Well, this is my first ever story based on an anime! That's an achievement for me, especially since I'm relatively new to anime in general. I decided to do something romantic again, because I just enjoy writing that. This is the first of an undecided amount of stories that I will write. They all connect to one another at certain points, but I'm going to try and write them all so you can just pick up and read on like one of the novels. This is the first story in "The Continuance of Haruhi Suzumiya."

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Hejin57 Presents

~~~~~~~The Attraction Of Haruhi Suzumiya~~~~~~~

For once, I've been bored.

The last few days have reminded me so much of my life before the SOS Brigade. Those were the days.

The good old boring days, that is.

Since the day I met Haruhi, my once normal boring life exploded with the kind of weirdness you would find in American television. Haruhi Suzumiya pulled me into her life like I was some helpless fish, and she did the same to Koizumi, Nagato and especially Asahina-san.

Haruhi needs payback for all the things she's done to Asahina-san. Forcing a girl to wear demeaning outfits would make anyone's blood boil.

But to tell the truth, the last few weeks have been uneventful, to say the least. Haruhi surprisingly hasn't come up with some excuse for us to search the city on the weekends, so we haven't really seen all that much of each other outside of school. Nowadays, the club meetings for the SOS Brigade mainly involve Nagato reading one of her novels, Koizumi greedily drinking up Asahina-san's tea, and Haruhi yelling at me to do something useful with the SOS Brigade webpage. I assume that things like that wouldn't change much.

I checked my watch, and I find that it's 8 PM. It's a Saturday night, and with nothing to do, I figured riding around on my bike was the only thing that would kill enough time.

Well, I could have always dug up some old Pokemon games. I could just go home and sit on my bed, training my Squirtle like I did when I was 10. But when I was 10, I still had the notion to believe in Santa Claus. Pokemon is still a fun game though…

But alas, I chose to continue riding around on my bike. There are almost no people on the streets, so I didn't have to worry much about bumping into anyone as I cycle like a maniac. I begin to ride a little faster, trudging up the hill that I take to go to school everyday. When I got to the top, I let gravity do the work for me.

The wind blew by my hair as I sped downward. I have to say, I kind of miss being a kid. Now I'm older, and stuck being bossed around by Haruhi…

She technically is God, though. At least, that's what Koizumi says all the time. I think he just tries to act like a kiss-ass to her, but he thinks he can hide it with that smile. I swear, that guy definitely is hiding something. He smiles way too much.

But the fact that Haruhi has the near-omnipotent power of a deity, and she herself has no idea of it, makes me wonder. I mean, she can do whatever the hell she wants, and she doesn't even know it! But like Koizumi has said to me time and time again, it would probably still be a bad idea to tell her. The fact she could cause the end of the world without second thought should scare me, but somehow, it does not. Maybe I was just as crazy as she is.

At this point, I was cycling around for no real reason. The night air is cool, and the streetlights cast a warm, friendly light on the sidewalks. I can see a lot of the shops are closing, and the streets seem to be getting emptier by the minute. I should probably be getting home.

Yet I remained glued onto my bike.

There's little for me to go home to. My parents are away for the day. Frankly, I forgot where they went. I just know they wouldn't be home till tomorrow, and I have to watch my sister till then. Well, I watch her till she goes to sleep at her conveniently early bedtime. So, riding around is all I can do. I wonder what Haruhi is doing right now….

No. I did not just think that!

I did not just propose a thought that might suggest I'm interested in what Haruhi Suzumiya is doing this very moment. There is no reason I would want to be spending time around her. All I ever get are commands and reasons why she as the Brigade Chief can boss me around. Not really my idea of a fun time. She's the last person I'd want to see right now.

But for as much as I complain about her, in all the time that time I've spent being dragged around by Haruhi, I must admit that I almost kind of enjoyed it. Her bizarreness has lit up my once boring life. I might sound like I hate Haruhi Suzumiya and her SOS Brigade, but the truth is, I probably couldn't survive without it.

As I bike towards North High, mostly because I'm beginning to get bored again, I found myself thinking about Haruhi even more.

