Ciel Phantomhive tapped his fingers on his desk. What he wanted to say to his demon butler was embarrassing and taking control of his mind.

Am I just suppose to burst it out! Or should I not say anything at all..? Thought Ciel. Ciel decided to take a shower. He got up and went to take a shower by himself. I don't want to face Sebastian right now.

Ciel went to the bathroom closing the door. He got undressed and turned on the shower feeling the warm water spill over his flawless, pale skin. Ciel didn't notice the bathroom door open and shut. It was when an arm wrapped around him that Ciel noticed that he was not alone.

"You shouldn't take showers alone, my lord."

"Sebastian! I'm old enough to know how to work a simple shower. I can do it on my own."

"But I would hate for this beautiful body to be ruined if something were to happen."

Ciel blushes. "…. It's just a shower. Oi…Sebastian?"

"Yes, my lord?"

Ciel gulped. "I…really like you."

Sebastian was surprised for a moment then smirked. "I really like you to Ciel."

Ciel's eyes went wide. Sebastian had never called him that. But it didn't matter, he liked it. Ciel gasped when he felt a hand over his member. He felt Sebastian smirk against his neck. Sebastian pumped the member in his hand till it was hard and dripping pre cum. Sebastian then took his hand away. Ciel whimpered.

Sebastian smirked and whispered seductively in Ciel's ear, "What do you want?"

Ciel blushed and whispered back, his voice hoarse, "I want you to fuck me…Sebastian."

Sebastian then turned Ciel's head around and kissed him deep. Ciel kissed him back and soon Sebastian had his tongue in Ciel's mouth, dominating him. Ciel gasped when he felt a slick finger, guessing that it was from the water, slide into his tight hole. He heard Sebastian telling him to relax so Ciel did. He felt the finger thrust in and out of his hole. A second finger then probed the hole and slid in. Ciel bite his lip making it bleed a little. Sebastian licked Ciel's lips and made a scissoring motion inside of Ciel, stretching the hole out. Soon the pain turned to pleasure. Sebastian hit the spot that made Ciel see stars and scream out.

Sebastian pulled his fingers out and lifted Ciel's legs up. He slowly slides his hard dick into Ciel's stretched hole. Ciel screamed as Sebastian's dick hit his prostate head on. Sebastian pulled out and started a slow rhythmic pattern. Ciel wrapped his arms around Sebastian's neck.

"Harder...Fuck me harder!"

Sebastian quickened his pace until Ciel's back was being slammed against the shower wall and being fucked fast and hard. Ciel was moaning Sebastian's name nice and loud. Sebastian growled loving in his name come out of those swollen pink lips.

"Ah! Sebastian! I'm going to cum."

"Augh…Me to."

Ciel came screaming Sebastian's name and came over both of their stomachs. Sebastian grunted Ciel's name and poured his seed into Ciel. They both stood their panting then they both slide to the shower floor. Sebastian washed both of them off and dried them. Sebastian laid the both of them on the bed. He held Ciel close to him.

"I love you...Sebastian."

Sebastian smiled. "I love you to...Ciel."

Then they both drift off into a peaceful sleep.