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Kat and the Dumbledores Pre-Summary: Damien and Katherine have been happily married for sixteen years. For the next six weeks they're going on a world wind vacation to Italy during Carnival with Minerva, Albus, and thier children...uh-oh!

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Chapter 44: Honeymoon

They flopped down onto the extra large bed in the hotel suite sighing tiredly.

"I never thought we'd leave. You have a lot of loyal subjects," Damien teased.

"Oh shut up," she quipped slapping his chest.

"Ouch watch the goods baby," Damien chuckled pulling her on top of him.

"I have a question and you need to be serious for a moment," Katherine replied.

"Okay shoot," he nodded.

"Suppose I was still old enough to get pregnant. What would you do if I did?" she asked."

"Have a heart attack I suppose…and then wrangle your sons into helping me make a nursery," he replied.

She nodded and kissed him sweetly.

When she pulled back he searched her green eyes and asked, "Are you telling me that you can still get pregnant? I thought you couldn't after you turned 128."

"Morgana was a 185 when she had Dominic. Some how I don't think anyone truly knows when I woman stops having children. Officially it's when she goes through menopause. For most muggles that happens at about 45. But there have been some cases of women in their fifties and so having children. The same is said for witches. A witch usually has menopause at 125. However Harris women have been known to get pregnant very late in life," Katherine explained as if talking to a patient.

"Now you tell me?" he shook his head, "how many people know this?"

"A handful because it almost never happens anymore. Morgana was the last one and she was never recorded. I only know how old she was because she's my great-great-great-great-great grandmother," Katherine answered.

"And you're informing me because you have yet to have menopause?" he said.

She nodded smirking, "I'm the first in nearly ten centuries."

"Oh wonderful," he rolled his eyes and caught her lips in a searing kiss and flipped them so he was on top of her.

"Well Mrs. Black…let's have some fun," he grinned wickedly, "Consequences be damned!"

Katherine giggled before he silenced her again with a searing and passionate kiss as their tongues waged a battle for dominance.

Katherine woke up the next morning and stretched rather cat like as she gave a contented sigh. It was then a large and strong arm wrapped around her small frame and pulled her closer kissing her neck and nipping at her ear.

Katherine giggled and snuggled deeper into his arms.

"You were absolutely amazing. I always knew there was a minx behind the little cat exterior," Damien whispered in her ear.

"I could same something along the same lines," Katherine laughed as she pulled away from his grasp and got up pulling the sheet with her.

Damien still had the comforter around him as he propped himself up on his elbow and frowned at her.

"What are you getting up for?" he asked.

"Well I'm not staying in bed for a month. I'm going to see Spain!" she exclaimed disappearing into the bathroom with some clothes.

Damien laid back on the bed laughing as he heard her climb into the shower and sing.

Harry was lying on the floor in the sitting room of 114 Norton Street in Godric's Hollow where he lived. On his chest was his three year old sister sleeping curled up with a small stuffed tabby cat.

"Doesn't that hurt? I mean isn't she heavy?" Ron asked as he and Hermione were curled up together on the sofa.

Ginny was on the floor playing with Harry' hair.

"Actually she's very light. She only sleeps like this when mum's not home," Harry explained.

"Where is the professor Harry?" Hermione asked.

"She and dad left for a doctor's appointment. She was feeling light head and her blood pressure was kind of low so dad took her since Gran's still on her honeymoon," Harry explained.

Just then Albus entered the house and passed by the door way without so much as a hello as he headed upstairs. Harry got up as quickly as he could carrying Honoria with him as he hurried up the stairs. He found his father packing some of his mother's things in a bag a worried expression on his face.

"Dad what's going on?" Harry asked.

"They're keeping her over night. The baby seems to be in distress," Albus explained quickly, "Are you alright with Nori or do you want me to call one of your cousins?"

"No you go we'll be fine," Harry said rubbing the child's back as she still slept.

"All right. I floo when I can," Albus nodded kissing Harry's and Honoria's head before dashing back out of the house.


Two weeks later Katherine and Damien were having a quiet romantic dinner in their hotel room when the phone rang.

"Shouldn't have picked a muggle hotel," Damien sighed shaking his head as he got up to answer the phone, "Yo Black Happy Shack?"

Katherine snorted and continued eating her salad.

"What? …..wait calm down calm down…okay all right hold on," Damien answered, "Katherine its Harry. He sounds freaked out."

Katherine jumped up and grabbed the phone.

"Hello? Harry baby what is it?" Katherine asked. A pause.

"Where's your father?" Another pause.

"All right calm down. Put a cool cloth on her head and get Honoria out of the room. I'll be there as soon as I can." Katherine instructed and slammed the phone down.

"What's wrong with the Kitten?" Damien asked zipping up the bags and shrinking them.

He'd been packing while listening to the conversation.

"I'm thinking Dragon Fever," Katherine replied as they grabbed the port-key and vanished.


Harry had just put another cold rag on his mother's burning up head when the door bell rang.

"Please be Gran," Harry exclaimed rushing to the door.

He was most relieved to see his grandmother and step-grandfather standing in the door way.

"How's the fever?" Katherine asked as she and Damien entered the house rushing upstairs.

"The thermometer said 105," Harry replied racing after them.

They entered the master bedroom and found Minerva writhing underneath the sheets her head incredibly hot to the touch and large burn marks on her arms.

"Did you touch her?" Katherine asked drawing a black liquid out of a vial with a needle and sticking it in Minerva's arm.

Minerva cried out as another burn mark appeared but calmed down slightly and slept easier as the potion took effect.

"Y-yes," Harry nodded.

"It's okay Harry. The burns will heal. We need to cool her down though before we loose the baby," Katherine explained.

Harry nodded and watched as his grandmother transfigured the bed into a large ice water bath.

Damien kept Minerva's head up and the rag on her brow as Harry assisted his grandmother with her many potions.

It took four days but Minerva's fever broke and the burns healed. Katherine deemed the twins made it through the fever and appeared to be completely healthy.

She and Damien stayed with the Dumbledores for another week before they moved into a pleasant little house at the end of Norton Street at Number 120.

From there the children could visit any time day or night and at least one of them was always home.

Damien continued to be Katherine's executioner and bodyguard and Katherine was labeled by Witch Weekly as the best looking and most intelligent Minister England's had since Minister Roland Morkin!

Albus got his little army over the years; though he never could get them to turn on their grandmother.

Harry had a happy healthy life and went on to being the top auror with a beautiful family .........and it all started with a moving truck and silver station wagon!

The End!!!!