TITLE: Not Gonna Get Us

SERIES: CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (TV Show)

COUPLE(S): NickxGreg

GENRE(S): Romance/Angst


OTHER INFO: I seem to get most of these ideas from "t.A.T.u" songs… Anyway, while on break, Greg and Nick get to talking about traumas that happened during work. Post tourist shootings, pre Greg's trial.

DISCLAIMER: I own the idea, I don't own the characters, or the setting, or the show itself. If I did… well, this story might've been entwined into the show somehow.

"We'll run away, keep everything simple/Night will come down, our guardian angel/We rush ahead, the crossroads are empty/Our spirits rise, they're not gonna get us." "Not Gonna Get Us", t.A.T.u

"Out of sight/Out of mind/Out of time/To decide." "30 Minutes", t.A.T.u

I've done it now I've done it now I've done it now! Greg screamed in his head as he sat down on a chair in the break room. He needed to get his head straight. He hadn't been this traumatized since the explosion in 2003. Ah, when times were simple and he was still working in the lab… And now the family was suing him for the death of the boy who almost killed him. It was insane!

Almost on the verge of hyperventilating, Greg didn't even notice that another person had entered the break-room. "Greg… are you okay?"

Greg stood suddenly and spun around. It was only Nick Stokes. "It's just… the family's suing me for the death of the kid who… hurt me…"

Nick looked pained as he looked over Greg's various bandages and bruises. Greg looked away, sort of embarrassed that Nick was staring at him. "You know… this couldn't have been as bad as the explosion…" he said, smiling.

Greg tried to smile, and succeeded only because his lips twitched upwards for a split-second. Nick cocked his head to the side slightly and gave Greg another once-over. Greg sighed and sat back down. Nick joined him on another chair and thought for a moment. Finally, Greg spoke:

"But you were stalked…" he said quietly.

Nick looked at him, "I know. That was pretty scary too… but I haven't been beaten or almost killed by a lab explosion…"

"Well…" Greg retorted, trailing off. He didn't want to offend Nick or bring up bad memories.

"Well what?" Nick asked.

"What about when you… when you were buried alive?" Greg asked sheepishly.

Nick stared at the ground for a few seconds, "I guess that was pretty bad. I had to go to therapy and everything after that… but you were hurt… twice!"

They sat in silence for a few moments, before Greg broke it: "I'm sorry about that, Nick…"

Nick laughed, "It wasn't your fault! But… I guess I should apologize for the explosion… and what happened two months ago…"

"It's… not your fault, Nick."

"I know… but I just…" Nick looked off to the side. The right side: he was thinking truthfully. "I feel bad about what happened to you…"

Greg didn't want to argue. He raised one side of his mouth in a half-smile, "Really?"

Nick nodded, "Listen, man… I hope you win the trial."

He reached over to the smaller man and touched the top of Greg's hand. They looked at each other eye-to-eye. Greg took his hand back and blushed, quickly looking down at his feet. He stood and stumbled to the door, "I should… go back to work…"

"If/They/Hurt/You/They/Hurt/Me/Too." "All About Us" t.A.T.u