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Chapter 11 the Epilogue

Three years six months after the young Pendragon's were married. Helen and Richard Granger sat in the portrait room talking to James and Lily about how well Hermione was doing when they were interrupted by a slightly flustered and dishevelled Winky who told Helen she was needed in the Queens quarters rather urgently.

Both Helen and Richard arrived in Harry and Hermione's bedroom slightly out of breath to see Poppy Pomfrey was already there. A very pale faced Harry stood by the bed holding his wife's hand and grimacing in pain as she almost crushed his hand and swore she was going to rip him apart. "And if you ever come near me again with that damn prick of yours I'll chop the thing off," she seethed as Richard reached the bed.

The sudden silence that fell on the room was only disturbed by Harry sighing in relief as Hermione eased up on her grip of his hand. Richard whispered to Harry that Hermione did not mean what she was saying and probably wouldn't even remember most of it once it was all over. Harry simply nodded gravely as his wife's grip once again tightened on his bruised hand and she screamed out in pain as a new contraction filled her with pain. He wished there was something he could do for her to ease her pain. But for the pain she was in there were no potions or spells that could be used unless they were as a last resort in a truly desperate situation.

Two hours later a very tired but happy and smiling Hermione looked up into her husbands face "I'm a mum!" she said sounding sort of proud of her achievement.

Harry leaned over and placed a kiss on his son's tiny cheek before he then placed a tender yet loving kiss on his amazing wife's lips. "I love you so much," he said in a choked voice as he realised he was a dad; they had started the family they both wanted so much.

Hermione beckoned her mum to hold her grandson for the first time "Mum, dad, say hello to little Merlin, Neville, Pendragon." She said as Helen lifted the little baby into her arms with tears of happiness running down her cheeks. She was holding her first grandchild, and she hoped that Harry and Hermione would supply her with several more. She and Richard had always wanted a large family, but complications of having a magical baby in a muggle hospital had ended that dream.

Richard's eyes were suspiciously watery as he looked on as Helen gently swayed with little Merlin in her arms. "Does Merlin know you named him after him?" he asked looking at Harry.

"No not yet, we thought we might surprise him, let him know he's like the grandfather I never knew." Harry said as Hermione pulled his hand to her and kissed his knuckles.

"I'm sorry for what I said to you Harry, earlier I mean, I truly do love you with all that I am," Hermione said as she thought about the threats she had made to him.

"I know love, dad told me. I'm glad he did because I was getting scared, I never expected the birth to be like that. I some how thought it would be easier, quicker, just shows how much I know about women eh?" Harry said as he leaned down and kissed her again.

Richard begged for Helen to let him hold his grandson and she a little reluctantly passed Merlin into the large mans hands, which made baby Merlin seem even smaller than the eight pounds he was.

Poppy had stood back as the small family shared the joy of their first child. She had done this more times than she could remember, for reasons she did not really understand many of the former students of Hogwarts called on her when it was time to give birth. She smiled a huge smile at the happiness of Harry, she had believed in him through all the years she had known him. She had seen that there was a great wizard inside the loving and gentle little boy who had spent more time on her hospital wing than any other patient she had ever had, she had slowly grown to love the boy as the grandson she would never have. Even now she still loved him the same way she had done for the past few years. She was so glad that he and Hermione had been able to put things right between them, she had been so happy the day they got married and now they had a little bundle of joy she was sure they were going to be great parents.

As Madam Pomfrey left the room she was surrounded by elves who all wanted to know how the Queen was and what the little princes' name was. The only information she gave them was that the Queen was fine as was the baby; she then made her way down stairs to the apparation point and vanished, returning to Hogwarts.

Merlin was two days old as Harry and Hermione made their way into the portrait room to introduce him to his family. Lily was in tears as she held her grandson she remembered so well how she had loved Harry from the moment he was born and now her love grew to include her grandson. It seemed a little odd that she still thought of her self as the same twenty year old she had been when the Portrait was painted even though she had the memories of the fifteen months she and James had been with their son. On top of that she had the memories of the past three and a half years with her almost fully grown son. She had taken to Harry's wife Hermione and now loved her as though she were her own daughter, yes Lily thought it is definitely odd to be a living portrait, she just wished she was able to leave the Portrait room to spend more time with her family.

James felt almost the same way Lily did, though he kept it to him self, he was a guy after all. The surge of pride he felt when he held Merlin gave away his feelings to Harry and Hermione as he blinked back the teary eyes and swallowed the huge lump that filled his throat rendering him speechless.

Harry woke at the first cry of his son. Tiredly he walked over to the crib and gently lifted Merlin into his arms then returned to the bed. Gently he placed his son into Hermione's arms, and then he sat watching her as she fed him. Harry had been continually surprised over the past six weeks. Before Merlin was born he had thought he couldn't love Hermione more, but now every time he watched her with their son he was over come by a surge of love that was so powerful it seemed to try and split his chest open so that it would have room to grow and expand. The warm smile on his face when he noticed she had fallen to sleep with Merlin still suckling at her breast he leaned over and kissed her cheek gently, "I love you so much Hermione Jane, thank you for loving me, I feel so privileged to have you as my wife" he whispered. He would wait for little Merlin to have his fill and then he would settle his son back into his crib.

Both Harry and Hermione were happy with their lives, both content, knowing that little 'Merl' would grow up in a practically bigot free world, he would not be an only child either. Despite Hermione's threats while giving birth she was just as she had been before where Harry was concerned, she could never get enough of him. That and they both wanted at least four children. Neither would ever be lonely again.

Harry and Hermione Pendragon were the perfect king and queen. They only interfered in their government when called up on or when the government began to travel down the wrong direction. They raised their children to hold the same beliefs and commitments, who in turn passed those beliefs on to their own children. The Pendragon family would rule fairly and justly for a great number of generations.