Hello guys, sorry for the such big gap of nothing but,

As of late this Site has been growing very dull for me hindering my writing fuel. So, I have decided to move my Fics to Archive of Our Own (Ao3). I will everything here for a month (10/02/2013) after that date, my profile will be either deleted or bare (I have already deleted two Fics). I haven't chosen yet. So, if you all wish to follow me, I have a new name in Ao3. TheForgottenSheikah.

Please don't be upset. It's just how things in life go. I've been here since December 2007. Six whole years. I've meet some wonderful people, read some amazing works but lately, FF has been losing me. I shall repost all my works on Ao3, some revamped, edited and newly created.

Love you all so much.