Francis Stone starts the second grade. Just a litte thing I wrote. A tester to see if I can still write decently. Im thinking of writing a Hotstreak fic so read and review to tell me if I should. If I don, I'm looking for a beta!

If it was one thing Francis hated it was being weak. For two years the doctors had made him feel weak, and now that he was finally out of the hospital, Francis decided he wasn't going to be weak anymore. Tomorrow the second grade would start and Francis would be starting public school for the very first time. His mom had taken him back to school shopping. The majority of his wardrobe now consisted of red t-shirts, which did not clash with his red hair like some red-heads, and baggy olive pants instead of hospital gowns. Most of which had ended up on the floor leaving a proud looking, underwear clad, red-head in the bed. Watching the middle and high schoolers, Francis pulled his pants a little lower.

"Oh. Francis honey, you look ridiculous. Your underwear is showing. Here let me fix it," was the first thing he heard when he walked through the door to his parents apartment. His mother had taken it upon herself to personally pull up his pants instead of just telling him to do it.

"Moooommmm. Everybody does it." Francis told her in the whinny voice only little kids can pull of.

"Hmph, not my little boy." She said sternly.

"Whatever." Francis weakly retorted as the hated weak feeling came over him. "I'm going upstairs to get ready for school." As crazy as it sounded, Francis was actually looking forward to school. That would change later but he had never been to school before. He had gotten through kindergarten and first grade at the hospital. It was something he had never done before.

In the morning Francis got dressed in red and ate his lucky charms in silence. He ate around the marshmallows, saving them for the very last bites. His mom walked down the stairs smiling down at him. Francis allowed a rare smile to grace his usually stony features.

"Almost ready to go?" She asked him. Francis nodded and followed her to the car. Then he was dropped off outside Dakota Elementary. His mom had wanted to come in with him but Francis refused. After much arguing she finally drove away and Francis pulled his pants down lower. Not weak, don't be weak he told himself. Smirking, he purposefully bumped in to a blond kid, knocking him to the ground. When he looked behind to see the effects of his action, he saw a black boy helping the blonde boy up. Francis frowned. For two years the doctors had made him feel weak, Francis wasn't going to be weak anymore.