Title: Beauty of the Swan

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Chapter 9: Arwen
Rivendell, T.A. 241

A few hours later…

Harry stirred awake to the sound of fighting.

"Get out!" Suiauthon shouted. "Harry is sleeping!"

"Not anymore," the healer whispered softly, sitting up and blinking the sleep from his eyes. "What is going on?"

"He is not injured, and he wanted to wait in the healing chamber until your patient awoke," Suiauthon explained. "That was fine, but he was staring at you the entire time."

Harry blinked curiously, turning to face Prince Legolas.

"Staring?" he questioned softly.

The prince flushed in embarrassment.

"He tried to throw me out of the healing chambers," the blonde complained, shooting a glare at the larger Elf.

Suiauthon glared right back.

Harry sighed, rising from the bed.

"Has Herion been asleep the entire time?" he asked Suiauthon.

The large Elf nodded, still shooting nasty looks towards the blonde prince.

Legolas ignored him, grey eyes locked on Harry's graceful movements as the healer bustled around, straightening up the room.

"Do you think you can stay with him while I visit Arwen?" Harry asked the prince.

"Of course," Legolas replied.

"Thank you," the healer stated gratefully with a tiny smile. "If he wakes up, please send a guard to fetch me."

The prince nodded, eyes still locked upon Harry's slim form as the healer left the room.

"Keep your eyes to yourself," Suiauthon growled, stepping in front of Legolas and blocking his view. "He is not for the likes of you."

"Oh?" Legolas questioned mildly, annoyed that the guard was once again confronting him. "I suppose he is for the likes of you, then?"

"Stay away from him," Suiauthon snarled, turning around and storming from the room.

Legolas sighed, sitting in the chair beside Herion's bed.

Harry had more protectors than Legolas could point a bow at…


"Did you warn him off me?" Harry asked softly as Suiauthon caught up to him in the hallway.

"Of course," the taller Elf admitted. "He has no right to look at you like that. He was devouring you with his eyes."

Harry let out a soft chuckle.

"Do not worry about him. If he is even one hundredth as arrogant and cruel as he was the first time I met him, I want nothing to do with him. But his companion is injured, and I must interact with them both in a professional capacity," Harry explained.

"Well, he is still arrogant," Suiauthon responded. "But cruel? Did he hurt you?"

"Not physically," the healer answered. "He said quite a few things that hurt, though. I have gotten over it."

"I do not believe you have," the guard replied. "What did he say?"

"Nothing that was not the truth," Harry stated softly, stopping at the door to Arwen's nursery. "Are you coming in?"

"I should probably get back to my post," Suiauthon admitted. "It is almost time for my shift."

The healer smiled up at him fondly and leaned forward for a hug.

"You are a good friend," he whispered softly. "But do not worry for me so much."

Suiauthon stared after him as Harry slipped through the door into Arwen's nursery.

He could not help but worry for the healer.

Suiauthon loved him too much.


"Glorfindel," Harry acknowledged with a smile as he entered Arwen's room. "How is our little lady this fine evening?"

The blonde looked up from where he was rocking the tiny Elfling.

"As sweet as always," he replied. "Lady Celebrian is at dinner."

"If that balrog could only see you now…" Harry teased, looking fondly at the fierce warrior-elf holding the fragile baby.

Glorfindel blushed softly.

"Do you wish to hold her?" he questioned.

"Of course," Harry responded, reaching his arms out to take Arwen.

Glorfindel handed her over carefully, smiling as Harry nuzzled her softly.

"There is my beautiful niece. The prettiest little Elfling in Middle-Earth," the healer cooed. "I hope everyone is treating you well."

Arwen giggled, reaching forward to tug on a lock of long black hair.

"That is a strong grip you have there, little one," Harry laughed, gently removing her little hand.

Glorfindel looked fondly upon the pair as Harry began to hum a bit to little Arwen.

"When you are older, we shall dance together," the healer promised her softly. "Underneath the moon and the stars."

"With your clothes on, I hope," Glorfindel teased.

Harry blushed bright red.

"Ithelwen…" he trailed off.

"That was many years ago," the blonde replied. "Do you know how many guards I have had to refrain from killing because they were spying upon you?"

Harry blushed further, ducking down to make funny faces at Arwen in an attempt to ignore Glorfindel.

"Well, now you are shy. If you only felt that way under the moon, perhaps you would not have so many admirers…" Glorfindel teased.

"Oh, hush you," Harry responded. "Do not listen to him, Arwen. He does not know of what he speaks, sometimes. Glorfindel is getting old."

The blonde sputtered as Arwen giggled and nodded in agreement.

"Look how smart you are," Harry cooed, bouncing her gently. "We are going to have so much fun together."

"You would make an amazing parent," Glorfindel stated gently.

Harry looked up at him, sadness in his gaze.

"Arwen is enough for now," he replied. "Lady Celebrian needs a break every now and again."

"Harry…" Glorfindel trailed off. "As much as I hate to say this, as there is no one out there good enough for you, perhaps you should consider some of your suitors. Suiauthon…"

"This is not the time…" Harry replied. "I am bonding with my niece."

Glorfinde sighed and nodded, walking towards the door.

"Just…think about it, Harry. You do not have to spend eternity alone," the blonde stated, before slipping out of the room.

"Maybe someday," Harry told Arwen seriously. "I have time, right? It is not like I am getting any older…"

Arwen smiled at him and reached up again to tug at his hair.

"You are going to be a little troublemaker, just like your brothers," Harry whispered fondly. "I can see it already…"


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