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Title: Of Tea and Chainsaws

Rating: T

Pairing(s): Hiro/Hime

Genre(s): General/Romance/Humor/Hurt/Comfort/Angst/Friendship—depends on the drabble really so I guess it's basically general.

Note: None of the drabbles will really be related to one another and will have no chronological order. Some can be specifically from the anime while others can be specifically from the manga. Most of the time that won't really be the case. I'll let you know if this drabble is from the manga or anime specifically before the individual drabble so you won't get confused. Also. drabble lengths will tend to vary so they all won't be short and they all won't be very long.

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Of Tea and Chainsaws

Theme One: Routine

By Karin Ochibi-chan

He wasn't sure when it actually started, all he knew was that it had become a custom—a habitual activity if you will. Humans after all were a creature of habit, so it really shouldn't surprise him that he had unknowingly slipped into another daily task.

Well, task maybe wasn't the right word he was looking for—more like a routine. Yes, that was the correct term: daily routine.

However, Hime was not human therefore Hiro was slightly befuddled as to why his unpredictable and coolly composed master had fallen so easily into something as simple as a habitual occurrence. But then again, Hime did have a tendency to drink his older sister Sawawa's home made tea daily to the point of making Hiro wonder if she ever drank anything else.

It was simple really—their routine. As he had said, he was not exactly sure when it had started to become habitual, but nonetheless, it wasn't unwelcome.

He would come home from a long day at school only to head to the parlor where Hime usually drank her tea in silence. Bringing his bag with him, the boy would sit at the table without a word and begin doing his homework—as it was the only quiet place where he can work in peace these days what with the usual chaos that occurred in the mansion. As soon as he was done, he packed up and left. No words were spoken. None were necessary.

It went on like this for a while—then something new happened. While Hiro was finishing his homework, he was surprised when he heard a slight sound of something being placed beside his arm. Curiosity grabbed him and he turned his head a little to see a tea cup full of freshly brewed tea there.

Curious brown eyes then turned to his master whom simply sipped her tea without a word. Her eyes were closed contently silently savoring the taste of her Earl Grey tea.

And soon he was drinking tea with her as well as doing his homework. Even after his homework was long finished, he would stay and drink tea with Hime. They never said anything; the only sound ever made were the sounds of Hiro pouring more tea into their cups and the sound of clanking glasses.

Normal people would find this activity boring and unproductive, but Hiro understands that he and Hime were not normal people. Hime was a creature of serenity. She enjoyed peace and quiet—and that was very rare indeed in this mansion what with Riza and Reiri around or assassins coming after them—and who was he to take the few peaceful moments she had? He enjoyed her company, and he knew that Hime was fond of his too otherwise she wouldn't have invited him to sit with her using tea.

It was their daily routine—one that neither of them intended on breaking.

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