Data is the only sensible way in measuring the contents of the known universe.

It encompasses everything and anything. And above that everything and everything; lies Suzumiya-san.

That's what Yuki Nagato has told me time and time again; albeit in a much more complicated and autonomous way. An alien like her is more prone to explain things in ways a computer might say them; which doesn't always make it completely understandable for the average human being.

If you ask me; Haruhi Suzumiya could be the most unlikely candidate for the position of God. I realize no one really ever asks me; but I can't help but ask myself nonetheless.

I can only imagine the possibilities if Haruhi was actually aware of her true power. I really can't help but say that I don't know what she might do if she really did find out. The worst case scenario might be her deciding to make the world bow down to her power as Brigade Chief. But even I don't think she's that insane. Even she wouldn't go so far as doing something like turning the inhabitants of the world into SOS Brigade members/slaves.

I hope; at least. The thought of Suzumiya-san as the ruler of the world is extremely frightening, actually.

But even with these fearful notions in my head; there has always been one curious question in my mind. It sits at the back of my thoughts; screaming to be answered. It is a question that could only be answered in unfavorable or even catastrophic circumstances.

In fact; it is a question that I'd much rather not answered at all.

What might happen to the world, or the universe; if Haruhi Suzumiya was no longer what some might call God? What would happen if she just became an essentially powerless; but still eccentric, bizarre and slightly rational high school girl?

I will assure you all; I don't think that question is going to be answered anytime soon.

And may Haruhi strike me down with all her power if I'm wrong.

Actually; scratch that last part. I think I'd rather remain intact for now. I do still have a semblance of an extra-ordinary high school life left to live.


Well, well, well....what is this we have here? Unfortunately; I cannot disclose anymore. You will all find out soon enough!


~~~~~~The Incapability Of Haruhi Suzumiya~~~~~

By Hejin57
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Stay tuned.

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