"Damn. When was the last fucking time we ate?" I said pointing to my stomach. "Oh and what am I supposed to do about this?!"! I barked as I pointed to my head which was showing my exposed brain. " Calm down Rogers. We will figure out a way. I mean Tony and Hank are working on something right now" Luke said in hopes to calm me down. It didn't because I walked right up to him and grabbed the son of a bitch by the collar and barked these words in his face. "Don't tell me not to worry Cage. I will worry whenever I want to freaking worry!" I dropped the fool to my feet and went back to eating what was left of Magneto. I was about to eat his hand when Hulk shoved me away and ate the damn thing on me. I swear I was about to hurt him when I heard Tony and Hank yelling from what remained, of Hank's lab. The others and I went inside and were shocked to see a transportation device in front of us. This one worked too. "Hah you really outdid your self now Stark." I said as I patted Tony on the back and asked how to start the machine. My jaw dropped when he said there was only one universe he could connect to at the moment. I smacked him upside the head and told him to start the thing and boy was I pleased at what I saw was the universe's defense. A fat plumber and walking mushrooms. Meh Hulk ate all of the Mushroom people and when Tony and I killed the plumber. He tasted like flesh and metal. Weird, but okay. All was going well until a damn giant lizard roasted all of our food and ran all of us over with a lady in a pink dress. "Hulk want eat lizard man!!!" The green dead power machine roared as he pounded his chest and ran after the thing but was stopped by two turtles in armor with wings. Too bad Hulk smashed their heads in. I guess the lizard must have not known we were here because after Bruce killed the two turtles, nobody else came out.

Either that or they are just asking for us to break in. So we did and boy was I pissed at what I saw. Imagine those turtles I was just talking about with spikes on their backs and can fly. Well there was only four so we each got a share. Hulk getting the most of course. We ventured though the castle some more until we saw a room with a giant red door and two more turtles guarding it. Well until we got hungry again. Luke busted the door open with no effort and boy was I confused because there was about like a 100 turtles and that stupid big one that tried stomping on us. I just raised my shield and charged and cut into half the turtles but after cutting into them their skeletons raised up and charged at me. Boy was I gonna have a fun meal.

Okay ladys and geeks if you couldn't get what the match was from the setup. Get glasses or go in the internet dunce corner and sulk for a while. But otherwise it is Colonel America, Luke Cage, Iron man with legs, Hulk, Hank, and Hawkeye, and Spiderman ,no cosmic power vs. 100 Koopa Troppas, 200, Paratroopas, 90 Dry Bones, and Giga Bowser. Remember Zombies win if they eat everyone or kill everyone. Enjoy folks and well I guess good night!