. "I don't see anything. Are you alright?" He placed his hand on my shoulder. I inhaled. "I'm fine. Don't worry about it." "Are you sure?" I nodded. "Yeah, go back with Chad." Ichigo reluctantly let go and went with Chad. I rubbed my eyes. 'Am I losing my mind?'


2:55 P.M.

Last period of the day. We had eight in total. We returned back to home room and listening to our teacher for any announcements and finish up some homework. Mr. Kubo was giving us some lecture but I wasn't paying any heed. My thoughts still lingered on that outline. I didn't hear anything that time but I definitely saw something. Ghosts...I don't believe in them. Demons, angels, yeah, I believe in them. But no nasty ghosts or spirits for me. Sure, they went good with horror movies and fiction books but that was childish. Mirai plays tricks on me sometimes. She make noises and bang on things but if she knows me like I think she does, Mirai wouldn't keep it up. I'd come find her and probably knock her on her butt. Besides the point, that's why seeing these blurs and hearing odd things made no sense to me. Can anyone else see such things? I'm kinda scared to ask Mirai or Ichigo but hey, I need to know. I'll ask one of'em when school gets out I guess...

I kept my eyes glued on the clock. My ears focused on the ticking of it. The world just seemed to melt away. I took a quick look outside. It was peaceful looking. I was about to look away when a butterfly caught my sight. It was a black Monarch butterfly. It fluttered by as if it were dead. But, why was it black? I never saw a black one before...



I jumped. The school bell rung signifying the day had ended and it was time to head home. I gathered my things and threw them in my bag. Ichigo and the others were already waiting on me. Usually we exited school together and parted our ways when we had to turn to go home. The doors slammed open and we raced out. The sunshine touched our faces. It was bright for three o'clock.

"Freedom!" Mirai screamed jumping over my head. Tatsuke lept for the sky too. Orihime spun around and laughed. I went over to where Mirai was skipping for joy. Chad and Ichigo waved us off. They lived in the opposite direction. "Wow, you're so happy that your skipping." Mirai came to a stop. "Weird, isn't it?" I nodded. "For you, yeah. Very weird." She huffed. "I see. You're mean." I grinned. "And you're a perv." Mirai flinched. "Am not! I just have an awesome imagination..." I laughed. "Perv!" "Ha! You're just as bad!" "Me? Never." She stuck her tongue out at me. "Liar." Tatsuki and Orihime joined our little battle. "Ya know you're a pervert Mirai. Don't you deny it!" Tatsuki winked. Orihime seemed clueless. "Hey, what can I say? We're all perverts deep down." Her dark brown eyes glittered with amusement. "Tatsuki, Kiki, Mirai isn't a perv!" Orihime suddenly said. Mirai laughed. "See? At least someone is on my side." Orihime continued. "She's a nerd!" Tatsuki fell backwards. I burst out laughing. Mirai growled. "You no brain idiot!" Orihime had a blank expression. Me and Tatsuki were quite now. Mirai shouting at Orihime was hilarious! "I swear, you are most retarded girl in this entire school!" "But you are a nerd." Orihime protested. "And how in the hell did ya assume that?!" Orihime smiled and pointed at her. "You're wearing glasses." Mirai looked dumbfounded. "You have more boob than brain, ya know?" She grumbled. Orihime was puzzled now. "Your bust size determines your brain size?" This time it was Mirai's turn to fall back. "Ta-Tatsuki, get your little buddy here away from me..." Tatsuki agreed and told Orihime it was time to leave. The two left together leaving me with an annoyed Mirai. "That girl gives me headaches..." She muttered, getting up. "You've told me." I helped her up. "Time to roll, I guess." She picked up her bag and we left too.


The sun was setting behind us as we traveled home. We chatted about a lot of things. Mirai wanted to punch her Math teacher through the roof and drop a bomb on his head and how Predators had an insanely sexy body. The conversation was nice but there was something I really needed to ask. "Hey, Mirai," "Hm?" I folded my arms. "Do you ever see things?" She scratched her head. "Things...Like what?" I inhaled and exhaled. "Like ghosts and stuff like that." Her head cocked to the right. "Uh, why?" I sighed. "Just answer the question." Her mouth opened to say something but nothing came out. Her eyes grew wide. "Wh-what the hell is that?!" She pointed behind me. I quickly turned around but it was just an empty street. "Pfft," I glared at Mirai. "That wasn't funny." "Haha, yeah it was! Haha, I don't know what's the matter with you but, haha!" "Choke on the air, please." I mumbled. Her laughed came to a dead halt. Mirai began to shake. "What the-?!" She pointed behind me again. I frowned. "I'm not falling for it again, Mirai." Her eyes widened. "No seriously, look behind you!" "How stupid do you think I am?" "This isn't a damn prank! Look behind you!!" I shook my head. "Fine, but if there's nothing there I'm gonna..." I trailed off. I felt breath of the back of my neck. I slowly turned my head.


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