By: Karen B.

Summary: A small drabble. Missing scene. Episode -- All Hell Breaks Loose -- part one.


I leaned motionless, numb against a warm body.

A desperate voice called to me over and over.

I was being swallowed by darkness.

Pulled away.

Something gripping my neck.

Stopping my heart.

Stopping my breath.

Cold, like a swirling winter storm penetrated my body.

I tried to scream, but couldn't

I was being rocked, silently.

Distraught fingers racking through my hair.

I heard Bobby's voice. Unsure if he was swearing, begging, praying, or demanding someone to release a rotting corpse.

"No!" Came a growling cry.

Someone pulled me closer -- the scent of leather, gun oil, and apple pie.

I concentrated. Feeling completely invisible.

Eventually eased flat to my back, a wet ooze seeped against my skin.

Rain pattered like pin needles to my face.

I was freezing, but didn't tremble.

I was trapped in a nightmare, but not asleep.

Through my numbness, I could sense someone's fear, and grief. Hands cupped my chin, and the rain hitting my face turned warm.

"Sammy." Dean was next to me, but I couldn't open my eyes to see him.

If this was a nightmare I didn't have to be afraid. Big brother would make it all right.

I drifted down to sleep.