Just think about what she can do when her emotions drastically change. She could destroy this world at any moment and not think twice. All it takes is getting her in a bad enough mood. The thing is, she hasn't caused the end of the world yet yet. Well, it could be she has actually ended the world multiple times already, and it's just that we humans haven't noticed.

How did I get involved with a girl like her again?

Koizumi says she "chose" me. But why? For what purpose? These are questions that need answering. When I was not so tired, maybe.

So, after sitting on my bike at the school corner for a few minutes, I started to head home. It's about 9:30, and I didn't see anyone else on the street as I rode along. Strange, it's quiet and empty all of a sudden.

At this point, I've returned home, and I am putting my bike away in and yawning loudly as I do so. God, I was tired. Maybe I've been thinking way too much. Or maybe I was getting bored out of my mind. Now I think I was really starting to miss the awkward excitement that being in the SOS Brigade provided.

I walk slowly, mostly not to wake up my sister. The last thing I need is her bothering me for the next few hours. I just wanted to go to sleep. I guess being extremely bored out of your mind does that to you. And so, I was crawling into bed, my pillow suddenly becoming very comfortable. My eyes are starting to get heavy, and I can feel sleep coming on. Maybe tomorrow will be more exciting. But now, I was going to fall right as-

A loud noise comes from down the hallway, jolting me up and nearly scaring me half to death. Well, I wasn't all that afraid! Still, it made me almost fall out of my bed.

Looking around, I can hear the sound continuing. It sounds like someone is knocking on my door. But whoever it is, they're knocking with enough force to knock down a building. Just who the hell is it?

The knocking continues, and now I was running to reach the front door. If this person keeps it up, they'll definitely wake up my sister. I swear…..this person better have a good reason for knocking on my door at this time….

Finally, I reach the door, only to hear the person knocking even louder.

"Hold on one second!" I yelled angrily, undoing all the locks as I hastily open the door. It only takes me a few seconds to see the person in front of me and come to an utter realization of why they had the nerve to bash my door in with their knocking.

It is none other than Haruhi Suzumiya.

"Hello, Kyon!" she says loudly to me, her voice ringing in my ears like a school bell. I sigh, noticing that she's carrying an assortment of things one might use for camping. A sleeping bag and a pillow are under one of her arms, and she's carrying what looks a plastic bag full of items as well.

"What are you doing here? I'm trying to go to sleep! Don't you know what time it is?" I say, and Haruhi gives me a questioning look. She responds in an indignant tone.

"What, it's only 10 o'clock. Besides, as Brigade Chief, it's my duty to-"

"Enough with the Brigade. I would like at least one day where I don't have to hear about it." I tell her, interrupting her sentence. "What do you want? I'm not in the mood to go on another city quest right now."

"I'm spending the night at your house, Kyon! It's necessary for the Brigade Chief to bond with her lackeys!" Haruhi says, her face practically glowing in the night.

Now, most guys would probably be thrilled out of their mind to have a girl sleep over. When you're in high school, there are a lot of other things, on your mind besides role-playing games and manga.

Unfortunately, I'm not too much like most guys, and Haruhi is definitely not like most girls. My initial reaction was as such.

"Are you out of your mind? What gives you the right to just declare that you're sleeping over here? You didn't even ask!"

Typical response from me. But as always, attempting to argue with Haruhi doesn't usually work.

"I'm of much higher rank than you, so you have to obey my orders! I don't think there's anything wrong with it. Besides, it's not like you have anything else to do." she replied, ignoring my protests. If I wanted to tell her the truth and probably earn a penalty, I would tell her that sleep would have constituted as something else I wanted to do.

Now, I was standing in middle of the doorway, looking down, and thinking hard about my choices. I could just slam the door in Haruhi's face. But that might lead to undesirable consequences in the future. So, sighing heavily, I look up at Haruhi, my voice clearly less than enthusiastic as I speak.

"Fine. Come inside then. Just don't be too loud."

Haruhi gave me an approving smile, before breezing right past me as she enters my home. I expect her lack of politeness, and I guess I've gotten used to it. The fact that she's already going through things and poking her nose in places it didn't belong tells me one thing.

It's going to be one long night.


EDIT: I'm beginning to fix and tune up all the chapters to this story. If you notice differences, it's because I'm trying to add more detail and fix the mistakes in grammar.