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"James, what good does being in her head do?" Victoria asks as they run through the forest, away from the fight. Victoria is yelling to James because he is running a short distance ahead of her. "James, just answer me…"

"You do not think enough." James growls, but quickly calms himself down after a moment. "Being in her head gives me access to her thoughts, her pain, parts of her past I didn't know about… but more importantly her location, and I can speak into her mind. Something she has no choice but to hear. She has avoided me using normal tracking skills, so this is the newest way to attempt to bring her into my world."

"Why do you need to know where she is? She isn't going to just up and move; she considers this horrible little town her home. She wouldn't leave…," Victoria yells, barely loud enough for James to hear her. He doesn't respond for a few moments, and Victoria opens her mouth to yell again, but before she can he responds.

"It isn't about leaving, it is about the fact that any time she leaves her house, I will know where she is, and where she is going… eventually it will drive her mad. Her family isn't going to let her go far alone because they know I have the knowledge of where she is going." James slows down slightly and smells the air around him. He can smell the scent of a human, but he is bothered because he wants the sweet smell of Angelik back from when he bit her shoulder. To him she smelt like blood and roses, a smell oddly addicting to him, and the smell of the nearby human is disappointing to him. He growls to Victoria, "There is a human a short distance east, we are going to go a little bit farther North before going South East to go after this human…"

Victoria is slightly shocked at his roundabout way of going after a human, but knows asking him in the mood he is presently in would probably mean her death. She follows him a few miles farther North, before he abruptly turns South East without a word. She follows him quietly, studying him as they close in on the human. It is a young man, camping in the woods, that is sitting outside his tent with a cheap, no name beer bottle in his hand. He is watching the camp fire he has burning in front of him, but isn't actually paying attention to it.

"As much as I love to play with food, not tonight…" Victoria is once again shocked at something James has decided to do. Usually if he is irritated, he will want to play with a human. He would usually relieve his stress by playing. She just nods, watching James apprehensively. He knows she has realized something is different about him, so he quickly decides that he needs to do something to prove everything is the same. James moves quickly, with Victoria behind him, to where the camper is sitting in a chair. He grabs the man by the throat, and lifts him, nearly crushing his throat in the process. "Victoria, I hope he taste better than he smells."

Victoria grins, believing that James is back to normal as she comes upon the human in James' grasp, and grabs his wrist. James bites into the man's neck as Victoria bites into his wrist. They drink the blood of the man until he is cold, dead. James is controlling the need to wipe his mouth out, to get rid of the taste of the human. To James the man tasted like oil, a complete change from the sweetness of Angelik. He wipes his mouth off with his hand before turning back to Victoria.

"We are heading south for a few days, down to a small town in Southern Washington. I want to check on another tracker that has been trying to claim a few areas here in Washington. I want to warn him that Forks, and the surrounding area, has been claimed. Warn him that if he comes here, I will kill him…" James says, in a completely normal tone. Victoria nods as James takes off heading directly south of the area they are standing in. He does want to check on what another tracker is trying to do, but more than anything, he is trying to get away from Angelik, and her whole family, for a while. He wants to sort out why the blood of the human was so unappealing to him… and why hunting, the one thing he loves more than anything else has lost some of its appeal to him.

Victoria follows James, thinking he really only wants to check out this other tracker. She knows something is wrong, but has no idea what that is, and she values her own life enough to not bother asking. She knows James will figure it out, and when he does things will go back to normal.

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