Title: Beauty of the Swan

Rating: M

Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings. They belong to J.K. Rowling and J.R.R. Tolkien, respectively.

Summary: HP/LoTR Crossover. Slash. Eventually Legolas/Harry. Legolas of Mirkwood is strong, handsome, and intelligent - a regular Prince Charming. Too bad the only person he has ever wanted refuses his love because he treated Harry badly as an Elfling.

Author's Note: Another WIP – I know, I know. *ducks rotten vegetables* I have always enjoyed fairy tales, and this is going to encorporate some themes from various different ones. However, I will not be following the plot of any one fairytale – so do not worry. ^_^


Prologue: Folly of Youth

Mirkwood Forest, T.A. 87

The wail of a newborn babe filled the great hall. The very public birthing of the heir to King Thranduil was finally complete, after many arduous hours.

King Thranduil looked down sadly upon his Fading wife.

"You have done well, my love," he whispered, stroking her golden hair.

He got a weak smile in response, and her beautiful grey eyes locked on the baby to whom she had just given life.

"A boy," she breathed weakly. "An heir. Raise him strong."

The surrounding Elves stared sadly upon their king and queen. The birth of the heir was supposed to be an event of happiness, but it was filled with much tragedy.

"I will," King Thranduil promised his wife sadly, taking the baby boy from the midwife to show his love.

"Legolas…" she whispered, and then Faded away to nothing…


Rivendell, T.A. 130

"Ada," Prince Legolas whined. "Why are we in Rivendell?"

"We received word that Lady Celebrian gave birth to twins. Lord Elrond invited us to a great feast held in their honor," King Thranduil answered.

"Babies are stupid," he huffed. "But at least I am no longer the youngest Elfling."

The king smiled down sadly at his son.

"Do not be in such a rush to grow up," he stated wisely. "Enjoy the folly of youth while you have it."

"Folly?" Legolas questioned, confused. "Why would I wish to be foolish?"

"Because it is better to be foolish when young, as then you can grow out of it," King Thranduil explained. "Mistakes are worse when made by adults."

The little prince nodded, pensively thinking on his father's words.


Lothlorien, T.A. 133

"Harry?" Legolas questioned, wrinkling his nose in distaste as he looked down upon the newborn Elfling in his cradle. "What was Lady Galadriel thinking?"

"Legolas!" his father reprimanded sharply. "His ada died in battle some months ago, and his naneth Faded during childbirth. Lady Galadriel has adopted him as her own, and you will treat him with respect. That includes his name. I hope that you shall be companions once he grows a bit."

"Companions?" the prince responded. "I am no longer a child, ada. I do not need a companion."

"And if Harry needs one? Though Elladan and Elrohir are much closer to his age, they are twins and their bond is too exclusive for another. I had hoped one of them, but…" King Thranduil shook his head. "You should be thankful for his healthy birth. You will see in time."

Legolas cast one last distasteful look towards the Elfling silently regarding him with bright green eyes.

"I already see, ada," Legolas responded. "And I do not wish to see more."

With that, the Prince of Mirkwood exited the chambers.

"Quite a handful, that one," Lady Galadriel commented, stepping out of the shadows of the nursery.

"I fear I have spoiled him," King Thranduil admitted. "Not yet forty-seven summers…"

"He has time, yet," she reassured, bending to retrieve Harry from the cradle. "They have a destiny."

"You are sure that this Elfling..?" the Elf trailed off, questioning.

"I am sure," the Lady of the Light responded. "The Valar gifted him with the ability to bear children. There have not been any female Elflings born in far too long…"

King Thranduil nodded.

"But what of Elladan and Elrohir? Will Lord Elrond not want his hand for one of his sons?" the blonde Elf asked.

Lady Galadriel smiled mysteriously.

"Legolas will be the better fit, once he gets over the folly of youth," was her response.

Neither saw grey eyes peering watching from the open door of the nursery.

Legolas stormed away.

The Prince of Mirkwood was determined to make Harry hate him so much that the little Elfling would never even consider marrying him.

He did not wish to be a puppet, after all, and he did not appreciate his ada trying to plan his life in advance.


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