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Kat and Fi

Summary: Harry is about to learn where Minerva McGoangall sprang from. He may also get her and Albus togheter with some assitance from Minerva's mother. After all...what are mothers for!? XD ADMM...duh.

Ch 1: Moving In

Summer time was Harry's least favorite time of the year especially after the disaster of the Triwizard Tournament. Then given that this was the hottest summer England had in years; it was just not a good year.

He was up in his room looking through his Transfiguration book at a loss for what to right in his essay when he looked up and noticed a moving van and silver station wagon parked in front of the house across the street from the house at Number 5 Pivet Drive.

"Boy get down here!" Vernon shouted from the bottom of the stairs.

Harry quickly ran out of his room and bounded down the stairs stopping half way and looking at his uncle.

"Yes Uncle Vernon?" Harry asked.

"We're going out for ice cream," Vernon growled, "you go across the street and introduce yourself to the neighbors and help them. Make us look good or else!"

"Yes Uncle Vernon," Harry nodded walking out the front door. He crossed the street as the Dursleys pulled out of the driveway.

Walking past the moving van Harry saw a man in his mid sixties lifting furniture and boxes with the movers. He was in jeans and a sweat covered t-shirt with his short curly black hair sticking to his tan skin. His eyes were grey.

Harry went passed them and walked into the house knocking on the open door.

"Hello!" he called looking at all the boxes in the foyer. Most of them were full of books.

"Yes who is…oh hello dear!" greeted and elderly woman as she came down the stairs carrying an empty box.

The woman looked to be in her late seventies to early eighties dressed in blue jeans and clean white t-shirt. Her grey streaked ebony hair was in a loose and messy braid and she was barefoot. Her eyes were a dark emerald green and her voice had a light Scottish lilt to it she looked vaguely reminiscent of someone Harry couldn't place.

"Hello ma'am. My name's Harry and I live across the street at Number 4 with my aunt and uncle. I just wanted to introduce myself and see if maybe you need some help moving in," Harry replied.

"Actually I would like some help dear," the woman smiled as she pulled him to her out of the way of the men entering with furniture.

"Yes ma'am," Harry nodded.

"Good then you can come upstairs with me. My sister and son can handle down stairs," she replied, "We'd have had more help today but my other children were to busy."

"Oh okay," Harry nodded following her up the stairs.

"By the way Harry my name is Katherine. You can call me Kat though," she replied entering a bedroom.

The walls were a nice cream color and the bed spread was burgundy and black. One wall had a large book shelf covered in books while the other walls were rather bare.

"How are you with a hammer?" she asked sitting down and opening a box on the floor.

"Pretty good," Harry replied.

"Good then you can help me hang the pictures of my children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and great-great grandchildren," she smiled handing him a hammer, "Just nail on the black marks on the walls. I've already marked the stud areas."

"Yes ma'am," Harry nodded picking up a few nails that were on the table.

"Kat," she replied, "Please call me Kat. I'm old but I don't have to be called ma'am," she laughed.

"All right…Kat," Harry laughed.

Harry worked quietly with the woman as she handed him frames to hang and told him snippets of her life. He found her stories quite interesting and seemed to be forgetting how melancholy he was feeling. He had just hung a picture of what he was told was her eldest daughter and her husband on their wedding day when the man from outside entered the room carrying a chest.

"Ma where do you want this thing?" the man grunted.

"At the foot of the bed dear," Katherine replied standing with another wedding photo to hand to Harry.

The man did as requested and looked up to find his mother smiling at some teenager and handing him a picture of his wedding photo.

"Ma who's this?" the man asked running a hand through his hair.

"This is Harry. He's been helping me hang my pictures," Katherine smiled, "Harry this is my youngest child and son; Ares McGonagall."

"Please to meet you," Harry replied shaking the man's hand then stopped and turned to the woman. "Your name is McGonagall?" he asked.

"Yeah Ma married Stewart McGonagall years ago," Ares laughed.

"Something wrong dear?" Katherine frowned.

"Oh no I just…I know a woman named McGonagall. She's a teacher at…at my school," Harry replied.

"Oh let me guess tall and wears bulky robes with a stupid tight bun. And her lips are always in a thin line?" Ares asked sitting on the bed.

"Y-yeah how'd you know?" Harry blinked.

"She's my big sister," Ares smirked, "She's the carbon copy of ma."

Harry turned around and eyed Katherine. While he could see some similarities he really didn't think she looked like the professor or the professor looked like her.

"Sorry but I don't see it," Harry shrugged.

"Well obviously not," Katherine sighed.

She crossed over to her vanity and rummaged around mumbling to herself. When she turned back around her hair was pulled up and she had square glasses on her nose. The likeness was uncanny and Harry couldn't believe he hadn't seen it before.


"Well I don't like wearing my hair like this," Katherine explained taking the bun back out and letting the curls fall past her shoulders, "It's too confining. I did in school though to concentrate more. But I'm not in class anymore."

"So are you a witch too?" Harry asked her.

"She's as magical and pureblooded as the day is long. Have fun kid," Ares laughed and exited the room.

"Did Dumbledore send you here?" Harry asked looking annoyed.

"Why would he do that? No, no dear boy my sister and I gave the estate to my eldest son Apollo to manage and we moved here for a bit of quiet in our last few centuries," Katherine replied sitting back on the floor.

"Centuries? Just how long do magical people live?" Harry asked sitting by her.

"A pureblood will live 300 years and a witch can have children from the time she's 13 to 127. A muggleborn or half-blood will live 200 years and can have children till they are 80," Katherine replied, "Oh look here's a picture of Minerva when she was your age."

Harry looked at the silver framed photo and blinked.

"Wow she was pretty," he admitted.

"She still is…she just hides behind her teacher persona because she thinks it earns her more respect," Katherine shrugged.

When they finished hanging the pictures it was close to supper time and the sun was setting.

"Thank you so much for your help Harry. How about you come over tomorrow and you and I can talk some more. Fiona won't be here because she's going to Diagon Alley for the day," Katherine smiled standing at the front door.

"All right…as soon as I finish my homework," Harry replied.

"Bring it over. I'm pretty good with Charms, Potions, and Transfigurations," Katherine smiled.

"I'll think about it. Thanks Kat I had fun," Harry smiled as he crossed the street.

"Nice boy…needs a helping hand though," Katherine said to herself as she shut the door.

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